The Beginning of the Internet 2 and the Worldwide Web

Review of the Inventor’s ideas in 1990 was the catalyst for the National Science Foundation to prepare the parked telecom network(s) called the NSFnet for commerce alleges Inventor

It was this restructuring of the NSFnet which became the precursor for the Internet2. Inventor Dorothy M. Hartman alleges that even though the SBA and others failed to fund her telecommunications services prototype business that nevertheless the NSF used her ideas to resurrect the telecom network based on the Arpanet. That “Internet” failed. Introducing ‘commerce’ made it grow and flourish but Hartman was never credited and is being intentionally discriminated against and her rights abused. It has become the most successful and wealth producing invention in history – with its true inventor unacknowledged and uncompensated .

Hartman alleges that it was her ideas and creativity , not technology that invented Internet 2 or the modern day Internet and regrets that she ever filed inventions with the United States Patent and Trademark Office . One of Hartman’s proposals to the government shown here Hartman alleges that the NSFnet was changed because of the influence of her innovative proposal(s) . She is handicapped and conceived a way to work from home online using her start up Talk Shoppe Inc. as the first information retrieval or search engine online A proposal by Hartman shown here .Hartman wrote ideas to the federal government on how to commercialize telecommunications . She alleges that the National Science Foundation used her ideas to create the successful and still expanding Internet of today. This Internet is different from the prior Internet that was retired . She alleges that the Court’s Opinion is flawed because it treats the Internet as the Internet that was begun in 1969 – however both events and documentation – the debut of the modern day Internet around 1993 debunk that . “Decisions have been based more on my race than true facts about the invention of today’s Internet. Even the Court’s Opinion above only affirms denial of a patent – it does not deny that the Intellectual Property belongs to me .

This African-American inventor is from humble beginnings but She alleges that her ideas are responsible for what some refer to as the Internet 2. Some refer to the modern day Internet as the world’s greatest invention . The Inventor alleges that Internet 2 began with her submission of three proposals to the United States Federal Government through the Small Business Innovation Research Program . She presented proposals to the U.S. Small Business Administration first in March 1990 and later to the Benjamin Franklin Technology Center and to the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce . Proposals presented to each of these organizations were ultimately viewed by the National Science Foundation which determined funding . These proposals laid out how making some fundamental changes such as putting different types of transactions online and using cyberspace which is latent in computers as an alternative market or meeting place could revolutionize the telecom networks. The success of the new Internet made technology richer enabling it to grow and become more successful because of fundamental changes from an old internet that could not accommodate the numbers it can now absorb due to Hartman’s ideas .

The inventor who is from a humble background alleges that the government used her ideas and then eliminated her from the process . Further it gave credit for her ideas and work to those already in the field of technology and associated with the preexisting telecom networks . This is a violation of her civil and constitutional rights which has led to the theft of her intellectual property , the smearing of her name and reputation , vandalism of her home and automobiles , illegal confiscation of her house , and the deliberate destruction of her websites and online business startup – all done outside of the law . She attributes this injustice and blatant discrimination to her being African-American , female , and handicapped and fraud by the government . She alleges that it was her ideas that made the Internet a success and the phenomenon that it is today . Ironically the tremendous success of the Internet and the wealth associated with it has led to this horrendous injustice , oppression and abuse of her rights. She has been denied access to a court of law – while valid documents , evidence , and witnesses are being overlooked and deliberately kept from court .

“I am a human being and I do exist , says Inventor . Black lives do matter and so do the myriad of ways in which African- Americans have served this country , both in Uniform and out . My ideas helped create ,perhaps more than the government or technology , an Internet that is capable of expanding all over the world and beyond – it is high time that I was acknowledged , compensated , and an apology is warranted .”

Learn more at the sister blog Telecom Straight TalkThe Inventor did not build the Internet but she alleges that it was her ideas that created the new Internet after 1990 called the Internet 2. The Internet was new in 1993. While the debates of Net Neutrality have raged , the story of this black female internet inventor has been kept out of the mainstream media .

Portions of Hartman’s writings to the federal government in 1990 are shown to the right .

Hartman alleges that the National Science Foundation used ideas set forth in her description of how to improve telecom in the 1990 as the prior Internet or Internetting Projects had been closed down by 1989 and existed only as the NSFnet .

Some of the numerous Federal Employees that reviewed the proposals.

National Science Foundation commissions Merit Network to Commercialize Internet 1990-1991

The Internet (2) was so new in 1993 -1995 , new users as ordinary consumers had access for the first time – people were taught how to use it .