Justice and Net Neutrality ; Fcc

Where is justice for true Internet Inventor?

Can there be a valid discussion about Net Neutrality FCC without a consideration of the inventor of the Internet ?

Why should an inventor’s whose intellectual property contributes to billions of dollars circulating through the economy on a daily basis have to pay for justice ?

Especially , when she has been deliberately ripped off and kept economically distressed ? This woman is an integral part of the telecommunications industry history, telecommunications history milestones, and information technology history . Her contributions are so important as to conclude that the modern day Internet would not exist had it not been for her input .

The Inventor who just had a Petition for Writ of Mandamus denied by the Supreme Court on December 5 , 2014 – and is trying to get her Patent Application case with the United States Patent and Trademark Office regarding the Internet reopened does not understand the continued denial of justice . She is considering an appeal as her civil and constitutional rights are being violated . A copy of her Petition for a Writ of Certiorari can be found at the link below . She alleges that her Petition(s) contain facts and evidence of her claims – yet the Court has denied each without comment .

She alleges that she is being discriminated against because she is a minority and vulnerable.”The government considers me good enough to steal my intellectual property and turn it over to corporations , but not good enough to compensate me for the theft . It is a theft because there are Constitutional Amendments which prevent the seizing of property of any kind , tangible or intangible without just compensation . ” If it is true that the Supreme Court pays more attention to expensive high powered attorneys who are experienced in putting arguments before the Court – then I have little to no chance of justice .” Article discusses lawyers that have appeared before the Supreme Court . See video in the article .

Dorothy M. Hartman , inventor and entrepreneur alleges that it was her ideas that transformed the prior telecom network based on the Arpanet into the successful Internet of today . Her creativity redirected the technology in the direction of using computers to place business transactions online creating a marketplace in cyberspace . The operative word “cyberspace” . Hartman argues that it was her recognition of the use of this phenomenon and how it could be used for individuals to connect with each other via computers is what created the expansive and successful Internet of today .

“I did not invent computers , says the Inventor . They have been around since the late 50’s , early 60’s but I did show the federal government how to use them to grow commerce and communications. It was meant to help but unfortunately run away greed and abuse of power took over . ” While there are current discussions concerning net neutrality fcc , nsa monitoring , and other current Internet issues – the question regarding the rights of the inventor whose ideas put the process of the modern day internet into motion has yet to be addressed .

Following are some excerpts of proposals submitted by Hartman to the federal government in 1990 . Hartman claims that the federal government used her ideas to restructure and transform a telecom system that was disjointed and not working to the seamless integrated structure that works today because it is expansive , flexible and able to accommodate billions online .

Hartman Proposal Coversheet to Federal Government Program

The following is a denial letter from one of many federal government employees whom Hartman alleges reviewed her proposals thoroughly . The government did adopt a policy of commercialization of the NSFnet and quickly [ The NSFnet was the parking site for the previously retired Internet based on the Arpanet ] . Hartman alleges that the adoption of her ideas created the transformation for Internet 2 which debuted after 1990 creating the Information Superhighway , later called the Internet or Internet 2 by those inside the industry .

Excerpts from Hartman 1990.thru.1991.Proposals

Government Employee Denial Letter to Hartman 08.1991

“Whatever happened to doing right because it is the right thing to do ?” , says Hartman . The government has known for 25 years that it is in illegal confiscation of my intellectual property without recognizing or compensating me . It certainly did not have the ideas before me or without me . Why do they not just treat me like a human being or is that a rhetorical question in the society as it stands ? Why must I sue for my rights while oligarchs and others profit from my intellectual property without me having a chance ? The protests in Ferguson , New York , L.A. , and other places in the country are indicative of just how cheaply black life is viewed. It is apparently all right for them to rob me of my legacy as well as millions of dollars because I am black. That is just totally unjust. ”

The inventor admits that she does not have funds to hire a very expensive attorney and has represented herself Pro Se , but states that evidence and the law should count for something . Her arguments she alleges are truth and the history of Internet timelines .

More Jobs and Dollars into the Economy with Rightful Disposition of IP Property

The Internet has never been “free”

How many more jobs created for the middle class and the little people can be brought into the economy by the proper assignment of Intellectual Property ? How will we know whether it can work if the status quo remains ? The Intellectual Property regarding the INTERNET 2 has always been misused by the federal government , alleges the woman who claims that she is its inventor . As a results , technology and innovation which began right here in this country has been foolishly given away or simply lost . ‘Reagenomics’ and other faulty economic ideas that promote the jobs would be produced and that the economy would benefit from ‘trickle down’ economics have never worked . Instead what has evolved is a top heavy oligarchal system which is enriching relatively few people in terms of the entire population- many of whom have taken their fortunes offshore , refusing to pay taxes while the middle and poor classes are left behind without jobs and hope .

The Internet has never been free . How much did you pay for that smartphone , tablet , P.C. or whatever technology that you use to access the Internet ? Also when did the services of Internet Providers become free ? The only person to whom the Internet is truly ‘ free’ is to its inventor who alleges that she is being exploited because she has been paid zero compensation and credit for her invention . The inventor is not in technology nor an ecommerce provider , but her ideas are the reasons why billions of ordinary people and consumers all over the world are able to access the Internet – making the Internet the enormous engine of commerce , information , and communication that has spread to practically every corner of the planet .

Ms. Hartman’s ideas of using computers to put transactions for goods , services , and information online revolutionized telecommunications in the early 1990’s . Read more here http://www.telecomstraighttalk.com/ecommerce-history-and-the-internet.html By proposing the ideas of using computers which by their nature share cyberspace which is that virtual reality where you meet your friends online in social media or place an order for that dress or trousers from your online store – a whole other world was opened up in this cyberspace . Accessing Accessibility , a proposal submitted to the government by Hartman was the key that changed the Internet from its previous structure before 1990 which could not accomodate billions of people online to today’s Internet which can and does accomodate billions . These ideas are attributable to Hartman and are the creative force that invented the Internet . Read more here It takes Creativity and Technology Although the most this inventor who is unheard of is the most humble of those credited with the invention of the Internet – since her identity has been suppressed – nevertheless her ideas had the most and dramatic impact . Without them the Internet 2 which made its debut after 1990 would not exist and we would not be online today- probably still shopping exclusively in physical stores .

The United States was the world’s economic leader and can be again , if the injustice regarding this precious IP is ever resolved according to the inventor . Hartman alleges that the United States Patent and Trademark Office denial of her patent is fraudulent and is not based on current law – but racist policies .Other countries look to the United States for guidance which is probably why Europe initially selected to united and switch to a common currency , the Euro . It’s important to note that the U.K. never elected to change its currency . Now much of it is coming undone because the U.S. economy is faltering and like dominoes – others which depended upon its leadership for so long are now faltering .

The United States has always had within it the tools to maintain its autonomy as a world leader , but lacks the political will according to the opinion of the inventor. It has kept in force racist and oppressive policies , and failing concepts like ‘ trickle down economics ‘ . Maybe it is time for a real change .The administration of the law should be equal to all and that includes patent applications and contract law . What good is the Constitution which is a noble document – if the Rule of Law is selectively practiced for some and not for others ? What does it mean to serve with honor and distinction , if ethics , morals and common sense are left at the door ? Perhaps it is time to think outside of the box instead of inside of it . Especially if what you are doing is not working . Perhaps it is time for a new strategy . If you have the resources to create a dramatic change – why not use them ?

Is the desire to oppress people of color so strong that paying the price of self destruction is worth it ? Planning for catastrophes and disasters can help but it will not stop them . Just as enacting the same failed policies will not stop the fall of the economy . Maybe the federal government has been given a second choice to use this particular intellectual property in the way that it was intended and that is to lift the nation’s economy rather than line the pockets of a few . A disabled woman in her 70’s can only spend so much money but a restructured economy which supports an OPEN and FREE Internet while at the same time promotes COMPETITIVENESS could possibly make a difference for future generations .


Female Claims the Internet

From Information Superhighway to Internet

A Black female claims Internet (invention of the Internet) 

In probably what is an unprecedented move in history black female inventor files two Writs with the United States Supreme Court


Graphic above shows the beginning of the enormous and continuing expansion of telecom after 1990 .The CEO of ABFY SELLERS GROUP, an Inventor and Entrepreneur alleges that she is responsible for the invention of the internet which resulted in the development of the modern day Internet 2 which debuted in the 1990′s and contributes to the World Wide Web.These changes introduced in her business method proposal(s) to the federal government entitled “Accessing Accessibility “ is what created the Information Superhighway later referred to some as the new Internet or Internet 2 which debuted in the early ‘90’s leading to use today by billions of people online .You will not find her name listed in the History of the invention of the Internet . The article found here athttp://www.history.com/topics/inventions/invention-of-the-internet “title= “History.com” contains some important omissions alleges Hartman .

The Inventor who states that she has been fighting for her intellectual property rights from the very beginning alleges that because of her race which is African – American and a handicap that evidence and facts have been suppressed and her intellectual property rights “steamrolled over “ to maintain the status quo- leaving all of the credit for the Internet and its success to the fields of Technology and ECommerce . The images below this along with time stamped , notarized documents from the Inventor as well as the timeline of documented history show that the Internet took off or changed after Commercialization in 1991 , transforming the former Internet ( Internet 1 ) into today’s modern internet. Below you will find images of publications that indicate the changes in the Internet and the time line that these occurred. Users then were relatively few in 100’s of thousands as opposed to the billions online now . She alleges that her ideas were the most influential in the invention of the Internet as without them the Internet would be defunct or in the same structure that it was prior to 1990 .
There was no Internet in 1990

Internet 2 or the modern day Internet was created in 1990-1991 when the NSFnet was adapted for Commercialization pursuant to the application of her ideas to the preexisting structure alleges the inventor :

NSF Commercializes Telecom in 1990-1991
NSF Commercializes Telecom in 1990-1991

Hartman alleges that it was during the illegal confiscation of her proprietary information in 1990 , that the application of her ideas in 1991 by Merit Networks under the direction of the National Science Foundation that led to the transformation in Telecom – introducting Internet 2 . The changes in the Internet were so stark that users had to be solicited and introduced to how to navigate it .

Internet becomes a conduit for Business and Education in 1990's
Internet becomes a conduit for Business and Education in 1990’s





and then the subsequent training by Merit and others to teach online users how to use the new Internet – see publication from 1993 . Data transfer on the telecom networks was practically flat until after 1990 and the changeover wrought by Commercialization , see graph below . As businesses and consumers rushed to get online – the Internet mushroomed and grew .



Dorothy M. Hartman’s ideas showed the government how to meld commerce with business by placing transactions online using computers – this created an alternate marketplace in cyberspace which is latent in computers . This creation came from Hartman and is responsible for the billions of customers now online . “ The Internet took more than technology , creativity was also needed ,” says Hartman. ” It took my insight into understanding the nature of cyberspace that it could be used for potentially infinite transactions . That is why now there are billions of people with technology and ecommerce able to sell their gadgets to them all – enabling the fields to prosper . Technology as far as the telecom networks were concerned had been around for 30 years , but only after 1990 and the ideas introduced by this inventor did the Internet spread and become a success .

This changeover of using the computer as the focal point and taking businesses online conducting transactions in cyberspace was her (ideas) says Hartman and brought the Internet which now consists of billions of people online . “Technology may have built it and the federal government funded it , but my ideas created it.”


The Internet begins to grow after the transformation in 1990
The Internet begins to grow after the transformation in 1990


Facts about the Internet are all over the place and it seems that since the filing of this black female inventor’s patent application in 2004 – official filing date March 7 , 2005 that there has been an explosion of information regarding the Internet and its alleged inventors – a lot of it false and not well documented . Some of it fraudulent and deliberate altering of the facts to obscure a black female claims the internet .

Although she could not stop the illegal confiscation of what had been proprietary information because she had wanted to start her own telecommunications services company which is why she had submitted her proposals to the government about taking businesses online and the benefit and effect of using cyberspace in computers to create an alternate marketplace – she attempted to recover by filing for a patent application . Although she filed 5 years after Business Methods became patentable as the Inventor’s Act of 1999 for the first time allowed the patenting of business methods – nevertheless she was the First to Invent and the First To File – so that should have preserved her intellectual property rights . However due to the overwhelming success of the Internet after 1990 and the wealth and power that it produced , the Inventor alleges that the federal government has broken its own laws to deny her the patent and that her constitutional and civil rights are still being violated to maintain the Status Quo.

Although she was FIRST TO INVENT and FIRST TO FILE , she says that the United States Patent and Trademark Office by fraud and malfeasance has denied her patent application . Proper crediting and acknowledgement of her contributions , she alleges could have preempted this . That was all she ever wanted – to be treated with respect and in a just manner . However , institutionalized racism is still the prevailing fabric of the country – therefore at this point it is a matter of justice . The federal government funded it .
Internet founded by technology starting with ARPA but Internet created by a humble black female whose imagination furnished the creativity that has made it successful and useful by billions . Although without her creative ideas , the telecom networks would still be defunct as they were in 1989 , her rights are being “steamrolled over “ by the power of the government and the wealth of corporations that have grown rich and powerful because of her contributions to the invention of the Internet .

The Billions of people online and the successful transformation resulting in the boom in the 1990′s and its continued expansion are the results of Hartman’s ideas being reduced to practice by the National Science Foundation working through Merit Networks and others . The Internet before 1990 would not have been capable of such growth and expansion . Justice is long overdue . See below :




The black female inventor Dorothy M. Hartman alleges that her Patent Application No. 11003123 was illegally denied and that she is being deliberately discriminated against to maintain the status quo because she is a minority . She is being deliberately exploited . Therefore she is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to issue a Writ of Mandamus to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to reopen her case , Dorothy M. Hartman vs. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as she alleges the Opinion to uphold the ruling by the Patent Board of Appeals and Interferences was flawed . The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Opinion can be found here 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1 . The modern day Internet is not the result of the natural progress of the original telecom networks started by ARPA in 1969 but is a Transformation of the original telecom networks that was accomplished when the National Science Foundation applied concepts regarding Commercialization which alleges Hartman were ideas submitted by her . Go to http://www.TelecomStraightTalk.com to learn more .


Hartman , who is CEO of ABFY SELLERS GROUP alleges that even as the Web celebrates its 25th birthday and the FCC is deciding on how the portions of the Internet should be meted out amongst powerful corporations – the true inventor of the modern day Internet rights go ignored and she suffers abuse and her business online suffers from lack of funding and censure . Even if by law , a patent is not granted she should still be compensated for the theft of her intellectual property .The government is still in illegal possession of the property- never having acknowledged her or declaring Eminent Domain of the Internet for Public Good . The government although one of the most powerful , if not the most powerful in the world “ should not have the right to take one’s property be it tangible or intangible without appropriate compensation . As U.S. citizens we are supposed to be protected from such abuses by the Amendment XIV and Amendment V of the United States Constitution …..Due Process .

Further , the inventor who lives in Philadelphia alleges that she has been targeted by a powerful group of racists with ties to local government who have carried out a campaign to harass and damage her by destruction of her finances and real estate property
http://smartphoneselectronicsaccessories.com/black-internet-inventors-home-vandalized/ . A federal judge in Philadelphia has even refused her a jury trial involving the perpetrators that continue to damage her . A trial by jury is supposed to be inviolate . She alleges that her civil rights are being violated in the court (s) in the continued effort to suppress the truth – in an effort to discredit her and prevent awarding her damages for the violation of her property rights as a citizen of this country because she is speaking out against such abuses and standing up for her property rights.

This is unconstitutional . She has filed the Writ of Mandamus as she alleges that she is being deliberately discriminated against because of her vulnerability as a minority and handicapped individual – which constitutes violations of Civil Rights under Title XI and Title IX of the 1964 Civil Rights Act . She has also filed a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court in reference to rulings by the U.S. Court of Appeals 3rd Circuit to deny a jury trial , as she alleges that her constitutional rights under Amendments 1 , the right to Free Speech , Amendment 7 , the right to a jury trial are also being violated in reference to the destruction of her home and finances . This she alleges in an effort by the rich and powerful to continue to oppress her rights and suppress the truth about this horrible injustice .

The Petitioner/ Inventor is hoping for a just outcome in both cases as she says that her inventions were meant to serve the people – not hurt anyone . Although the Internet “ keeps on giving “ that it is she, the inventor who has suffered and been hurt the most . “ I am being penalized for being Black and having no money to fight back against the power and wealth that has come from the ideas that I shared with the government and those who have gotten rich because of ideas that I shared with the government . This is unethical , immoral and unjust .”

Her ideas, alleges the inventor have proven to be worth trillions of dollars to the American economy – yet her rights continue to be violated . She was 46 years old when she went to the government with her ideas for improving telecom – she is now 70 years old and hopes that justice will come swiftly to stem the tide of ridicule and abuse that she is still suffering.

“ If I had it to do all over again . I would leave things as they were. Not that there is anything wrong with innovation , but evil always finds a way to corrupt everything – especially where money is involved. In this case , the three evils are racism , greed , and hypocritical politics .” If the invention is too large to be patented , then that should be stipulated by law as currently there is no legal reason(s) alleges the inventor that a patent should be denied . “Even so , the government should either declare Eminent Domain for the public good or compensate me appropriately for losses . It should not ignore my rights .” She is still hoping that this is a nation of laws and that the highest Court in the land will uphold both constitutional and civil law in these case(s) . “ I believe I am owed both justice and an apology , says the inventor . The color of my skin should not deny me credit for my invention – which some remark is the most important invention of the 20th Century ”

For more bookmark these blogs at http://smartphoneselectronicsaccessories.com and http://www.telecomstraighttalk.com and join her in Justice Watch

End To Exploitation; Internet Timeline History

In what is an unprecedented move in history, a black female inventor files both a Writ of Certiorari and Writ of Mandamus with the U.S. Supreme Court, May 2014 to end exploitation of Internet Timeline History .

Dorothy M. Hartman who claims invention of the Internet through changes to Telecom which have resulted in information and multimedia access Internet – alleges that her constitutional and civil rights are being flagrantly violated. She claims internet timeline history as recorded is not correct .These changes introduced in her business method proposals to the federal government entitled “Accessing Accessibility” is what created the Information Superhighway or new Internet which debuted in the early ‘90’s leading to use by billions of people online.

The Inventor who has been fighting for her intellectual property rights from the very beginning alleges that because of her race which is African – American and a handicap that evidence and facts have been suppressed and her intellectual property rights “steamrolled over” to maintain the status quo .Whereas she had asked only for appropriate recognition of her rights and appropriate compensation after the government took her ideas to transform telecommunications and gave credit to the fields of Technology and Ecommerce for success of the Internet and no credit to the Inventor – she filed for a patent in 2004. Internet timeline history does not reflect contributions by the inventor .

She alleges that Patent Application No. 11003123 was illegally denied and that she is being deliberately discriminated against to maintain the status quo. Therefore she is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to issue a Writ of Mandamus to reopen her case, Dorothy M. Hartman vs. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, opinion handed down in May 2013. Even as the Web (which is the Internet across borders) celebrates its 25th birthday and the FCC decides how the portions of the Internet should be meted out amongst powerful corporations – the true inventor of the modern day Internet goes ignored, and is suffering hardship and abuse . Internet timeline history do not reflect her intellectual property or ideas which essentially transformed the Internet in the early 1990’s .

Hartman says her inventions including the Internet were never about get rich quick schemes or any of that but just a natural progression and evolution of her life. She comes from humble beginnings and never imagined herself as ever having to be in this position . She states that this is about respect, recognition, and fairness. Above all, the recognition that she is a human being and a citizen of this country to be afforded equal rights and protections under the law and that involves the ownership of valuable property. She feels her rights should have been recognized long ago. There are laws that state that the government or no one else can just take property, even proprietary information or intellectual property , without compensating the individual from whom the property is seized. Hartman alleges that the federal government seized her intellectual property and accomplished it’s illegal but regulatory taking of her property by denying her a patent on the invention. If it seizes property for the Public Good, then it must declare Eminent Domain. Ignoring a person’s property rights whether tangible or intangible is not constitutional.

If the government having declared itself the de facto owner of the Internet as it is now deciding whether to call it a utility or meting it out for the richest corporations to essentially run it – then it should first deal with the inventor . If the invention is too large for a patent to be awarded – then that should be stipulated by law and not some made up excuse of “indefiniteness” by the Patent Office . The Patent Office’s case to deny a patent is not a prima facie case and in true legal terms – its indefinite argument does not hold water. The Internet is not indefinite because its use is limited by the use of machinery . Both hardware and software are needed to access the Internet. Therefore by definition, it is not indefinite. It is distinctly different from the prior Internet or what was commonly referred to as the “Internetting Projects” which phased out in 1989. Even if the argument of indefiniteness could be legally made, the Inventor is still owed compensation by the federal government because of its theft of her proprietary and legal information which it used to transform and revitalize a failing telecommunications industry – and has refused to acknowledge or compensate her. Hartman is retired Science Teacher, Inventor, and Entrepreneur .For those who find it difficult to believe that a woman who is not an employee of Silicon Valley could claim invention of the internet read more at her blog referenced below :
Black Female Invented Internet 2 ?

Justice and Compensation for Commerce

” I am not a slave. ”

“I rightly expect to be compensated for the value of my work and that includes intellectual property

The Inventor who holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Science Education from Penn State University and Master of Science Degree from the University of Pennsylvania worked for 30 years teaching science and in other fields before retiring due to disability handicap. The inventor being ill from a functional nervous disorder from the age of 24 worked for many years in spite of her health issues . Not being able to travel , she spent many of her summers doing additional work for the city of Philadelphia . Developing an interest in entrepreneurship , she devised a way to work from home in 1990 and shared her ideas for improving commerce with the Small Business Innovation Research Program . Her ideas , she alleges led to the development of today’s Internet which was adapted for commerce in 1990-1991 funded by the U.S. government Temple University .

She has remained active as an inventor and entrepreneur even though she retired from teaching due to complications of her illness. ” Inventions are sometimes created out of necessity and the Internet that I conceived brought the world to me and to others after I shared my ideas with the federal government . “The gross injustice and abuse which she has had to endure involves being stymied in her efforts as an inventor and online entrepreneur. Those efforts deliberately suppressed and oppressed by the powerful and now the greedy as her rendition of the Internet has created billionaires . Her creative talents have been proven valuable yet she is being denied the opportunity to profit from her own invention because the government is violating her rights. She alleges that this is because of both racial and disability discrimination both of which are illegal in this country .

However , these are the motivating reasons she alleges for the exploitation of her and her intellectual property regarding transforming telecommunications to accomodate private enterprise and commerce. he is hoping for justice under the law in the case before the Supreme Court as simply asking the government to acknowledge her rights and compensate her accordingly have been ignored . Ironically her success as an inventor has caused her tremendous suffering and injustice. Meanwhile fraudulent information and discrepancy involving Internet History seem to abound on the Internet – the most recent being “Commercialization” was supposedly by 13 or so members at some time in a supposed committee drafted a supposed 13 page report commercializing telecommunications . Where is their proof and where is their patent application filing ?

The inventor shares in the video above some of her experience while working as a Science Instructor in the Biomedical Program at Temple University in the 1980′s. This was about 5 years before inventing the template for Internet 2 which changed the field of telecommunications . This method that she conceived demonstrated how using telecommunications to conduct business online would not only help her in building an online business from home – but applying the overall principles of adapting telecommunications to supply this type of connection between businesses and consumers services would revolutionize commerce and the world .

“Now out of runaway greed and racism , they do not want to pay or even acknowledge me . The government unfortunately is the leader in this as it deliberately discriminated against me both in 1990 by denying me funding and opportunity and even now as it illegally withholds a patent that by law should be granted .

As a person with both a strong background in the biological and physical sciences – I have always been involved in the ‘search for solutions’ to our world environmental problems . The video shows my work as a Science Instructor , but I am more than an educator. I am a visionary and an inventor whose inventions have reached all over the world . I thought I did the right thing by filing in the United States Patent and Trademark Office , but that is in fact where my intellectual property has been ripped off or fraudulently steered to corporations . The Internet 2 is not my only invention . I have a few and they touch on different aspects – some directed to infant safety – some to environmental issues and the improved internet structure developed for myself and others .

My inventions , even though they have been manufactured by others as I have never received funding nor support for any of my proposals circulate billions of dollars through the U.S. economy – yet this is how I am treated as a minority . My invention gave the Internet true form and real life. I want to be paid and I deserve to be paid . ”

Black Internet Inventor’s Personal Bio.

“I am not a computer or phone inventor . I am a science teacher and a visionary .

I have never pretended to be anything else . However my role as the Inventor of the modern day Internet continues making a walloping impact on the world .

I deserve recognition and compensation, not abuse because of the color of my skin .”

Even as she fights for Intellectual Property rights as an Internet Inventor- view video of Inventor’s humble beginnings at the link below .

Even as telecommunications and technology make the Stock Market turn green , the inventor of Internet 2 is struggling to keep her home out of an illegal foreclosure that bigots and oligarchs have set up for her . Dorothy M. Hartman who is fighting for justice in the courts for her claims as the inventor of Internet 2 is asking for recognition and compensation for her intellectual property which contributed to the development of the Internet shares some personal information about her background . See here the damages to her home as she states that she is still being subjected to abuses while fighting for her property rightshttp://smartphoneselectronicsaccessories.com/black-internet-inventors-home-vandalized/ The inventor who says that her home has been vandalized by local bigots , and that she is being denied a jury trial against the perpetrators by a federal judge in Philadelphia . She says this allows the perpetrators no accountability while trying to discredit her . The Inventor has had to file a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the Supreme Court to ask that the Judge be disqualified . The Petition was denied. She has had to fight and continues to fight cases in lower courts as well as the Supreme Court of the United States . Because of her black skin color , it is she who is being ” criminalized ” for the unlawful acts of others .

Additionally she says that she has had to endure years of abuse and distress while her invention(s) brought trillions of dollars into the American economy . These are the ugly facts regarding justice for Black people in the nation . Although she has done nothing except work hard and try to help herself and other people , she is being treated as a pariah because of heavy hitters being allowed to take her property both intellectual and personal .” I do not think that the justice system as it is today which apparently supports fraud and corruption is what the framers of the U.S. Constitution and the legislation that wrote the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had in mind “, says inventor . She has been fighting for her rights to be recognized for her invention for the past 25 years – even as the web created with the help of her contributions celebrates its 25th Birthday !

The Inventor says that because those who would oppress her cannot overcome evidence and facts which represent the truth , that they have targeted her with lies , slander, and defamation . The number “13″ linked to her name implying that her lack of being compensated for her intellectual property and the blatant and overt vandalism to her personal property are incidents of ” bad luck ” . The truth of the matter is that the rich and the powerful have simply ” steamrolled over her rights” . Her minority status used to somehow demonize her while governmental corruption is apparently overlooked and condoned . The internet inventor vows to keep up her struggle for justice as hers is a righteous cause . Her inventions have proven profitable and literally stolen from her . This is why she is now fighting the Herculean task of trying to recover her property rights. She is hoping for Justice . The ordinary consumer has access to the Internet today because of this inventor .

The modern day Internet is recognized as the greatest invention of the 20th century ,yet no one knows the name of the true inventor . “Internet 1 was invented by different inventors but I invented Internet 2. Inventions are also based on transformation . Nothing is ever invented from scratch . One would have to be God to do that” , says Hartman . Hartman says her inventions including the Internet were never about get rich quick schemes or any of that but just a natural progression and evolution of her life . She comes from humble beginnings and never imagined herself as ever having to be in this position .

Besides the compensation which is being robbed from her , this fight is and always has been about respect , recognition , and justice . Her rights should have been recognized long ago . There are laws that state that the government or no one else can just take property , even proprietary information or intellectual property , without compensating the individual from whom the property is seized . Hartman alleges that the federal government seized her intellectual property and accomplished it’s illegal but regulatory taking of her property by denying her a patent on the invention .

If the government having declared itself the de facto owner of the Internet as it is now deciding whether to call it a utility or meting it out for the richest corporations to essentially run it – then it should first deal with the inventor of the process . The government has given itself and those in the fields of technology and commerce full credit for the invention without once acknowledging that Hartman’s ideas were instrumental in commercializing the previous telecom network(s). This is what initiated the transformation resulting in a financially successful internet that can now span the globe and beyond .

If the invention is too large – then that should be stipulated by law and not some make believe excuse of “indefiniteness” which in this case does not hold water because the Internet is not indefinite . Even if that were so , the Internet Inventor is still owed compensation by the federal government because of its theft of her proprietary and legal information which it took to revamp a failing telecommunications industry – and fail to reward or compensate her in anyway . Contrarily , it discriminated against her then ( back in 1990 ) when she presented them with proposals and now by ignoring her claims in spite of evidence and proof .

” It is both an outrage and unconstitutional in the way that I am being treated . I am continuing to fight for justice , representing myself Pro Se and hoping that the highest Court in the land will make definitive rulings concerning the unjust treatment by the patent office of my patent application #11003123 ( Review at USPTO.gov ) regarding the Internet” , says Hartman . The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit can be found here13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1 The inventor is asking the Supreme Court by a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus – that the case Dorothy M. Hartman vs.United States Patent and Trademark Office be reopened . She alleges that her rights as the inventor of Internet 2 which is the Internet which debuted after 1990 are being constitutionally violated .

If the Internet is too big to be patented , then that should be spelled out in the law and not just ignore the rights of the inventor . The Inventor claims that by all existing patent laws that her invention should have been patented and that the Patent Office violated patent laws , constitutional and civil statutes in order to deny her a patent .

” Indefiniteness is not the same as expandability – especially when the government has evidence and proof that I am the inventor .” The Internet is definite . It is bounded by hardware and software which access it . If the government is going to award the Internet to the public for the public good – then Eminent Domain should be declared and the Inventor rewarded accordingly .

” Technology is very definitely a major part of the building and the running of the Internet but it is the creative force of my ideas that are behind the Internet . Without which the Internet as we know it would not exist . While there are those who have become rich and powerful because of it , I have been left to suffer defamation , loss , and abuse . It is not only unethical , but immoral and illegal . I am still hopeful that the Courts will render just outcomes in both cases . ”

At the very least , the inventor should be recognized and credited for her contributions which are an overwhelming achievement for herself and the nation. She should either have the patent which she deserves and which is hers by current and prevailing law or she should be compensated for the theft of her intellectual property. Either way she is owed compensation and credit for her achievements. She should not be subjected to the tremendous losses and attacks by racists and oppressors that she is currently suffering because she is being persecuted for the color of her skin , a handicap , and standing up for her rights. Billions of people online today including yourself are there because of her ideas concerning the use of cyberspace as an alternative marketplace .

Black Internet Inventor’s Home Vandalized | intellectual property

DSCN0138 DSCN0142

DSCN0585 Pictures for Trial

Dorothy M. Hartman , inventor ofintellectual property which she says contributed to the development of the Internet suffers vandalism of her home and automobiles …..Photos show before and after pictures of home after being trashed by vandals .

As the Web which is the Internet across borders celebrates its 25th birthday and ISPs form mega conglomerates that consume Internet real estate – its true inventor of intellectual property which she says was used to create the template to commercialize telecom continues to suffer persecution and mega injustice .

Hartman says that for the past 25 years the United States has practiced tyranny against her in stealing herintellectual property without compensating her – that her life has gone backwards . Hartman who is a retired science teacher and entrepreneur conceived the idea(s) of telecommunications services in a cyberspace marketplace back in the 1990’s . She is handicapped and devised the method(s) as a means of working from home . Her intent was to help herself and others and she realized the implications for commerce and the economy . The isolation caused by her handicap was the motivation for her design of the invention . “ Necessity is the father of invention , sometimes it is also the mother of invention “ , says Hartman . I regret that I shared my intellectual property with the government only to the extent that they dealt unfairly and unjustly with me .

She went to the Federal Government seeking funding and support and the rest is history . The government- although in full possession of the inventor’s intellectual property having it fully reviewed by its employees in the Small Business Innovation Program , National Science Foundation and others did not fund Hartman or hire her as a contractor for the research on the new ideas . Instead , the National Science Foundation used her proprietary information and intellectual property without her authorization to revamp and transform what were failing prior telecom networks into the structure that emerged in the 1990’s . This structure first referred to as the Information Superhighway is what morphed into today’s modern day INTERNET.

Although she was FIRST TO FILE and FIRST TO INVENT the intellectual property regarding commercializing the telecom networks – because of the overwhelming wealth and fortunes now enjoyed by those that were either already in the technology field(s) or entered soon after the Internet emerged – she alleges that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is and continues to be in violation of her constitutional rights and civil rights .

Hartman says that although the U.S. Supreme Court denied her Writ of Certiorari on November 18 , 2013 without an Opinion – she is filing an Extraordinary Writ as this case deserves its day in Court to end the terrible injustice that she is suffering . She hopes that the Court will reopen this case .

While her invention enables billions of people , she is being victimized by racism and oppression . Local bigots and oppressors have destroyed her automobiles – her home vandalized and she is being besieged by a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure and attacks on her credit rating . All designed to demean her and destroy her credibility . While some of this is occurring because of her standing up for her local property rights and fight against defamation, no doubt some is caused by her “ internet claims” . Those who have caused the problems locally by spreading fraud , lies and mayhem have apparently thrust themselves as being the center of the attention and cast themselves as “victims” . This makes their actions particularly offensive and despicable .

It is a horrible injustice that the inventor of the greatest invention of the 20th century should be treated in such a manner . Hartman alleges that her story is being blacked out in the mainstream media – so that these abuses are taking place under the radar . The federal government knows and has proof that Hartman is the inventor of the Accessing Accessibility Process which led to the development of today’s Internet but is deliberately discriminating against her – a handicapped minority with no means to fight back against its power and the wealth of corporations . Therefore she will file asking the Court to issue a Writ of Mandamus to reopen the case as she says the suffering that she is enduring is not nor has it ever been deserved . This is purely about racism , hatred , and oppression of the advancement of people of color . She is being treated as a pariah for standing up for her own right to be treated justly .

Hartman never claimed to have invented the ARPA or the original telecom networks , which are mostly attributed to Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn who are already recognized for their worthwhile and notable contributions . She is a science teacher , not a technician . Nor did she ever claim to have invented computers or mobile phones or any of the components or methods that contribute to billions of people accessing and using the Internet .

She did however invent a better way of using the telecommunications network – one which has made the industry successful . Her link to technology and ecommerce was a small one but vital . Her ideas initiated the transformation in telecom which changed the way the world interacts and created tremendous success for the industry . That is worth recognition and compensation . The document and graphs below show the effect on the industry due to the transformation caused by what she alleges were her ideas of Commercialization of the telecom networks . The graph is flat until after 1990 . The amount of data being moved on the networks show a dramatic increase . Today there are millions of websites and billions of users . The Internet has gone around the world becoming the WorldWide Web . This persecution is about oppression and to use the vernacular , “keeping the niggah in her place ” . Therefore her struggle for justice and truth will continue .



Why File a Writ of Certiorari For Right to a Jury Trial ? | Court

The woman who alleges that she is an inventor with claims to the Internet files   Writs in court. She  says that she has been under attack by race haters and oppressors  associated with corruption in Philadelphia city government for the past 15 years . Some of these attacks had been misdemeanors but were allowed to escalate to vandalistic attacks on her automobiles and home . Recently the case has been filed in courtbecause of the toll of damages and the alleged involvement of some city employees and participation of others in fraud and vandalism . For damages to her home , go herehttp://smartphoneselectronicsaccessories.com/black-internet-inventors-home-vandalized/

The case now in federal court has been carried out with what the inventor alleges has been prejudicial rulings – not even allowing a trial by jury which is supposed to be everyone’s  constitutional right .  ” These bigots are of a particular group of white collar criminals having the official capacity to do what they want and using city organizations to do it .”  One particularly nasty thing that they have done for the past 10 or more years is have their minions  stalk her around to whatever part of the city that she is in and have them “trash”  the area she is in or the neighborhood  around her home .  This constant harassment is only a part of the particularly hateful persecution that she has had to endure since standing up for her property rights and filing complaints . What kind of system do we have where because of the color of the victim’s skin – the evidence is overlooked and things are the way they are because THEY SAID SO and not because of facts and evidence . That is why trials or hearings are necessary and both these cases deserve their day in court .

“These are hateful and arrogant people who think they are above the law . I have had to file a Writ of Certiorari with the Supreme Court because with all of the lawlessness that has been done by these individuals – thus far I have been denied a jury trial. Something is very wrong with the justice system for Blacks if in the light of the evidence and merits of the case , I have to file a Writ to the Supreme Court just to get a jury trial . I am also filing a Writ of Mandamus with the Court as I have every right to petition my case regarding the Internet in the Courts . Essentially my life is being ruined by hateful people who feel as though they should persecute me as a scapegoat for their crimes . They are the ones meddling into my life to deliberately do harm yet they feel as though they should not be held accountable.”

Minerva’s Wisdom | Nelson Mandela

Notes by Minerva on Nelson Mandela image –

Google introduces another of its creative images – this time in a video celebrating the birthday of Nelson Mandela . Nelson Mandela in his struggle from activism to imprisonment to President of South Africa is truly one of the world’s greatest heroes . Google has been vocal lately in its support of diversity and struggles of people of color . Dorothy M. Hartman who alleges that she is the true inventor of Internet 2 which is the modern day Internet that debuted after 1990 and contributed to the huge success that technology and commerce have become says , ” It’s marvelous that Google acknowledges the worth of people of African descent such as heroes like Nelson Mandela who are larger than life personalities. What about African – Americans right here in this nation who are still suffering discrimination and injustice ? Google should put its money where its mouth is and lobby in favor of my rights as I have contributed to the tremendous expansion of technology and those billions of dollars now generated by the industry .”Read here“http://smartphoneselectronicsaccessories.com/black-female-claims-invention-internet/”

The Role of Cats in the History of the Internet

Do cats really have anything to do with the history of the internet ?

Truth may be stranger than fiction when it comes to the untold history of the Internet .


The Black Inventor who claims to have invented Internet 2 or the modern day Internet says that the she may be the butt of the joke in the references to cats in the above videos . The inventor who has filed with the Supreme Courts for an Extraordinary Writ to overturn the Patent Office’s denial of her patent application says that she is very serious about her claims of being the inventor of Internet 2 which debuted after 1990. She jokingly admits that “Cats had nothing to do with the Creation of the Internet but that she does .”

Inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman says that since the time she was on
Facebook as the CEO of ABFY JEWELERS , a company formed initially as a publisher on commission for various jewelry companies across the net – that it is well known fact that she is a cat lover and posted many beautiful pictures of cats. Since it is now well known in the Internet community that the inventor is fighting for her claims to her intellectual property which she says was confiscated by the National Science Foundation to revitalize a dying telecommunications industry – that she has become the object of ridicule and jokes .



Inventor alleges that she is a part of the hidden history of the internet. She wryly and facetiously states that , ” only those of certain ethnic groups and skin color ( unprotected classes under civil rights statutes ) are apparently qualified enough to create such a magnificent invention . The Status Quo is keeping in place the obstructions of the advancement of colored people and institutionalized racism in denying intellectual property of a great invention . Denying the inventor her just due keeps in place , the stereotypes of the “superiority” of unprotected classes and the “inferiority” of protected classes which is an aspect of racism. The history of the internet does involve black people – at least one .

The inventor charges that her intellectual property rights continue to be violated while all kinds of fraudulent information is finding its way on to the internet supposedly ofthe history of the Internet . The Inventor claims that some of these internet facts are not facts at all – but a narrative that has developed since the inventor filed for a patent in 2004 . The history of the Internet has a different spin or story depending on what source you read and is constantly being changed or edited . The true timeline and history of the internet is yet to be told .

First to understand the history of the Internet , one needs to understand that there are essentially 2 internets – the one before 1990 and the one after 1990 . Although the Federal Government does not distinguish between the two – because to do so would be to acknowledge the transformation that occurred after 1990 following the introduction of Hartman’s proposals to the government to change telecom .

While there is a considerable success and riches now in the technology and ecommerce fields as Commercialization did to the industry exactly what the inventor wrote in her proposals to the federal government in 1990. The true Internet facts according to this inventor is that she was the FIRST TO INVENT and FIRST TO FILE a patent application for INTERNET 2 which is the internet that emerged after 1990 , patent application #11003123 . There are no other inventors or filers . While it has not been her intent to take over anyone’s company or business – as an inventor she is certainly due credit and compensation . It has been true for other inventions , why not the internet . If the government is confiscating the property or utility for the public good – why has eminent domain not been declared ? If the Court declares that there are legal reasons why a patent should not be granted [ as the inventor emphatically states that presently the Patent Office does not have a Prima Facie case for denying a patent ] – at the very least she should be compensated for the theft of her proprietary information .

A patent should be granted to the inventor unless there are rules of law that prevent it . Whether there are these Johnny Come Lately inventors and/or fraudulent documents or groups appearing out of the woodworks should be moot as far as this patent application is concerned . She was the first to invent and the first to file , period . Therefore she should receive the patent unless there is a lawful reason why she should not which is why she has filed the case with the highest court in the land .

The government has been in illegal confiscation of her intellectual property for 25 years – during that time the invention has continued to expand . At no time has she ever been credited or given an opportunity to profit from what had been previously been her proprietary information . When the government takes your property for any reason – which according to law there are only limited instances in which it can do this it is supposed to do so by declaring eminent domain .

The inventor alleges that the current denial of a patent application by the USPTO is based on fraud . A patent should be granted , or a declaration of Eminent Domain to confiscate the property for the public good , or at the very least the inventor should be compensated for the theft of her intellectual property. She alleges the ideas received from her , thoroughly read and reviewed by the federal government including the National Science Foundation were confiscated from her and credit deliberately given to those already in the field .

Since around 2003 and 2004 when the inventor first filed for what she says was an attempt to recover what she alleges was proprietary and intellectual information wrested from her without acknowledgment and compensation to her ” Internet inventors are crawling out of the woodwork and falling from the sky . They are coming from everywhere in the very large field of telecommunications. But where is their evidence , documentation , proof and credentials ? I have mine – what is more – where is their patent application ? I have mine .”

In a field in which there are billions of dollars and thousands of people with some type of claim or other in technology and ecommerce – it is very easy to have someone write fraudulent reports and advertisements . Why would an invention be better off , leaving the true inventor out of the loop and out of its entire history ? Hartman wrote the Accessing Accessibility Process to make telecom available to the ordinary person and for the betterment and improvement of the nation .

She certainly wrote it for her own prosperity as well as the prosperity of others . Although thus far , it has brought her nothing but grief she is still hopeful of a just outcome . She should not be subjected to oppression and discrimination because of lies and fraud predicated on racism and greed . The Internet has been called by some the greatest invention of the 20th century and it took vision to conceive it . It was not conceived or invented by 13 or so committee members developing a 13 page report to commercialize the net . It would not be the first time that African-American inventors have been excluded or squeezed out . The deeds of many African-Americans have been conveniently omitted from history except this time – as the inventor who at the time of the invention was 46 years old and is now a senior but still fighting for her intellectual property rights . The following is a document of inventions by African Americans We Did it , they hid it

This time there is a greater incentive to squeeze out the inventor because of the power and money involved ? But Is it a good move ? If what they are doing is so great – why is it not benefiting the nation ? Further why did they not invent it 40 or 50 years ago when telecom got started and during its long history before she entered the course of events in 1990 ?

Where were these inventors 25 years ago and why did they not file a patent application – co-inventors are welcomed by the patent office ? They have patented everything else that they can think of . The patent office has issued hundreds of thousands of patents in the field of technology in the last 25 years . So why should she be denied because of stereotypes about blacks and the arrogance and greed of others? She should have the right to prosper from an invention that she created to help herself and others . She has helped the country and changed the way the world does business ? Meanwhile she suffers discrimination and hardship . Hartman believes that had the intellectual property for the internet which originated right here in the country been handled better, the economy would not have imploded . She conceived of the economy and commerce that has resulted from her ideas on Accessing Accessibility and she certainly had ideas of keeping it together and working for the benefit of all.