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12-17-2014 12;00;16PMPresident Obama has stated that converting the Internet into a Public Utility would be an answer to Net Neutrality and keeping an open and free Internet . Some are endorsing this plan which is not popular with cable companies . The following excerpt is taken from THE FREEMAN article written OCTOBER 03, 2012 by STEVE FRITZINGER and mentions some of the history of the Internet :

In his now-famous “You didn’t build that” speech, President Obama said, “The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”…… Obama’s claim is in line with the standard history of the Internet. That story goes something like this: In the 1960s the Department of Defense was worried about being able to communicate after a nuclear attack. So it directed the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) to design a network that would operate even if part of it was destroyed by an atomic blast. ARPA’s research led to the creation of the ARPANET in 1969. ………………………For civilian agencies and universities, NSFNET, operated by the National Science Foundation, replaced ARPANET in 1985. ARPANET was finally shut down in February 1990. NSFNET continued to operate until 1995, during which time it grew into an important backbone for the emerging Internet ….

The CEO of ABFY SELLERS GROUP who alleges that she is the true inventor of today’s Internet emphatically states that true Internet history is not known and that the FCC and President Obama are leaving her out . What is Internet Neutrality ? The Inventor’s contributions to the development of the Internet 2 are still being suppressed by the federal government which has awarded itself complete control of the Internet since its inception by ARPA in 1969 . However the Internet now visible and in use by billions did not become publicly known until around 1995 after the previous telecom network initially instituted by ARPA had phased out and a new structure was in place . That structure is commonly referred to as Internet 2 as the telecom structure based on the Arpanet model is referred to as Internet 1 .

Internet 2 exists because of the innovative concepts of an Inventor whose name has not been made a part of Internet history because she alleges that the government stole her ideas to successfully transform telecom structure into what we now refer to as the “Internet”. She alleges that credit was given to the National Science Foundation and to those already in the tech community which was commissioned by the NSF to implement the changes . Internet neutrality was built into the structure from the beginning as the Inventor presented proposals that for the first time gave ordinary consumers access to the Internet . This is the Internet 2 of today which serves billions of people . Internet 2 is drastically different from Internet 1 which was based on the Arpanet and phased out in 1990 . Her ideas were meant to help others as well as herself but she has not benefited it in the least . “That is what happens when you are black and have invented one of the world’s greatest inventions .” She continues to fight in Court because this is a huge injustice .

She alleges that it is the powerful and the greedy who have completely taken over completely because the invention turned out to be what she had predicted to the government and then some . Unfortunately power has steered the control to the oligarchs who now are trying to squeeze the small users out – just as she has been squeezed out of the entire process . Go to Public Pair on the USPTO.gov website and enter the application number .The modern day Internet is her invention . You can acquaint yourself with Hartman’s Patent Application , Number 11003123 here


CEO and Inventor Dorothy M. Hartman conceived the ideas of using cyberspace which is latent in computers as an alternate marketplace shared among computer user networks and predicted that this application would revolutionize commerce and the industry. It has making the technology and ecommerce community millionaires and billionaires , but the inventor of the process goes without credit or compensation . The networks described in the FREEMAN article ended with the ARPANET which shut down by 1990 and was parked in a holding structure called the NSFNET . The prior networks had become defunct and were not profitable . The Inventor’s proposals submitted to the federal government in March 1990 demonstrated ways in which the telecom network(s) could be transformed making it both profitable and self-sustaining . She alleges that her ideas were used by the NSF to create Internet 2 . She is owed credit and compensation .

Net Neutrality can hardly be considered without knowing the status of the rights of the inventor . If the government assigns the entity for the public good as a utility – then according to the Constitution – Eminent Domain should be declared and the owner appropriately compensated . ” This is precisely why the Patent Office has been allowed thus far to violate my constitutional rights.” says the inventor . However it is not my fault that the government has not compensated me for 25 years while the Internet has expanded . That is exactly what it was designed to do with the ideas of my proposals reduced to practice . Now that it is an overwhelming success , I am supposed to suffer for that . This is the ugliness of institutionalized racism .”

Her contributions are of monumental importance because they made the difference between an Internet(1) that had essentially ended and the vibrant and expansive Internet(2) that exists today . More than any other person in the history today her intellectual property was the most crucial – because it made the difference between having an Internet and not having one . No one else has come forth to make that claim or to dispute it . Yet the Inventor’s rights have not been considered in any government decision be it by President Obama or Chairman Wheeler of the FCC when considering Net Neutrality .

This method, the Accessing Accessibility Process and the benefits as described by Hartman that would be derived from its application were used by the National Science Foundation which had the remnants of the Arpanet parked in its charge under the NSFNET. The National Science Foundation applied Hartman’s template to restructuring the NSFNET – producing what was first nicknamed by Vice President Al Gore as the “Information Superhighway”. The Information Superhighway morphed into today’s Internet which has expanded all over the world – creating the WorldWide Web which continues to evolve . It was the vision of this Inventor which created the Internet and the government is aware of her contributions but thus far has not acknowledged or credited her . She has placed her case , docketed IN RE DOROTHY M. HARTMAN before the United States Supreme Court An appeal was filed on December 30 , 2014 to be reviewed in Court Conference on February 20 , 2015 .

Hartman alleges that her innovative ideas led to the Information Superhighway but she has not been included in the contributers to the worldwide web because her ideas have been primarily cerebral but they made the difference between an Internet and no Internet.There are contributors to the Internet whose names have been included in the history of the Internet and the WorldWide Web. Presently their names and comments have been spread profusely over Google and the Internet speaking out on Net Neutrality now that Chairman Wheeler of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to make a decision in the coming weeks regarding Net Neutrality . That decision may decide whether or not the Internet might be reclassified as a Public Utility in answer to the question regarding a free and open Internet . Many seem to be in favor, while cable companies are not . However no comments have been made by President Obama or FCC Chairman Wheeler about what rights an inventor may have since thus far – she has been completely ignored .

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This country was founded on debate . Transparency of content and open dialogue with different points of view expressed is what fosters a free and open Internet – fostering competition and innovation not stifling it with legalized ‘hacking’. Hiring companies less well known , but more ethical may be a solution .

Commercializing Telecommunications

When will institutionalized racism and oppression stop rearing their ugly heads ?

It’s not just a problem in Ferguson, racism is a problem everywhere and in all walks of life.

See Inventor’s Patent Application here :

The history of telecom and information technology history , what do we really know ?. Dorothy M. Hartman , Inventor of Internet 2 says “not nearly enough “. The federal government has known of her contributions to the development of todays’s Internet for 25 years and is still suppressing the truth about the invention of the Internet and refusing to grant her JUSTICE . See here her patent application for the process which she alleges led to the Internet .

Since the Internet has become of such extreme importance , producing such power and wealth the government has assumed ownership by default . Supposedly the FCC has power to distribute huge blocks of Internet real estate with no mention of the Inventor at all . It’s interesting that now that the Internet has become all that Hartman predicted that it would be in her writings to the federal government between 1990 and 1992 of how commercializing preexisting technologies could improve telecommunications and upgrade the economy – it seems not to even know her name .

Enclosed is a PDF of the Inventor’s Patent Application #11/003,123 for the Accessing Accessibility Process which is published on the USPTO.gov website . This process alleges Hartman which when it was reduced to practice by the National Science Foundation is what invented Internet 2 or today’s modern Internet . She submitted proposals beginning in 1990 and over the next two years . These proposals written to the government between 1990 and 1992 were reviewed by numerous government employees and correspondence back and forth between them – some reporting directly to the National Science Foundation for the awarding of funding for the Small Business Innovation Research Programs .

Yet the government today acts as though it does not even know her name . One copy of a denial letter – although she received several from government employee(s) to Hartman is enclosed here Government Employee Denial Letter to Hartman 08.1991. historically , it was Hartman who first suggested commercializing telecommunications by (a) placing a variety of transactions online like information retrieval , ordering goods , and delivery of services ; (b) using the virtual environment of cyberspace which is latent in all computers as a virtual market or warehouse in space (c) setting up networks comprised of units consisting of a computer user logged in interfacing with one or several websites or with each other- some drawings shown with her patent application 11/003,123 are shown . The entire network or data carried by an internet service provider such as a dedicated modem or phone line . However refined drawings are not shown because they along with properly amended claims were never allowed by the patent office after 2008 . Although it held the application for 8 years which is discriminatory in itself and did not deny the patent until September 2012 – the Office was in constant and chronic violations of her civil and constitutional rights including patent laws alleges Hartman .

These are the concepts on which the modern day Internet which reaches practically every corner of the globe are built . Not that there were not databases in 1990 when Hartman presented her ideas , but they were very limited – Commerce although found to a small degree in Prodigy , Compuserve , MCImail , and Dow Jones News Retrieval was actually not allowed on the majority of the network(s). The original networks were used mostly by the elite and only slightly under 2% of the population owned computers .

It was Hartman’s ideas to open the field to the average consumer and place businesses and consumers in closer contact – a process she referred to as Accessing Accessibility . It made things more accessible to both consumers and businesses and implementing the ideas produced a successful “Information Superhighway” which morphed into the Internet .

Hartman who had asked for a mere pittance of money between $25,000 and $35,000 was shown nothing but grief and the door . Not even today after 25 years of success of what some view as the greatest invention of the 20th Century has she been compensated a dime or received one word of honorable mention . Those who had been associated with the telecom history from its inception were given the credit , funding , and the opportunity to prosper .

Hartman has received DENIALS then and is still being denied JUSTICE in the Courts . Although it is clear from historical timelines that the Internet as we know it today where billions of people are now online never existed before its debut around 1993-1995 and only after the transformation caused by commercialization and changing the structure . Will Racism and Oppression which is taking the Country backwards and away from its number 1 position in the world ever stop rearing its ugly head ? The Inventor’s whose ideas are good enough to be stolen , but she is apparently not good enough to be paid wants and deserves JUSTICE !

Government Knew About Invention

The government has known for 25 years Hartman’s contributions to the development of the Internet

Injustice is suffered by Blacks in Ferguson , New York City, all around the country, and in different walks of life

The rights of a Black Inventor whose invention is one of the greatest in history are still being violated

Even as protest marches have erupted in the country in defense of justice now for black men gunned down during encounters with the police – there is still large scale inequity and disregard for the written law being practiced in the justice system . Even as it is applied to patents , intellectual property , and contract law .

Dorothy M. Hartman who claims to be the creative mind behind a successful Internet that now reaches practically every part of the globe says that her rights are still being violated and her contributions suppressed . She is the inventor behind the Information Superhighway , and the changes that occurred during the dot.com boom and bust during the 1990’s . Here on her Blog and its sister blog at Telecom Straight Talk , you will find this woman’s story which represents the part of Internet History which you have not been told . All of the credit given over to the fields of Technology and Ecommerce , but yet neither field would be the size it is today had it not been for this woman’s intellectual contributions .

The image above shows the publication of the abstract for the USPTO patent application Accessing Accessibility Process which alleges Hartman led to Commercialization of the industry which changed the Internet from the prior one to the one of today which is based on her simplified structure of a network of computers ( or other communicative devices ) communicating with each other and exchanging transactions . The data packets provided by internet service providers . Access full image of Patent Application Abstract here :Abstact Patent Application for Internet

The model of the Internet of today is closer to that shown in her figures where the sizes of the networks increase simply by plugging in more users or computers into the network and cyberspace which is infinite is able to accomodate the new users . This is why the Internet has become great but the true inventor is being illegally discriminated against and prevented from the opportunity to prosper – her intellectual property accredited to others .


The Patent Application which was illegally held for 8 years alleges Hartman and was manipulated by what she alleges to be fraud and malfeasance was denied in July of 2012 by the Patent Office . She alleges that the reasons for the Denial are not legally valid . Thus far the high courts have refused to examine what went on in the United States Patent and Trademark Office .

The inventor alleges that the administration did nothing over the years of the Application being illegally withheld or to stop the blatant mishandling – but instead tried in every way it possibly could including revisions of the Manual for Patent Examination Procedures and revising patent laws to deny what by a Prima Facie case should have been a Patent as the Internet is a unique invention that even though itself has given rise to many forms of innovation can never be repeated .

In 1990 , Hartman had asked only for $35,000 to fund her own small business Talk Shoppe Inc. a prototype telecommunications services company but was denied . She alleges that is was because of her gender , skin color , and handicap . She alleges her ideas were stolen to revamp the Internet in 1990-1991.

Government Employee Denial Letter to Hartman 08.1991


Although her ideas were used to build an Internet that now circulates trillions of dollars through it and empowers the government – she is still being denied and disrespected . Apparently she does not seem to able to afford justice as thus far the high court in the land has denied her petitions without comment. Why should she have to pay for Justice when it was her ideas that caused the economy to grow ? She is certainly not responsible for the runaway greed that is now causing the economy to implode . What ever happened to doing something because it is the right thing to do ? The federal government should have acknowledged her contributions years ago . Also read here Justice and Net Neutrality

For more information , bookmark the blog and stay involved in Justice Watch .

Justice and Net Neutrality ; Fcc

Where is justice for true Internet Inventor?

Can there be a valid discussion about Net Neutrality FCC without a consideration of the inventor of the Internet ?

Why should an inventor’s whose intellectual property contributes to billions of dollars circulating through the economy on a daily basis have to pay for justice ?

Especially , when she has been deliberately ripped off and kept economically distressed ? This woman is an integral part of the telecommunications industry history, telecommunications history milestones, and information technology history . Her contributions are so important as to conclude that the modern day Internet would not exist had it not been for her input .

The Inventor who just had a Petition for Writ of Mandamus denied by the Supreme Court on December 5 , 2014 – and is trying to get her Patent Application case with the United States Patent and Trademark Office regarding the Internet reopened does not understand the continued denial of justice . She is considering an appeal as her civil and constitutional rights are being violated . A copy of her Petition for a Writ of Certiorari can be found at the link below . She alleges that her Petition(s) contain facts and evidence of her claims – yet the Court has denied each without comment .

She alleges that she is being discriminated against because she is a minority and vulnerable.”The government considers me good enough to steal my intellectual property and turn it over to corporations , but not good enough to compensate me for the theft . It is a theft because there are Constitutional Amendments which prevent the seizing of property of any kind , tangible or intangible without just compensation . ” If it is true that the Supreme Court pays more attention to expensive high powered attorneys who are experienced in putting arguments before the Court – then I have little to no chance of justice .” Article discusses lawyers that have appeared before the Supreme Court . See video in the article .

Dorothy M. Hartman , inventor and entrepreneur alleges that it was her ideas that transformed the prior telecom network based on the Arpanet into the successful Internet of today . Her creativity redirected the technology in the direction of using computers to place business transactions online creating a marketplace in cyberspace . The operative word “cyberspace” . Hartman argues that it was her recognition of the use of this phenomenon and how it could be used for individuals to connect with each other via computers is what created the expansive and successful Internet of today .

“I did not invent computers , says the Inventor . They have been around since the late 50’s , early 60’s but I did show the federal government how to use them to grow commerce and communications. It was meant to help but unfortunately run away greed and abuse of power took over . ” While there are current discussions concerning net neutrality fcc , nsa monitoring , and other current Internet issues – the question regarding the rights of the inventor whose ideas put the process of the modern day internet into motion has yet to be addressed .

Following are some excerpts of proposals submitted by Hartman to the federal government in 1990 . Hartman claims that the federal government used her ideas to restructure and transform a telecom system that was disjointed and not working to the seamless integrated structure that works today because it is expansive , flexible and able to accommodate billions online .

Hartman Proposal Coversheet to Federal Government Program

The following is a denial letter from one of many federal government employees whom Hartman alleges reviewed her proposals thoroughly . The government did adopt a policy of commercialization of the NSFnet and quickly [ The NSFnet was the parking site for the previously retired Internet based on the Arpanet ] . Hartman alleges that the adoption of her ideas created the transformation for Internet 2 which debuted after 1990 creating the Information Superhighway , later called the Internet or Internet 2 by those inside the industry .

Excerpts from Hartman 1990.thru.1991.Proposals

Government Employee Denial Letter to Hartman 08.1991

“Whatever happened to doing right because it is the right thing to do ?” , says Hartman . The government has known for 25 years that it is in illegal confiscation of my intellectual property without recognizing or compensating me . It certainly did not have the ideas before me or without me . Why do they not just treat me like a human being or is that a rhetorical question in the society as it stands ? Why must I sue for my rights while oligarchs and others profit from my intellectual property without me having a chance ? The protests in Ferguson , New York , L.A. , and other places in the country are indicative of just how cheaply black life is viewed. It is apparently all right for them to rob me of my legacy as well as millions of dollars because I am black. That is just totally unjust. ”

The inventor admits that she does not have funds to hire a very expensive attorney and has represented herself Pro Se , but states that evidence and the law should count for something . Her arguments she alleges are truth and the history of Internet timelines .

Justice in Ferguson

Ferguson , Missouri is only the tip of the iceberg

Injustice is rampant when it comes to the rights of African-Americans

Inventor age 44 , two years before Invention
Inventor age 44 , two years before Invention

so alleges this woman who alleges that she has been the inventor of the modern day Internet ( Internet 2 ) since 1990 . However the overwhelming success of the Internet and now its power and wealth – ironically has worked against the success of its inventor . Dorothy M. Hartman alleges that she is the true inventor of the modern day Internet and that she is being deliberately discriminated against because of her race. The Internet is the most prolific and powerful wealth producing invention of the 20th Century and that the government has robbed her of any intellectual property rights for these reasons . She alleges that she is owed compensation and therefore has taken her case to the United States Supreme Court . Read this blog to learn more about her story .

The modern day Internet or Internet 2 consists of networks of computers serviced by Internet Service Providers . In figure 6 of Hartman’s Patent Application 11003123 , a diagram of a sample network is shown . Many of these constitute an expansive network which is dissimilar to the Internet prior to 1990 which was comprised of many smaller nets appended to a common backbone called the Arpanet .


For more about the Supreme Court case , read more at www. TelecomStraightTalk.com

Climate Change , The Economy


Studies regarding Climate Change ignored by National Science Foundation years ago

Black Inventor rejected for funding in reference to Climate Change

Black Inventor spurned regarding Internet and Climate Change

Inventor , who is still fighting for her rights and claims to the Internet says that her contributions have been ignored and intellectual property turned over to corporate interests through the National Science Foundation and the United States Patent and Trademark Office . She alleges that this country has too much of a history of stereotyping “superior” when it comes to Whites and other ethnic groups and “inferior” when it comes to Blacks .

Although her invention , the Internet 2 is the greatest of the 20th Century – she is not recognized or compensated for its presence . The Internet has produced more jobs , more information , more inventions than any invention in history – yet she is not respected for her knowledge about the economy . Instead she alleges the invention has been used to make the Country more powerful and relatively few people very wealthy while sending the economy down the tubes .

In reference to climate change , the inventor submitted ideas to the National Science Foundation on how to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere but was again turned down for reasons of race . She alleges as well that she was turned down from receiving funding to start a small business after she shared ideas with the government of how to improve telecom in the 1990’s . That is how the Internet 2 which is today’s modern internet began and how she became a woman who now has to fight for her intellectual property rights . Find out more here “http://smartphoneselectronicsaccessories.com/internet-enormous-invention-enormous-losses-inventor-intellectual-property/

Inventor says that the federal government’s refusal to pay her for her contributions regarding the invention of Internet 2 have contributed to her financial hardship . She says that she has lost intellectual property through fraud in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and that her rights have been sacrificed in favor of corporate interests . ” I have not been able to protect my intellectual property . My ideas have been profitable and therefore subject to takeover by rich corporations . That is why I have filed with the Supreme Court of the United States . I do not deserve nor have I ever deserved this .”

Her ideas on global warming and climate change are now being handled by the USPTO again in a fraudulent manner so as to make a corporate takeover easier, she alleges . She has most recently had to file a petition in that office again as well . Her energy and limited resources have spent in legal fees and fights fighting racism and oppression . There are others involved in the fight for global warming answers and actions to handle the phenomenon . Meanwhile progress on such things as help for the economy or the environment are being held up money interests looking after the welfare of a few instead of the health of the nation and the planet . Stay tuned to this Blog and support this inventor in her quest for justice.

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More Jobs and Dollars into the Economy with Rightful Disposition of IP Property

The Internet has never been “free”

How many more jobs created for the middle class and the little people can be brought into the economy by the proper assignment of Intellectual Property ? How will we know whether it can work if the status quo remains ? The Intellectual Property regarding the INTERNET 2 has always been misused by the federal government , alleges the woman who claims that she is its inventor . As a results , technology and innovation which began right here in this country has been foolishly given away or simply lost . ‘Reagenomics’ and other faulty economic ideas that promote the jobs would be produced and that the economy would benefit from ‘trickle down’ economics have never worked . Instead what has evolved is a top heavy oligarchal system which is enriching relatively few people in terms of the entire population- many of whom have taken their fortunes offshore , refusing to pay taxes while the middle and poor classes are left behind without jobs and hope .

The Internet has never been free . How much did you pay for that smartphone , tablet , P.C. or whatever technology that you use to access the Internet ? Also when did the services of Internet Providers become free ? The only person to whom the Internet is truly ‘ free’ is to its inventor who alleges that she is being exploited because she has been paid zero compensation and credit for her invention . The inventor is not in technology nor an ecommerce provider , but her ideas are the reasons why billions of ordinary people and consumers all over the world are able to access the Internet – making the Internet the enormous engine of commerce , information , and communication that has spread to practically every corner of the planet .

Ms. Hartman’s ideas of using computers to put transactions for goods , services , and information online revolutionized telecommunications in the early 1990’s . Read more here http://www.telecomstraighttalk.com/ecommerce-history-and-the-internet.html By proposing the ideas of using computers which by their nature share cyberspace which is that virtual reality where you meet your friends online in social media or place an order for that dress or trousers from your online store – a whole other world was opened up in this cyberspace . Accessing Accessibility , a proposal submitted to the government by Hartman was the key that changed the Internet from its previous structure before 1990 which could not accomodate billions of people online to today’s Internet which can and does accomodate billions . These ideas are attributable to Hartman and are the creative force that invented the Internet . Read more here It takes Creativity and Technology Although the most this inventor who is unheard of is the most humble of those credited with the invention of the Internet – since her identity has been suppressed – nevertheless her ideas had the most and dramatic impact . Without them the Internet 2 which made its debut after 1990 would not exist and we would not be online today- probably still shopping exclusively in physical stores .

The United States was the world’s economic leader and can be again , if the injustice regarding this precious IP is ever resolved according to the inventor . Hartman alleges that the United States Patent and Trademark Office denial of her patent is fraudulent and is not based on current law – but racist policies .Other countries look to the United States for guidance which is probably why Europe initially selected to united and switch to a common currency , the Euro . It’s important to note that the U.K. never elected to change its currency . Now much of it is coming undone because the U.S. economy is faltering and like dominoes – others which depended upon its leadership for so long are now faltering .

The United States has always had within it the tools to maintain its autonomy as a world leader , but lacks the political will according to the opinion of the inventor. It has kept in force racist and oppressive policies , and failing concepts like ‘ trickle down economics ‘ . Maybe it is time for a real change .The administration of the law should be equal to all and that includes patent applications and contract law . What good is the Constitution which is a noble document – if the Rule of Law is selectively practiced for some and not for others ? What does it mean to serve with honor and distinction , if ethics , morals and common sense are left at the door ? Perhaps it is time to think outside of the box instead of inside of it . Especially if what you are doing is not working . Perhaps it is time for a new strategy . If you have the resources to create a dramatic change – why not use them ?

Is the desire to oppress people of color so strong that paying the price of self destruction is worth it ? Planning for catastrophes and disasters can help but it will not stop them . Just as enacting the same failed policies will not stop the fall of the economy . Maybe the federal government has been given a second choice to use this particular intellectual property in the way that it was intended and that is to lift the nation’s economy rather than line the pockets of a few . A disabled woman in her 70’s can only spend so much money but a restructured economy which supports an OPEN and FREE Internet while at the same time promotes COMPETITIVENESS could possibly make a difference for future generations .


Female Claims the Internet

From Information Superhighway to Internet

A Black female claims Internet (invention of the Internet) 

In probably what is an unprecedented move in history black female inventor files two Writs with the United States Supreme Court


Graphic above shows the beginning of the enormous and continuing expansion of telecom after 1990 .The CEO of ABFY SELLERS GROUP, an Inventor and Entrepreneur alleges that she is responsible for the invention of the internet which resulted in the development of the modern day Internet 2 which debuted in the 1990′s and contributes to the World Wide Web.These changes introduced in her business method proposal(s) to the federal government entitled “Accessing Accessibility “ is what created the Information Superhighway later referred to some as the new Internet or Internet 2 which debuted in the early ‘90’s leading to use today by billions of people online .You will not find her name listed in the History of the invention of the Internet . The article found here athttp://www.history.com/topics/inventions/invention-of-the-internet “title= “History.com” contains some important omissions alleges Hartman .

The Inventor who states that she has been fighting for her intellectual property rights from the very beginning alleges that because of her race which is African – American and a handicap that evidence and facts have been suppressed and her intellectual property rights “steamrolled over “ to maintain the status quo- leaving all of the credit for the Internet and its success to the fields of Technology and ECommerce . The images below this along with time stamped , notarized documents from the Inventor as well as the timeline of documented history show that the Internet took off or changed after Commercialization in 1991 , transforming the former Internet ( Internet 1 ) into today’s modern internet. Below you will find images of publications that indicate the changes in the Internet and the time line that these occurred. Users then were relatively few in 100’s of thousands as opposed to the billions online now . She alleges that her ideas were the most influential in the invention of the Internet as without them the Internet would be defunct or in the same structure that it was prior to 1990 .
There was no Internet in 1990

Internet 2 or the modern day Internet was created in 1990-1991 when the NSFnet was adapted for Commercialization pursuant to the application of her ideas to the preexisting structure alleges the inventor :

NSF Commercializes Telecom in 1990-1991
NSF Commercializes Telecom in 1990-1991

Hartman alleges that it was during the illegal confiscation of her proprietary information in 1990 , that the application of her ideas in 1991 by Merit Networks under the direction of the National Science Foundation that led to the transformation in Telecom – introducting Internet 2 . The changes in the Internet were so stark that users had to be solicited and introduced to how to navigate it .

Internet becomes a conduit for Business and Education in 1990's
Internet becomes a conduit for Business and Education in 1990’s





and then the subsequent training by Merit and others to teach online users how to use the new Internet – see publication from 1993 . Data transfer on the telecom networks was practically flat until after 1990 and the changeover wrought by Commercialization , see graph below . As businesses and consumers rushed to get online – the Internet mushroomed and grew .



Dorothy M. Hartman’s ideas showed the government how to meld commerce with business by placing transactions online using computers – this created an alternate marketplace in cyberspace which is latent in computers . This creation came from Hartman and is responsible for the billions of customers now online . “ The Internet took more than technology , creativity was also needed ,” says Hartman. ” It took my insight into understanding the nature of cyberspace that it could be used for potentially infinite transactions . That is why now there are billions of people with technology and ecommerce able to sell their gadgets to them all – enabling the fields to prosper . Technology as far as the telecom networks were concerned had been around for 30 years , but only after 1990 and the ideas introduced by this inventor did the Internet spread and become a success .

This changeover of using the computer as the focal point and taking businesses online conducting transactions in cyberspace was her (ideas) says Hartman and brought the Internet which now consists of billions of people online . “Technology may have built it and the federal government funded it , but my ideas created it.”


The Internet begins to grow after the transformation in 1990
The Internet begins to grow after the transformation in 1990


Facts about the Internet are all over the place and it seems that since the filing of this black female inventor’s patent application in 2004 – official filing date March 7 , 2005 that there has been an explosion of information regarding the Internet and its alleged inventors – a lot of it false and not well documented . Some of it fraudulent and deliberate altering of the facts to obscure a black female claims the internet .

Although she could not stop the illegal confiscation of what had been proprietary information because she had wanted to start her own telecommunications services company which is why she had submitted her proposals to the government about taking businesses online and the benefit and effect of using cyberspace in computers to create an alternate marketplace – she attempted to recover by filing for a patent application . Although she filed 5 years after Business Methods became patentable as the Inventor’s Act of 1999 for the first time allowed the patenting of business methods – nevertheless she was the First to Invent and the First To File – so that should have preserved her intellectual property rights . However due to the overwhelming success of the Internet after 1990 and the wealth and power that it produced , the Inventor alleges that the federal government has broken its own laws to deny her the patent and that her constitutional and civil rights are still being violated to maintain the Status Quo.

Although she was FIRST TO INVENT and FIRST TO FILE , she says that the United States Patent and Trademark Office by fraud and malfeasance has denied her patent application . Proper crediting and acknowledgement of her contributions , she alleges could have preempted this . That was all she ever wanted – to be treated with respect and in a just manner . However , institutionalized racism is still the prevailing fabric of the country – therefore at this point it is a matter of justice . The federal government funded it .
Internet founded by technology starting with ARPA but Internet created by a humble black female whose imagination furnished the creativity that has made it successful and useful by billions . Although without her creative ideas , the telecom networks would still be defunct as they were in 1989 , her rights are being “steamrolled over “ by the power of the government and the wealth of corporations that have grown rich and powerful because of her contributions to the invention of the Internet .

The Billions of people online and the successful transformation resulting in the boom in the 1990′s and its continued expansion are the results of Hartman’s ideas being reduced to practice by the National Science Foundation working through Merit Networks and others . The Internet before 1990 would not have been capable of such growth and expansion . Justice is long overdue . See below :




The black female inventor Dorothy M. Hartman alleges that her Patent Application No. 11003123 was illegally denied and that she is being deliberately discriminated against to maintain the status quo because she is a minority . She is being deliberately exploited . Therefore she is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to issue a Writ of Mandamus to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to reopen her case , Dorothy M. Hartman vs. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as she alleges the Opinion to uphold the ruling by the Patent Board of Appeals and Interferences was flawed . The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Opinion can be found here 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1 . The modern day Internet is not the result of the natural progress of the original telecom networks started by ARPA in 1969 but is a Transformation of the original telecom networks that was accomplished when the National Science Foundation applied concepts regarding Commercialization which alleges Hartman were ideas submitted by her . Go to http://www.TelecomStraightTalk.com to learn more .


Hartman , who is CEO of ABFY SELLERS GROUP alleges that even as the Web celebrates its 25th birthday and the FCC is deciding on how the portions of the Internet should be meted out amongst powerful corporations – the true inventor of the modern day Internet rights go ignored and she suffers abuse and her business online suffers from lack of funding and censure . Even if by law , a patent is not granted she should still be compensated for the theft of her intellectual property .The government is still in illegal possession of the property- never having acknowledged her or declaring Eminent Domain of the Internet for Public Good . The government although one of the most powerful , if not the most powerful in the world “ should not have the right to take one’s property be it tangible or intangible without appropriate compensation . As U.S. citizens we are supposed to be protected from such abuses by the Amendment XIV and Amendment V of the United States Constitution …..Due Process .

Further , the inventor who lives in Philadelphia alleges that she has been targeted by a powerful group of racists with ties to local government who have carried out a campaign to harass and damage her by destruction of her finances and real estate property
http://smartphoneselectronicsaccessories.com/black-internet-inventors-home-vandalized/ . A federal judge in Philadelphia has even refused her a jury trial involving the perpetrators that continue to damage her . A trial by jury is supposed to be inviolate . She alleges that her civil rights are being violated in the court (s) in the continued effort to suppress the truth – in an effort to discredit her and prevent awarding her damages for the violation of her property rights as a citizen of this country because she is speaking out against such abuses and standing up for her property rights.

This is unconstitutional . She has filed the Writ of Mandamus as she alleges that she is being deliberately discriminated against because of her vulnerability as a minority and handicapped individual – which constitutes violations of Civil Rights under Title XI and Title IX of the 1964 Civil Rights Act . She has also filed a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court in reference to rulings by the U.S. Court of Appeals 3rd Circuit to deny a jury trial , as she alleges that her constitutional rights under Amendments 1 , the right to Free Speech , Amendment 7 , the right to a jury trial are also being violated in reference to the destruction of her home and finances . This she alleges in an effort by the rich and powerful to continue to oppress her rights and suppress the truth about this horrible injustice .

The Petitioner/ Inventor is hoping for a just outcome in both cases as she says that her inventions were meant to serve the people – not hurt anyone . Although the Internet “ keeps on giving “ that it is she, the inventor who has suffered and been hurt the most . “ I am being penalized for being Black and having no money to fight back against the power and wealth that has come from the ideas that I shared with the government and those who have gotten rich because of ideas that I shared with the government . This is unethical , immoral and unjust .”

Her ideas, alleges the inventor have proven to be worth trillions of dollars to the American economy – yet her rights continue to be violated . She was 46 years old when she went to the government with her ideas for improving telecom – she is now 70 years old and hopes that justice will come swiftly to stem the tide of ridicule and abuse that she is still suffering.

“ If I had it to do all over again . I would leave things as they were. Not that there is anything wrong with innovation , but evil always finds a way to corrupt everything – especially where money is involved. In this case , the three evils are racism , greed , and hypocritical politics .” If the invention is too large to be patented , then that should be stipulated by law as currently there is no legal reason(s) alleges the inventor that a patent should be denied . “Even so , the government should either declare Eminent Domain for the public good or compensate me appropriately for losses . It should not ignore my rights .” She is still hoping that this is a nation of laws and that the highest Court in the land will uphold both constitutional and civil law in these case(s) . “ I believe I am owed both justice and an apology , says the inventor . The color of my skin should not deny me credit for my invention – which some remark is the most important invention of the 20th Century ”

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