Meet The Inventor

I am the true inventor of the modern day Internet and not mentioned in FCC rules, alleges Dorothy M. Hartman and have been since the age of 46

The FCC and the Obama administration are violating my civil and constitutional rights .

“I will continue to fight for justice and against discrimination in spite of the Supreme Court ruling that upheld the United States Patent and Trademark Office decision in September 2012 to deny my patent application”

Patented or not , the intellectual property is mine and I should have been acknowledged by the Obama Administration. Opinion by Federal Appeals court regarding Patent Application 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

The homemade video below tells about the Inventor’s humble background . Because of her keen interest in making a difference in the world by trying to create solutions to problems affecting both the social and biological environment – she developed an interest in inventing following years of employment in Science education .“Ironically my success in writing ideas to the federal government on how to change telecommunications in 1990 to improve commerce and the economy instead has produced wealth to the degree of creating a greedy oligarchy which not only robbed me of my inventive contributions but has also put the economy and sovereignty of the nation at risk.”


None of the witnesses or documents referencing the intellectual property have ever been reviewed in a Court of Law . Even without a patent the government has done a supervisory taking of my property by ignoring several laws , including Eminent Domain .Inventor in photo to the right 2 years before invention . From a humble background , she was active in school . In the photos below she wrote and directed with her peers a tableau of the Greek mythology , the Minotaur at the Benjamin Franklin Institute circa 1960 .  She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. Her fields Biology and Physical Science . While she spent most of her 30 years of employment as a Science Teacher , she says she was always interested in seeking solutions to problems. Which is probably what led her to begin inventing in 1977. Her inventions all of them have been for the benefit of human kind yet , after sharing her intellectual property with the federal government through its SBIR ( Small Business Innovation Programs ) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office ) her humanity has been totally disrespected . She has been subjected to endless abuses of her rights as a human being . Civil and constitutional rights blatantly violated . No consideration for the fact that they have robbed her of intellectual property for the government to build commerce and power of the government and corporations – without regard for her basic human and property rights . There is something terribly wrong here .

“I was always a bit sad , so I desired to find ways to make things better . You need only read the ideas that I submitted to the federal government in 1990 giving them suggestions as to how to improve the prior telecom networks – which essentially were being retired.” You can find a copy here of my suggestions for improving the prior telecom networks . You will also see my registration of Talk Shoppe Inc a prototype of the first Information Retrieval Service or ‘search engine’. How could it be their Internet when their Internet began in 1969 but the Internet of today did not begin to flourish until after 1990 when my ideas had been introduced . The Internet really start to take off around 2004 . See image above.”

Talk Shoppe Inc proposed Information Retrieval Service
Description of Business


The documents above are from the actual proposals presented by Hartman to the federal government in 1990 . The authentic documents and witnesses as the number of federal government employees is numerous but affidavits , witnesses , and affidavits have never been seen or considered in a court of law .

Some of the numerous Federal    Employees that reviewed Hartman proposals.
After commercialization  for privitazation proposed by Hartman’s ideas – the NSF commissioned Merit Networks , IBM and others to build Internet 2 .  Internet growth really took off in growth around 2004 . It

The government should have been fair to me and it would never have been necessary for me to file a patent application . I have no desire to rule over the Internet , I am only a human being . The Internet is so expansive thanks to my innovative ideas – it would be impossible to be ruled over by one human being . I was forced to file for a patent to try to defend my intellectual property after years of being ignored and not treated fairly by the government . According to patent law as it is written – I allege that a patent could be granted but to get around what would have  been a prima facie case for a patent because I was first to invent and first to file – I allege that the Patent Office committed fraud instead to make sure that distinction did not go to an African-American because Racism and Oppression is still pathological in the country .

Below are the innovative ideas which I presented in order to receive funding to begin my own prototype Telecommunications Service,Talk Shoppe Inc. You will also see just some of the federal government and state government employees who reviewed the information . So even though they gave me nothing not even the paltry $25,000 to $35,000 that I asked to get my business off the ground – I was denied. However , the National Science Foundation which reviews and grants funding for approved projects took the ideas and used them as a template to commercialize or privatize the Internet and that was the transformation or invention of Internet 2 which circulates trillions of dollars into the country . Now my websites are continuously hacked to prevent them from even appearing on the web and my online business shut down.

My dissatisfaction is that I have never been acknowledged or credited for my own invention . Essentially not only to ignore my contributions but to avoid paying me the substantial sums of money associated with appropriate compensation . Contrarily I have been subjected to injustice and abuse – instead of paying me causing me financial damage. This is predicated on racial hatred , elitist arrogance , and overwhelming greed. I am exceedingly disappointed that Barack Obama , the first African-American president allowed these abuses to occur under his and the watch of his top Law Enforcement Officer – Eric Holder .

Essentially rubber stamping the violations. However he was the President that essentially signed the United States Treasury over to the Banks and my money making Internet Intellectual Property has been signed over to the corporations while the rule of law regarding my property rights regarding both my home and my intellectual property is being broken routinely as the acceptable way to go about it . My suffering as a human being or my legacy which is being robbed because I am black really does not matter . I have never experienced so much racial hatred and abuse in my life .

Even illegally confiscating my home – for which I worked 30 years to purchase . Hate and meanness is all I have been shown by these people as my invention has the produced more jobs , titles , millionaires and billionaires than any other invention in the world.

My life has been ruined , my name and reputation smeared , my finances destroyed and for what greed , arrogance , and so called “exceptionalism” . The Internet is great enough to have absorbed us all but instead I have been deliberately kept offline and deliberately subjected to injustice to glorify those that have essentially high jacked the Internet to line their own pockets and expand their ambitions. I think the federal government should voluntarily right the terrible wrong done to me by the Obama Administration . Since the original publication of this posting , a new administration is in power . I am still hopeful of Justice. But I would certainly have to seriously consider whether or not I would ever file valuable patents with the ever again . My credits include other patent(s) and patent applications  but they have taken serious advantage of my illness , financial disadvantage , and lack of networking to exploit my intellectual and real estate property rights . It is unlawful , unfair , disgusting , and disgraceful !!. Too much racism , fraud , and Obama much too appeasing !!! ”


Yes , I do regret filing my intellectual property and not just the Internet but other inventions with a country that worships capitalism and greed while maintaining entrenched policies of holding back the advancement of African-Americans who have contributed to the building , success , and defense of this nation .

I was well aware of the commercial success that my ideas of improving the Internet would bring but my position was that the wealth would be shared within the nation by keeping the intellectual property as that which belonged to the U.S. and that I would have an opportunity with support and funding to compete and share with other companies . But no , alas I was only to be taken advantaged of and later on to be abused and have my home taken away and my name and reputation defamed for even defending my rights .

There was a multitude of government employees that reviewed my ideas before the National Science Foundation in 1990 commissioned Merit Networks , IBM and others to put the ideas concerning putting commercialization into practice with Telecom .  Therefore it was easy for the government to steal the intellectual property and call it it’s own. My ideas were used to change the structure to the modern day Internet and are the  reasons for its success today . It is only I , the Black person but the one with the ideas that has been left behind , treated as though I do not exist and worse than that degraded and abused , and defamed . ”
Patent Application Abstract Published in 2006

Perhaps the National Science Foundation is confused by the fact that I was not a direct recipient of a National Science Foundation award in which I was a secondary recipient because of the generosity of the late Dr.C.F.Hazel , a Chemistry Professor at the University of Pennsylvania who offered me the opportunity to take the place of another science teacher who had dropped from the program . Although Dr.Hazel was a kindly gentleman who offered me that opportunity in the late ’60’s when affirmative action was just starting out – I had to pass the Graduate Records Exam on my own for admission to the University and earn grades on my own to graduate and receive my degree.

I have worked hard all of my life and my family before me . I am not chopped liver or a subhuman – just a human being with every right to be treated with respect and compensated for damages for property belonging to me and taken from me without Due Process of Law. If damages are in the millions or more then that is what I expect to be paid . I am not a slave , nor should I be treated as one . The Obama Administration and his Attorney General , Eric Holder let me down in not protecting my intellectual property rights . Instead favoring corporations and banks .

Below is a copy of one of the three proposals that I submitted to the federal government in 1990 – which at the time had an Internet that was based on another structure called the Arpanet . You can see the full patent application for the Accessing Accessibility Method or Process found on the website – Application No. 11003123 .

After what I allege were changes to Telecom by the National Science Foundation inspired by my writings on “Accessing Accessibility” , the entire stucture of the Internet changed as to be so new that users had to be invited and instructed on how to use it . See the 1993 document below as well as the one in 1990 announcing the change in the telecom networks . The documents below , especially showing when the changes were made to the old telecom networks using the ideas presented in my proposals for improving telecom is when the new Internet or Internet 2 was invented and I invented it. Like Mr. Obama said the government paid for it and the technicians from technology built it , but I , Dorothy M. Hartman invented it .

National Science Foundation commissions Merit Network to Commercialize Internet


The Internet (2) was so new in 1993 -1995 , new users as ordinary consumers had access for the first time – were taught how to use it .

That is when today’s Internet really began to take off . First nicknamed the Information Superhighway by then Vice-president Al Gore and later morphed into the Internet . The money in the treasure coffers of the United States and a surplus in the economy was due to less to the Clinton presidency and more to the advent of the boom and beginning of the modern day Internet .