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A mobile and digital world . From bicycles to space rockets , The Internet has been instrumental in moving innovation forward.Do we know the full story ?   Read a side to its history that Telecom does not want you to know about . A black woman claims that her contributions are responsible for the success of the modern day Internet . The inventor Dorothy M. Hartman alleges that her civil and constitutional rights are being abused having been given permission under the Obama Administration . Find out more through this Blog.[ History of Digital World ]



Welcome to Telecommunication’s greatest secret , the involvement of an African – American woman in the changes to the Internet in 1990 which led to the successful Internet of today – even as it continues to expand . Some consider the Internet the greatest invention of the 20th Century. Today’s successful Internet is the result of this inventor’s intellectual contributions . This information is being deliberately suppressed , alleges the Inventor [ History of The Digital World Digimon ]

Read more in this blog and Patent Application 11/003123 , the Accessing Accessibility Process at the USPTO.gov website .

The Government Technology Advancement- not by itself


If you sold $500 phones and $1500 computers to billions of people , you would be a billionaire as well

Dorothy Hartman , inventor alleges that trillion dollar tech industry has resulted because of 1990 changes in the Internet

The African-American Inventor alleges that Creativity made the difference in the creation of the Internet

Technology did not do this all by itself and neither did the Federal Government says Hartman . It is said that Al Gore did not invent the Internet , but nothing is ever said about who did . “There are a number of inventors , technicians , and players involved in the Internet according to its written history. However it is a huge structure now transcending nations as this government gave away stolen intellectual property rights “, alleges Inventor Hartman .

If you had the ability to sell your technological gadgets , internet service provider , and commerce to billions of people online – you could become a billionaire too . The ideas of the original Internetting projects or Internet which stemmed from Darpa , Robert kahn and Vinton Cerf pioneers in the field – are those names associated with technology advancement and rightfully so . Thousands of technology companies keep the modern day Internet which is different from that of the earlier founders running but the inventive ideas of the modern day Internet come from the inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman who is an African-American woman whose civil and constitutional rights have been sacrificed for the glorification of others . The huge success and the trillion dollar enterprises that result from it began because the federal government under the auspices of the National Science Foundation used her ideas to resurrect what was left of the old Arpanet parked as the NSFnet .Before changes in Telecom caused by the reduction of her ideas to practice alleges the inventor – Computers were being sold from garages.

The modern day Internet did not suddenly appear out of nowhere and it was not a natural extension or evolution of the original “Internetting Projects” under the Arpanet created by Darpa in 1969 . The present day Internet is a result of changes made to the prior telecom structures retired and parked with the government under the National Science Foundation as the NSFnet .Hartman developed her concepts and typed them on a 1989 Mac Computer similar to the one in the photographs .The Internet based on the Arpanet could not accomodate billions of people . The Inventor Hartman’s ideas account for the modern day Internet’s capability of servicing huge numbers of users

1987 Internet based on the Arpanet
1987 Mobile Phone Blogspot

Hartman developed her concepts and typed them on a 1989 Mac Computer similar to the one in the photographs .The Internet based on the Arpanet could not accomodate billions of people . The Inventor Hartman’s ideas account for the modern day Internet’s capability of servicing huge numbers of users

1989 Apple Computer

Dorothy M. Hartman , retired Science Teacher and founder of ABFY SELLERS GROUP INC. alleges that her ideas on how to improve Telecommunications were used by the National Science Foundation to Commercialize or set up the residual telecom structures for privitization . This enabled the access of telecommunications for use by businesses and ordinary consumers to transact exchanges of information and services across cyberspace . Hartman’s ideas of using cyberspace which has been inherent in computers since their invention in 1967 as a warehouse or virtual marketplace for exchange is what revolutionized Telecommunications in the 1990’s leading to what was first called the Information Superhighway and later morphing into a seamless Internet structure which can be accessed all over the world and outside of it limited only by the need for the necessary equipment . Hartman’s ideas were truly novel and revolutionary but this woman’s invention and legacy have been taken over by the Federal Government and given over to corporations and public use without declaration of Eminent Domain with no compensation or acknowledgment to her . Intellectual property is the same as any other kind and when it is stolen , there should be an accounting under Due Process of Law .

Hartman says because of her race , gender , and handicap the trifecta of discrimination she has been overlooked and mistreated . It is a blatant injustice that needs to be corrected . “This is about more than money”, says Hartman . “This is about being treated as a human being , a born and raised citizen of this country and supposed equal access to the law strengthened by Title 42 of the 1966 Civil Rights Act. This is about human dignity and justice . I am not a slave and my name and reputation should not be sullied for speaking up about my rights . These things are blatantly wrong and unjust ”

The Government and Tech ” Did Not Do It All By Itself” . The Internet thrives today in all of its forms – no matter what you think of it as not all forms are good .The Internet itself has already produced more innovations and inventors than any other invention in history . Whether it is government surveillance , the success of Ecommerce , or the success of technology – it all began with the ideas of improving and expanding telecommunications by a humble woman who is still being robbed of stolen intellectual property and lack of recognition for her contributions . See the entire Accessing Accessibility Process , Patent Application No. 11003123 at the USPTO.gov website . The Internet today is so great that this map which was computer generated by PEER 1 is used to show the millions ( now billions of websites that exist ). So many that the map was generated by a computer . Hartman’s ideas of using cyberspace as an alternate marketplace or virtual space for transactions of goods , services , and data on the Internet produced the expansion and the capability of the Internet to absorb billions of consumers at one time . Technological gadgets and protocol simply make it accessible . They did not invent the process .


Billions of websites available because of Hartman’s ideas and contributions to the transformation of the Internet in 1990

Pennsylvania Justice


The Status of Pennsylvania Justice

Final Report of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Committee on Race and Gender Bias in the Justice System .

Below are some direct quotes from the Committee Report itself dated 2005 describing some of the research and suggested amendments and recommendations :

While other chapters of this report discuss instances of bias in specific typesof legal cases and settings, this chapter discusses instances and perceptionsof racial, ethnic, and gender bias that cut across all aspects of the judicial system. Specifically, the Committee reviewed instances of racial, ethnic, and
gender bias as perceived, reported and reflected by actual participants in the judicial process—judges, attorneys, litigants, witnesses, and court employees throughout Pennsylvania, in both the civil and criminal justice systems.

Many people who come into contact with the Pennsylvania justice system report that there is racial and ethnic bias within the system. While most agree that intentionally offensive behavior has declined in recent decades, many people of color still detect evidence of bias lingering in judicial hallways, in the workplace, and in courtrooms. Bias may be evident when, for instance, an African American attorney is called a derogatory, racially inspired name. The signs of bias may also take a more subtle form when, for example, counsel refers to an African American witness as “Johnny” and a white witness as “Mr. Smith,” or when a court employee raises an eyebrow as an African American man stands to answer the question “Who represents the plaintiff?”

Through public hearings, interviews, focus group sessions, and other research tools during the past two years, the Committee has grappled with fundamental questions concerning courtroom speech or conduct that calls attention to a person’s race or ethnic identity. When are comments improper and demeaning? How does the court respond when a litigant has been insulted, demeaned, or disrespected on the basis of race or ethnicity? And when do disrespectful comments and behaviors materially undermine the ability of a person to perform professionally in the courtroom?
Statements made to the Committee in public hearings and focus groups suggest that, at a minimum, race- or ethnic-based comments and conduct tip the courtroom’s level playing field, whether the persons being singled out are attorneys, litigants, or witnesses. Expressions of bias impose upon people of color a barrier to effective performance that does not exist for white courtroom participants. Displays of respect and disrespect are bound to register on judges and jurors as they make the myriad decisions associated with a trial. Therefore, any conduct warrants scrutiny and correction when it singles out one participant and places him or her in an unfavorable light.
The Melior Group and V. Kramer & Associates conducted focus groups and interviews on the topics of racial, ethnic, and gender bias in the courtroom. During these sessions, they gathered “numerous accounts” of apparent offhand comments that injected condescension or hostility into courtroom proceedings. An assistant district attorney in Philadelphia, for instance, used the term “boy” in reference to a 50-year-old African American defendant.1 Elsewhere, court personnel were overheard using stereotypical code-speak (“What can you expect from them?”)2 to characterize litigants.

There can be no doubt that such statements are made. There is no need here, however, to determine their frequency or precise location because, as the attached final report of The Melior Group and V. Kramer & Associates notes, arguments about the depth and breadth of racial or ethnic bias are “largely
extraneous,” or beside the point. “We think that the Committee should direct its considerations to the central issue that is commonly expressed by the study’s participants,” the report says. “That is, racial bias, whether emanating from
insensitivity, indifference, ignorance, or negative prejudice, compromises and injures the parties affected. It fosters unequal treatment and unequal outcomes in the one area where justice is sought.”3 Sources of Information .The Committee conducted an extensive literature review, examining more than 20 recent task force reports on racial and ethnic bias from other states
and federal judicial circuits. Many of the reports regard perceptions of bias as a critical element to be examined. As a judge said in the Second Circuit’s 1997 report on gender, racial, and ethnic fairness in federal court, “After all, even if the courts are fair, unless those appearing in them think so, we have a
problem.”4 One consistent finding in most studies is that a large percentage of women and people of color regard bias as common within the courts, while men—and particularly white men—believe it occurs only in rare instances. This finding appears to hold true for groups of judges, litigators,
witnesses, and litigants.

A summary of key findings from other state and
federal task force reports, including the 1997 report of the Third Circuit Task Force on Equal Treatment in the Court, is included later in this chapter. The Committee found the same dichotomy in perceptions of biased conduct in Pennsylvania that were noted in other state and federal task force reports. The Committee reviewed prior relevant studies conducted in Pennsylvania,
notably the Philadelphia Bar Association’s 1988 Report of the Special Committee on Employment of Minorities in the Legal Profession. The Committee also generated current data through its own study conducted by The Melior Group and V. Kramer & Associates and through public hearings held throughout the Commonwealth. The consultants conducted interviews
with judges and litigants and held focus groups with attorneys and court employees in Philadelphia, Erie, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh.

The Committee concluded, based upon the findings of its study of Perceptions and Occurrences of Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Bias in the Courtroom, that the codes of professional conduct governing the behavior of judges, attorneys, and court personnel should be modified to specifically address biased behavior by those members of the legal community. In December 2000, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania adopted the Code of Civility, designed to “assist judges and lawyers in how to conduct
themselves in a manner that preserves the dignity and honor of the judiciary and the legal profession.” While the Committee applauds the effort of the Court to encourage civility among members of the legal community, given the data collected by the Committee, it recommends that new sections be added to the existing Code of Judicial Conduct and to the
Code of Professional Responsibility specifically prohibiting the judiciary and attorneys from manifesting bias in the performance of their duties. The Committee also recommends that a code for court employees be adopted in Pennsylvania prohibiting discriminatory conduct based on race, ethnicity, and gender, among other factors.
Toward that end, the Committee reviewed codes of judicial conduct enacted by other states and the model code recommended by the ABA. After much deliberation, the Committee decided to recommend that the model code
drafted by the ABA be incorporated into the existing Pennsylvania Code of Judicial Conduct. The pertinent sections are set forth below:

CANON 3B(5) A judge shall perform judicial duties without
bias or prejudice. A judge shall not, in the
performance of judicial duties, by words or
conduct manifest bias or prejudice, including
but not limited to bias or prejudice based upon
race, sex, religion, national origin, disability,
age, sexual orientation or socioeconomic
status, and shall not permit staff, court
officials and others subject to the judge’s
direction and control to do so.268

CANON 3B(6) A judge shall require lawyers in proceedings
before the judge to refrain from manifesting,
by words or conduct, bias or prejudice based
upon race, sex, religion, national origin,
disability, age, sexual orientation or
socioeconomic status, against parties,
witnesses, counsel or others. This Section
3B(6) does not preclude legitimate advocacy
when race, sex, religion, national origin,
disability, age, sexual orientation or
socioeconomic status, or other similar factors
are issues in the proceedings.269

Similarly, the Committee reviewed codes of conduct for practicing attorneys in other states, as well as the model rules of professional conduct recommended by the ABA. Pennsylvania’s Code of Professional Responsibility incorporates the model rule of professional conduct recommended by the ABA set forth below:
Rule 8.4 Misconduct
It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to:
− (d) Engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice. Based upon its review, the Committee recommends that the Code of Professional Responsibility governing the behavior of attorneys licensed to practice in Pennsylvania be amended to include the following additional provision:
A lawyer violates the prohibition against conduct that is
prejudicial to the administration of justice when, in the course
of representing a client, manifests by words or conduct, bias or
prejudice based upon race, sex, religion, national origin,
disability, age, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.
Codes of professional conduct for court employees are a recent
development built on similar codes for judges and lawyers. New Jersey adopted the first state code for court personnel.270 There is also a national code promulgated by the National Association for Court Management.271

Additionally, the states of California and Vermont have adopted a code of conduct governing the behavior of judicial branch personnel.272 Based upon its review of the various conduct codes for court personnel, the Committee recommends that Pennsylvania adopt the following code for employees of
the court to follow:
Employees of the court shall not, in conduct of service to the
court and public, discriminate on the basis of, nor manifest by
verbal or written comment or conduct, a bias or prejudice based
upon race, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry, age,
disability, marital status, sexual orientation or socioeconomic
status that adversely affects the person’s ability to use the
facilities or services provided by the Judiciary. Discriminatory
behavior also includes any actions, either implicit or explicit,
which adversely affect an employee’s work assignment, work
environment, salary, career or promotional opportunities due to
a bias or prejudice based upon race, color, sex, religion national
origin, ancestry, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation
or socioeconomic status.

Inventor’s Home Illegally Confiscated

African American Inventor Claims Home Illegally Confiscated

As retaliation for her having won in a lawsuit against Dennis Milstein , John D’Angelo ,Greenwich Walk Homeowners et al , where the charges had been initially  FRAUD and DISCRIMINATION and afterwards participating in a survey with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Committee on Race and Gender Bias in the Justice System because she says that the Court dismissed the subpoena for the material witness for Violations of the Fair Trade Policy Act to appear in court , the case was decided on a minor charge of Negligence . Hartman alleges that she became the victim of a witch hunt and ‘lynch mob’ . When she admitted during a deposition that through her proposals for a home based business Talk Shoppe Inc. that her contributions were instrumental in the invention of the modern day Internet – she says the abuse escalated – especially after Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder refused to investigate her charges of fraud in the Patent Office . Credit and opportunity regarding her intellectual property was given to others under the Obama Administration . “Just as he abdicated the country’s treasury to the banks , he abdicated my intellectual property to corporations and those already in the industry without so much as an honorable mention of me .  Not only was I not given funding for my startup but no opportunity to participate . My name and participation completely eliminated . This in spite of the fact that no Internet existed at the time – as the previous telecom network ,Internet , or Internetting Projects as they were called had been retired or ended by 1989 . My writings to government about using what I entitled The Accessing Accessibility Method is what brought the Internet back and successfully – as my concepts work. ” For this my name and reputation has been smeared and countless abuses carried out under the radar using lawlessness or blatant violations for the rule of law .

African American Inventor and founder of ABFY Sellers Group , Dorothy M. Hartman alleges home is now being illegally confiscated . The Inventor who claims to have invented the modern day Internet alleges that a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure carried out by municipal corruption involving racist realtors with ties to the Courts in Philadelphia are illegally confiscating her home after trashing it and that the court cases are unjust . She alleges that she was placed in this position by the misappropriation of her intellectual property by the federal government and persecuted for standing up for her rights . Court actions based on fraud , defamation , and the intentional preventing her from hiring professional attorneys using deliberately perjured information .
Home illegally confiscated

Her home which had been appraised at $375,000 was trashed and then illegally confiscated with false documents and in a kangaroo court of wrong jurisdiction . She has asked for investigations of the events , even to the new Attorney General of the state but thus far none have been done .

After filing lawsuits against a realtor and high powered government officials in Philadelphia she was targeted for slandering , harassment, and bullying . Following that her home and automobiles were vandalized. She sued a Realtor , Secretary of the Philadelphia Civil Service Commission and an attorney , and Captain of a Police District for Violation of Fair Trade Practices and Racial Discrimination in their capacity as members of a condominium association board .  Earlier she had  purchased a condominium in the highly competitive real estate area – the home near Independence Hall and tourist sections of Philadelphia where she alleges that she had been subjected to racial epithets and fraud . There was active gentrification to remove many black owners who had owned their homes for years.

After being unable to resolve issues and the ongoing neglect and refusal of the board to maintain and upkeep her apartment unit – she filed suit . Inventor tries to defend property rights in Court 

These people were the board of directors for the condominium association where she purchased a condominium . She says that the board members were dismissed from any serious charges by lenient judge(s) ruling on nepotism and prejudice – one of whom addressed the Secretary and apologized to him his having to come to court . The jury was instructed to drop the more serious charges of fraud and discrimination but it ruled unanimously to award her the verdict in her favor on a minor charge of Negligence . Although she sold the condominium and purchased her present home -she has been continuously harassed , her home and automobiles vandalized with the authorities failing to act against those involved . In retaliation for her lawsuits against the VIP’s in Philadelphia government and her participation with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Committee 2005 Report on Racial and Gender Bias –  The bullying and harassment have been extreme because after admitting in a deposition in 1997 that she had been involved in the invention of the modern day Internet – she has been especially ridiculed and her reputation slandered in an effort to discredit her . The Inventor alleges that her claims are valid because her ideas were used by the National Science Foundation in 1990 to transform the Internet that has only existed since the early 1990’s .

She was asked to participate in the Committee’s Report by a black , female judge to provide her experiences within the court which ran from interruption of due process to the judge ignoring a subpoena of a witness to come to court and she provided that information for the 1999 report . She alleges that because of the highly racist environment and deep resentment of her academic achievements in spite of setbacks – that she has been subjected to unjust court rulings .  Read More here at Injustice to the Black Inventor .

Pennsylvania has been the subject of several justice scandals including Mumia Abu- Jamal whom some consider a political prisoner , the bombing of MOVE a commune of African-Americans in Philadelphia the only known bombing of its own citizens within a city , Kathleen Cane who released racist and pornographic emails circulated among prosecutors and Supreme Court Justices , and until recently after a few thousand were released known as the state with the highest number of Black incarcerations. Public education has not had an approved budget for two years in a row and some students , Blacks reportedly have no schools that they can attend. Although the Mortgage Foreclosure was filed in State Court , the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia – the Inventor asked that the matter be heard in Federal Court because of the violations to her civil and constitutional rights .
She filed the case in Federal Court because she alleges that it was all a “set up” to retaliate against her based on complaints she filed with Federal Agencies against both the Bank of America and the City of Philadelphia which she alleges set out to ruin her . The case has a long and documented history which is on file with the Comptroller of the Currency – yet the federal judge , Paul S. Diamond chose to ignore the Inventor’s complaints about the violation of her civil and constitutional rights and remanded the case back to State Court where the foreclosure was then forced through .
” The Bank of America sold off the loan to the Bank of New York Mellon which instituted a so called In Rem action which is really a cloaked In Personam action “, alleges Hartman . “The mortgage forced through in the wrong court of jurisdiction . There were federal questions and therefore the case should have been held in federal court with a jury trial which is what I requested.  I rue the day that I ever shared money-making inventive ideas with people who uphold tenets of ‘Institutionalized Racism’. All I have done is teach and try to help people and I am treated as the scapegoat for their crimes . Civil and Constitutional laws need to be enforced to correct injustice to blacks . My home confiscated fraudulently in retaliation for me trying to defend both my real estate and intellectual property rights.”

The Inventor filed in federal court because of the violations to both her civil and constitutional rights . The federal judge on the case failed to take into account evidence that the Inventor’s civil and constitutional rights are and have been violated . The Inventor alleges that he improperly remanded the case back to State Court and that she has been placed in a position of having to fight portions of the same case in both courts while the federal judge has dismissed all charges against the perpetrators . The inventor has appealed the case in both courts , as it is in State Court that the bank has been allowed to seize her property because evidence is being either ignored and/or withheld in both courts that the case belongs under the jurisdiction of the federal court . The inventor has appealed in both courts and she avows that she deserves her day in court . The State Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court both refused to review the case. The Federal Judge on the case Paul S. Diamond is trending in the news because of his rulings on other cases
Judge Rejects Immigration Case

Totally outraged by what the Inventor alleges is further abomination and lawlessness in taking property that belongs to her under the guise of law but blacked out in the media to hide the overwhelming abuses , the inventor has filed a complaint with the state’s new Attorney General.

More to Life Than Skin Color

There’s more to life than skin color – the Inventor speaks out .

UNITY is necessary but cannot and should not be acquired at the expense of segregating ourselves from each other or from others .

Just because I do not support hypocrisy and appeasement does not mean that I am not ” Black”, obviously .

Although the Internet as created and conceived by this Inventor as this form of the Internet has only existed since 1990 has produced more businesses ,jobs ,titles , and other inventions than any other invention in history .

Because of Skin Color as a result I have had to stand on the front lines of the battles against racism and sexism and be persecuted for it – the give away of valuable intellectual property and credit to others without giving the inventor the opportunity to compete. The illegal confiscation of my home being aided by a federal judge -the latest abusive insult ! Whereas it is exceedingly important to stop the epidemic of injury or death to Blacks by law enforcement and the assault on public education , the school to prison pipeline and other indignities suffered by Black people – keep in mind that African-American are not in this fight alone .

National Science Foundation commissions Merit Network to Commercialize Internet

There are other people who are with us and have been from the time of the Abolishionists and John Brown’s Raid. Do not let skin color make a fool out of you and some of us really need to learn how to agree while we disagree.

The changes and improvements that resulted in an Internet that works and has expanded all over the world is worthy of acknowledgment and compensation . However the Barack Obama administration , the first African-American president spent more time in and effort in advancing special interest groups than in his own race which has been oppressed for over 400 years .

What greater platform does a man have than being President of the United States to do something to help the plight of Blacks in this nation ? For 7 years of his presidency President Obama did nothing affirmatively or directly to address the plight of African-Americans in a nation that has held them as underclass citizens for over 400 years . Only upon the efforts of young people in the Black Lives Matter movement and the epidemic of killings of primarily young men of color has he been prompted to respond .

Although African- American and economically disadvantaged I directly asked for his or his Attorney General’s investigation into what I allege were fraudulent dealings regarding my patent application for Accessing Accessibility – his imposition instead was on the side of corporations . Apparently enlisting Senators Leahy and Smith to write and rush through Patent Law legislation that would prevent patentability of my invention . The changes were not effective since I was First to Invent and First to File , so the Office hung its decision to deny based on “indefiniteness”13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1 which I allege is a red herring and legally flawed .

It should never had been necessary for me to apply for a patent as being only a human being I never had any intention of ruling over the Internet . It was always my conception and contribution that telecom be open to businesses and ordinary consumers . However since the government has helped itself to my intellectual property for its benefit and essentially the benefit of the entire world – the very least it should have done was acknowledge me for my contributions and award me appropriately . Or even had given me funding to start my own telecommunications company as well which is why I went to them with the idea in the first place .Hartman’s ideas to government

To the contrary President Obama worked behind the scenes of the ” free-and-open Internet ” and ” net-neutrality” debate to insure that the big corporations held onto their rights to telecom , ecommerce , and Information technology . These fields and the tremendous economic expansion that arose from them after 1990 can all be traced to the ideas which I shared with the federal government regarding what a significant impact commercializing telecom would have on the economy . Those ideas submitted in writing under the title ” The Feasibility of Accessing Accessibility ” ushered in the use of Cyberspace by the technology industry and has changed the way the entire world interacts and does business . The Internet is now all over the world and has brought trillions of dollars into the United States economy and provides this administration with some of its most used tools surveilance and monitoring . That is why the Internet appeared after 1990 and has expanded into every sphere of the planet . Multimedia now possible .

Yet this President when I went to him about how my intellectual property rights – did absolutely nothing to help me , but worked in favor of corporations . A patent application should never have been necessary on my part . However it became necessary for me to file legally for my rights and that has brought a slew of court cases including the most recent which I allegeInventor’s Home Vandalized and Seized is the illegal taking of my house to continue to persecute the ‘nigra’ and ‘keep her in her place ‘. All of this in written history to the U.S. Attorney General office regarding the discrimination and abuses that I have had to endure while corporations have been allowed free rein producing millionaires and billionaires some of it through the use of my intellectual property . I am not the smartest , greatest , and best of anything or anybody . I just want to be appreciated for who I am and what I achieved. I do understand that I am by no means by myself. There have been many African-American inventors that have gone unrecognized and no doubt uncompensated /

The 18 million dollars that he recently set aside for initiatives for African-American girls is a nice gesture – but a band aid to what could have and should have been done . He has continued to disregard damages to the black inventor whose seemingly insignificant contribution is the reason why the Internet is in existence today . The reasons being my skin color , disability status and that millions of dollars are owed to me in compensation. To allow the kind of outright assault on my fourteenth and other constitutional rights with no response from the federal government of any credit to me has outraged me . The number “13” should stand for the violation of the 13th Amendment that supposedly ended slavery because that is the way that I have been treated in reference to all of my property both intellectual and real property – while this leadership has allowed it .

Image/www.businessinsider.com History Repeats
History Repeats

There is good in the Obama administration . For the first time , a Black even though of mixed race was elected as president . President Obama has not embarrassed himself as leader of the country . He has demonstrated to the entire world that Blacks are as capable as any other race of national leadership and participating on the world stage . As black people we knew that already as we are not an aberration of humanity , simply another race of human beings but still , Homo Sapiens .

However it is time for a real change in leadership in the country – one that President Obama promised in his campaign speeches but never brought . No doubt an obstinate Congress intent on stonewalling and blocking him from some of his goals played a significant role . However while putting forth a populous message , he has given overwhelming support to Wall Street and Corporate Interests.Corporate Elitism

What is still needed is real change that will break with 30 years of bad policies and politics that are taking the country in the wrong direction . A change that will be affirmative to the rights of the country’s citizens while being cognizant and actively involved in understanding that civil rights laws and constitutional laws some already on the books need to be enforced for African-Americans so as to ‘level the playing field.’ For the past 30 or more years the country has gone backwards on the subject of race aided by changes to laws regarding the establishment of prisons as an industry and eliminating social safety nets like ‘Welfare’ which kept the homeless and mentally ill off the streets .

It is time to look ahead towards leadership that is not necessarily bleeding liberal but realistic and pragmatic in understanding that the welfare of the entire country is good for all of its people .

Strange World , The Internet

The changes wrought to the Internet which have changed the way the world interacts were created by ideas shared with the Federal government by a black female inventor

There are no references of her anywhere in the history of the Internet

Black female inventor says that being omitted from Internet History has been devastating to her

” Sometimes the best intentions go awry . I understood the scope of the Internet but never imagined the extent to which it would be used . Obviously the Internet is good for some things , but should not be used for all things . In my writings to the Federal Government – I was thinking more along the lines of better commerce with businesses and consumers interacting more expediently ; increased educational opportunities through more information and services being available ; improvements to the world aided by knowledge and communications . Not that I ever anticipated all of the many uses of the Internet including negative applications – looking back I may have kept my thoughts to myself . Primarily I was looking at the business and commerce side and wanted to get in myself as an entrepreneur . However I never got the opportunity because from the time that my ideas regarding the commercialization of telecommunications were applied – the success of the Internet took off and has never looked back ” . Inventor’s 1990 Proposal to Federal Government The Inventor insists that her input made the difference between an Internet ( ARPANET based ) that had been retired and was practically finished to an Internet that was transformed and revitalized . The National Science Foundation which was in charge of the old Internet parked as the NSFNET employed Merit Networks in 1990 to commercialize the existing network(s) . Out of that came what was first called the Information Superhighway and morphed into the INTERNET – known today by only one word . A great invention from a person of humble background but interested in inventions to improve life’s conditions . Above Inventor is age 46 , a few years before inventing improvements to the Internet . Her first invention , a Safety Shield for Ranges in 1977 .

Yet ,nowhere in acknowledged Internet History is Dorothy Hartman’s name ever mentioned . Below are some documents from Wikipedia edited in 2005 discussing Internet History . Hartman had filed for a patent application in 2004 after exhausting other means of asking the government to acknowledge her contributions . Consequently there was a barrage of activity and filings by different ones regarding the origin(s) and evolution of the Internet , the sources known perhaps to the editors – but nowhere mentioned are there any notes of contributions from an African-American woman . The documents

Talk Shoppe Inc. was the first information retrieval company
Description of Business



showdistinctive change in the Internet once COMMERCE was introduced and that this occurred in the early 1990’s . Hartman alleges that this change was initiated by the National Science Foundation upon its receipt of her proposals through several SBIR ( Small Business Innovation Research ) programs but she was never credited . Further , not only did the structure of the Internet change to what it is now which is an expansive evolving structure but the fields of Technology and Ecommerce grew upon its transformation .

Inventor , age 9

Inventor 5 years before invention of the Internet teaching at Temple University BioMedical Sciences Program. Above she is with classmates , age 16 at the Benjamin Franklin Institute in a tableu about Greek myths , ‘The Minotaur’.

“Now the low level trolls on the Internet – not all but some like web hosts , search engines , and security companies try to keep me from making a living on the Internet by sabotaging my websites to prevent visitors. As though the Internet is not big enough to accommodate us all . The irony of it allBeware Bad Web Hosts is that the Internet has provided more jobs , opportunities , and titles than any other Invention in modern history . Yet these people who have jobs because of my intellectual creativity – not the altruism of the federal government or billionaires made rich by the success of telecom – would deny me a living !

The world is strange and the Internet even stranger . To be discriminated against is horrible enough but to be disrespected when you know that the Internet exists as much for your intellectual creation of it as by technicians making its access possible through their gadgets and codes is humiliating and degrading . I blame a society which continously practices institutionalized racism and a weak administration that has not protected the civil rights of small inventors like myself . When I asked the Obama administration and his Attorney General to investigate the fraud in the Patent Office regarding my patent application – he did not . But rather he backed the corporations .

A patent application should never have been necessary . I only asked for recognition and compensation for my contributions . I am still seeking that and justice for the damages to my life based on racism , discrimination , and the oppression of people of color . NOWHERE WILL YOU FIND THE EXISTENCE OF THE MODERN DAY INTERNET , ITS PHYSICAL PRESENCE OR EVEN DISCUSSION ABOUT IT BEFORE 1990 AND MY WRITINGS TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ON HOW TO IMPROVE THE TELECOM NETWORKS WHICH HAD ESSENTIALLY FAILED.”


Black Internet Inventor Rights Suppressed

In addition to the intentional discrimination imposed by the federal government under the FCC in reference to her intellectual property , the Internet – Inventor is suffering abuse in her personal life because of the effects of having her property rights violated, based on what she alleges are lies and defamation in retaliation about her speaking up about her property rights both real estate and intellectual property .

Inventor’s home taken in what she alleges is an illegal mortgage foreclosure where fraud and perjury is used to take her home and create a $331,999.95 judgment against her for doing absolutely nothing wrong that she should lose her home

What kind of justice system allows the perpetrators to harass , destroy the inventor’s property cars and home , and using some deliberately pumped up mortgage violating all kinds of laws carry out an illegal mortgage foreclosure ?

A justice system based on skin color

Although mortgage foreclosure was predicated on perjury and fraud but was forced through a kangaroo trial in State Court – the inventor’s less than human stature ( and for those of you who feel differently this is facetious of course ) does not allow her to sue her perpetrators . This is the height of racist oppression in the justice system which are actions based upon retaliation for her standing up for her property rights . Drastic changes are needed in the justice system in the country regarding Blacks . Her contributions effect the lives of billions of people but in her own life she has been severely persecuted by violations of the rule of law .

A federal judge in Philadelphia allowed these damages without leaving the Inventor any form of relief . The Inventor had filed a case in Federal Court in Philadelphia against what she alleges are racists and thugs with friends in the government and the courts where she had spent thousands of dollars in legal fees for the past 4 years that the cases have been running . The inventor alleges that the judge whom she requested recuse himself had disqualified himself according to her understanding of the law . She admits that she is not lawyer , but she can read . According to what she has read , the judge has disqualified himself but was retained on the case by the 3rd circuit court of appeals in what she alleges is in ‘lock step with the politics’. “These legal proceedings have been characterized by fraud , perjury , and blatant lies with defense attorneys being able to do whatever they like . Blacks have no rights in this country “. The advances in civil rights through the Kennedys’ and Lyndon Baines Johnson are long since gone . “Some Courts are run like a cartel when it comes to the rights of black people” . Go to Pacer.gov and read these cases for a real civics lesson on what black people are living with in this country when it comes to the so called justice system . Her home was on sale but racist realtors interfered in the sale preventing potential buyers from contacting her . The home was then vandalized and set up for fraudulent foreclosure .

So in addition to the $331,999.95 damages incurred on her , she has lost all the money that she put into the case and had a good chance of winning because the evidence and potential witnesses favored her . Now all is lost because the perpetrators have all been dismissed from any accountability – just around the time that the 21 days were up for the banks to respond to the federal summons regarding the part they played in the fraudulent mortgage foreclosure . The judge , Paul Diamond dismissed her case in federal court against the banks , fraud , discrimination , and vandalism carried out by employees of city agencies and their friends . He did not hold an evidentiary hearing o review the evidence for a federal case and according to my understanding of the law he improperly remanded the case back to the wrong court of jurisdiction, the state court . Having been prevented from hiring a professional attorney because of defamatory reports having been published by activist judges retaliating against her for filing lawsuits against Milstein et al -it does not matter what I said as a pro se plaintiff . My motions were all denied . You may read the cases in Pacer .gov .

“In other words they can ruin me , but I cannot sue them , says Hartman.” I had filed in federal court and when it was time for the banks to answer in my lawsuit for their outrageous behavior , the judge writes a 16- page order dismisses all perpetrators from all charges and closing the case. See both cases the , State Court case Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Dorothy Hartman or use the Case No. 120202759 . The case is listed under several different headings . The Case which was closed by the Federal Judge is Case No. 13-1909 , Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon , City of Philadelphia et al . You will have to read her motions to get any intelligence or sense of what is going on in the case .

As it turns out , the home was illegally confiscated by defamatory records that had been set up by Officers of Pennsylvania Courts in retaliation for her lawsuits alleging discrimination and fraud against Philadelphia VIPs and her participation with the Supreme Court Committee Report on Racial and Gender Bias on how her rights to Due Process had been violated at trial . Pennsylvania has the highest incarceration of blacks than all of the states in the nation . Further the reports of its own research in the justice system finds that racism is prevalent in its courts . Also she alleges oppression because of her allegations that she is the inventor of today’s modern day Internet . and

Although the Inventor was proceeding Pro Se . She alleges that was not the problem . The point was for her not to win – the prejudice was in favor of the perpetrators. So when it was time for the banks to answer the summons to court – the Judge stopped the entire case preventing any further evidence from coming in . She is not sure how the judge shutting down the case in federal court will affect her appeal in state court as she is appealing the matter regarding her house . She is also considering appealing the federal court decision as she alleges that the decision is affected by fraud . The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s own Committee Report shows that racism is very much a part of the justice system in Pennsylvania . Her advice , when voting for judges , do your homework . She complains that the injustice imposed upon her by the National Science Foundation and USPTO under the federal government handling of her intellectual property has had far reaching and devastatingly oppressive effects on her life .

Original Internet Retired In 1989

Inventor’s rights are being suppressed because of the huge success of Internet 2

Internet 1 was retired in 1989

The original Internet started in 1969 and developed using a series of smaller “nets” or “internetting projects” used the Arpanet as a backbone and had a different structure from the modern day Internet . That Internet was not capable of carrying the billions of websites or traffic that the modern day Internet can accomodate. What insiders refer to as Internet 1 , which was based on a backbone structure called the Arpanet was retired by the late 1980’s . ” Although it was my ideas that breathed life into a failed telecommunications network  producing  Internet 2 , my Intellectual Property rights are still being ignored . Internet 2 although built by Merit Networks , IBM , and other technology agencies sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Commerce Department came about because of a marriage between technology and commerce . These ideas were produced and illustrated by my writings to the United States government in 1990 through 1993 and accomplished by using my process called  Accessing Accessibility  .

The inventor who alleges that she is most responsible for the success of today’s Internet says that she is still being unjustly treated . The ideas were stolen by the government because they were good ideas which in turn applied them to the entire telecom grid which at the time was parked as the NSFNET. Meanwhile the government eliminated me entirely from the process – failing even to grant me the $25,000 to $35,000 – ‘peanuts’ to them to start my online business from home .

“The oppressors have taken my intellectual property and are now in the process of trying to destroy everything I worked for to persecute and retaliate me for standing up for my rights to be compensated for what has become an invaluable part of the country’s wealth and power. Because of the success of the Internet and the wealth and now greed that it has contributed too – my rights along with the rights of African- Americans and many others are being grossly violated .”

Learn more here Hartman’s 1990 Proposal to Federal Government through Small Business Innovation and Research Program Navigate back to website through Back Arrow .
Although Hartman did not file for a patent until later ( primarily because business ideas could not be patented before 1999 ) , patent application #11003123 , entitled Accessing Accessibility Process – she was the first to invent and first to file the process which transformed the prior telecom network into the successful Internet of today .

The fact that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the USPTO ruling to deny a patent to the Inventor for the Accessing Accessibility Process does not mean that she is not the owner and creator of the ideas – just that she would not receive the patent . Before 1990 , the history of the Internet involved the pioneering of the Internet and its building out by the tech community and government . The Inventor has never denied this

By the 1980’s the Internet consisted of a number of mini nets . Among them the bitnet , telenet , downet and others linked to their backbone the Arpanet . This Internet alleges Hartman was retired by 1990 and that with her ideas , the new Internet based on her ideas regarding Commercialization was formed . She alleges that the National Science Foundation under the auspices of the Department of Commerce used her ideas to commission and fund Merit Networks , IBM , and others to transform the prior “internetting” structure into the present day Internet . The remaining structures of the previous telecom networks based on the Arpanet had been parked by the National Science Foundation as the NSFnet. The NSFNET is what the National Science Foundation commissioned the Merit Networks to change :

National Science Foundation commissions Merit Network to Commercialize Internet

Arpanet Logical Map 1977

She has never said that she built the Internet . However it was her ideas that changed it , revitalized it , and made it the success that it is today . She alleges that although the government used her ideas , making them their ideas she was given one denial letter after another and dismissed from consideration .

She has not been credited but slandered and her intellectual property as well as other property including her home illegally confiscated from her . Read more at this blog and the sister blog The Raw Truth About Telecommunications about the depth of the injustice meted out to African-Americans who have contributed more to this country than what is realized .”Because I was not present in Washington , D.C. or Alexandria , Virginia when the federal government through these Small Business help programs took my intellectual property and awarded it to others does not mean that I do not exist . My ideas were there and now the Internet exists all over the world with capacity to exist outside of it because of my ideas . Like most inventors I meant my ideas to be used for Good , but there is always that other side that today seems to be more prevalent than ever. Over all I believe the communication and commerce factors leading to improvements in being able to solve world problems is helpful . The problem is the improvements have been hijacked by big money catering to the few or 1 % . Not just involving the Internet , there needs to be a fundamental change in this country regarding injustice to Blacks .

Internet of Things

How did the Internet get so huge , it now reaches all over the globe ?

“It was not the riches and genius of technology” , says Hartman although technology has gotten rich and more ingenious because of the trillions of dollars produced by sales on the Internet created by her imagination


No , it was the creativity of this African-American woman that was quickly snatched up by the National Science Foundation and credit given to the ones who had been instrumental in building the Internet from the beginning in 1969.

Beginnings of Internet in 1969 by Government Defense Department

The Inventor says , “Now that the Internet is becoming so pervasive as to become the Internet of ThingsWhat gratitude has been shown to me because of my contributions which made the economy rich and the country more powerful ? I am Treated like a worthless _igg_r with the ‘exceptional’ frauds , racists , and oppressors violating my civil and constitutional rights trying to render me penniless. There is something terribly wrong with the lack of justice here . There are other considerations as well . ”

It was the Hartman’s ideas to bring consumers like yourselves and businesses into the workings of the Internet . This what made it expansive and a success . But ‘Internet of Things ?’. Do you really want your phone in your living room , kitchen , bedroom , etc .? Think about it . That is a topic to be discussed later .”

How did the Internet go from its beginning to

Internet of 1987 based on the Arpanet

and now this , the image below a computer generation of millions of websites , the web which is the Internet across international borders comprises billions of websites

Billions of websites available because of Hartman’s ideas and contributions to the transformation of the Internet in 1990

How did we get to an Internet of Things ? Although Technology and ecommerce have continued to evolve , what happened between 1990 and now that made the difference in there being an Internet that is recognized all over the world even though there were telecom networks that existed from 1969 through 1989 ? There is unknown Internet History , Telecommunications History , and Information Technology History involving the contributions of a black inventor who is still fighting injustice regarding what she calls the giveaway of her intellectual property to credit and enrich others . Technology may have built it – not to take anything away from their importance and the government may have funded , but I invented it says Hartman and I deserve recognition , compensation , and an APOLOGY .

JUSTICE NOW ! It was because of the Obama Administration that I have been abused and my rights denied . Rule of Law dictates a different treatment . I hope that the Trump Administration will right the wrong . I ask that the administration investigate and consider the situation and recognize the importance of my contributions .

Where is Justice for Black People ?

Civil Justice System violates African- American rights as does Criminal Justice System

Ferguson Missouri occurs across the country ; police brutality is not the only problem?

Black Lives Really Do Matter

What of the Supreme Court Decision to roll back minority progress by allowing states to set up voter ID requirements ?

” All I have done is help other people and tried to help myself. Because my contributions have been valuable my thanks has been in being ripped off with the government at the head of the line and my life made miserable by greedy , oppressive people ” , says inventor . They are breaking laws to do it – yet have not been held accountable . Why must everything in this country be measured by race ? ”

Ferguson , Missouri is in the courts of Pennsylvania . Blacks are not just discriminated against when it comes to police brutality – the courts play a role in the continued injustice to which blacks in general are continuing to be exposed . My home which was my best asset was taken by perjured documents and fraud coming from the highest levels of the government and courts to separate me from property rights of any kind . This to void my citizenship rights to even be represented by counsel . I am appealing to the highest levels of the government – still hoping for accountability of criminality when it is practiced by those supposedly upholding and enforcing the law. I am hopeful that the best of this nation as indicated by the establishment of a Bill of Rights , United States Constitution , Abolition of Slavery , Civil Rights Law 1964 , World War II Victory , will override the present division .

The inventor whose name and reputation has already been sullied because she has spoken out in defense of intellectual property that she contributed to the betterment of the nation has thus far been demonized for daring to speak about it . Her property rights being sacrificed in order to make corrupt politicians deferring to the now wealth industry look good – without so much as a nod of recognition to her . Why ? Because of her skin color and a handicap . Unheard of when it comes to contributors of other ethnic groups with handicaps .Other Intellectual Contributors

Although it is clear that One of Hartman’s Proposals to the Federal Government on Improving Telecommunications Ms. Hartman did correspond with the Federal Government before the cutting edges of the technology , she was quickly dismissed with denial letters . Facts , documents , and the true history of events shows that her ideas were kept and subsequently used . She has never received her day in a court of law . Her contributions were lost in the excitement that debuted with the Information Superhighway wrongly attributed to Vice President Al Gore . After 25 years , the government which has grown powerful and the many corporations that have become rich because of the changes which her writings initiated in the telecommunications industry have the profits and the glory. she is no where mentioned in the history of the Internet .

Additionally while the row was going on about Net Neutrality and a Free and Open Internet which Hartman contends was a ruse to hide what was going on behind the scenes – the Supreme Court was denying the extraordinary Writs of Certiorari and Mandamus which she filed with the court in a Pro Se capacity .

The smoke and mirrors debate about the Internet she claims was a ruse to keep hidden from the public the government’s taking of her rights to the Internet by the rulings of the Supreme Court to uphold the Federal Circuit Ct of Appeals upholding to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to deny a patent Hartman Patent Application for Process Which led to Internet 2 to her for the modern day Internet or Internet 2.

Hartman says that she is still considering additional legal action regarding her intellectual property rights because there is still evidence including affidavits and witnesses that have not been heard or reviewed in a courtroom. ” An application for a patent should never have been necessary , the government should have given me the kudos which I deserved . That could have been in the form of the funding that I asked for to start my own online business or a commendation of some kind . Something other than completely dismissing and disrespecting me .”

Now to add insult to injury because apparently in this post slavery society which still practices institutionalized racism – no matter what anyone with black skin does – he or she is just another “N_gg_r.” . The inventor complains that thus far in federal court in Philadelphia she is being subjected to more injustice with banks taking her home on a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure . Regarding the mortgage payments on her home , she alleges that with a 705 credit rating and automatic deductions from her bank account for payment – that she was denied a loan refinance . There is much more to the case and for those of you with access to Pacer.gov you can follow the case(s) in Court . The Case numbers are Civil , No. 2:13-cv-01909 in District ( Federal court ) and No. 120202759 in Court of Common Pleas ( State court )She says ‘cases’ because there is more than one.

Why she is fighting the same case in two courts is something of which she has never heard . These types of abuses appear to be typical of what goes on in the Justice system when it comes to Justice for blacks . The law in the Courtroom appears to be ad hoc sort of made up as you go rather than practiced as traditional law . The inventor acting Pro Se filed to have the fraudulent foreclosure removed from state court to federal court because of what she alleged were violations of her civil and constitutional rights . Although she did try , it would practically be impossible for her to be able to hire the number of lawyers to represent her in legal cases that she has had to participate in to defend herself and her property . Beware when the government has grown powerful and made corporations rich with your intellectual property and ignores you because you are a woman and Black !!!

The inventor claims that the federal judge remanded the case back to state court without holding an evidentiary hearing and that both he and the state court judge have excluded from evidence thus far in these proceedings in excess of 70 documents which the inventor alleges support her contentions that these are matters for the federal court . ” My experience thus far with the justice system is that when it comes to the rights of black citizens in this country – it really does not matter what the law says . The first casualties are truth , facts, and evidence .

When will Justice see and the scales be balanced ? What about fraud and injustice in trials and other aspects of black life in America ? Ferguson , Missouri occur(s) everywhere and everyday in the lives of African-Americans in this country . Police Brutality is only the tip of the iceberg – injustice is too much a part of the justice system when it comes to Black people . The Inventor of the most prolific invention of the 20th Century , the Internet is supposed to be satisfied with anonymity and lack of payment for her contributions .

The lack of worth of Blacks as being accepted policy is being challenged by the ” Black Lives Matter “. There is so much to accomplish such as (a) the cessation of the taking of black lives by police brutality when they are supposed to serve and protect (b) to stop the school to prison pipeline for so many black youth (c) and the dismissive approach by the Courts to civil lawsuits like those that this inventor has been forced to undertake just by virtue of trying to defend her home and property from confiscation and theft by fraud . Instead of being able to enjoy the fruits of her labor and contributions to the world , she has instead been embattled with lawsuits to defend herself and her property.

Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 did a lot to try to address the disparate and unequal treatment suffered by blacks , Court action since then most prevalently the movement of the Supreme Court by allowing States to require voter ID registration has taken the voting rights act backwards . It also upheld the Federal Appeals Court Opinion to Affirm the United States Patent and Trademark Patent Office denial of a patent to the inventor for the Internet . The Inventor alleges that the Patent Office Decision was flawed by fraud . A copy of that Opinion is here .13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

The inventor’s home was vandalized in 2009 and she has been subjected to abuse and discrimination by high powered agencies who thus far have not been held accountable for their acts which include discrimination , vandalism, and conspiracy to defraud among other counts. She filed a Complaint about the matter(s) in federal court which include among other charges what she alleges is a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure to try and take her home. She says that she is being forced to litigate the same matter in both state and federal court – something she has previously never heard of – the same matter being tried in two courts . She expected that there would be a degree of difficulty as she is a minority . Further she is disabled and acting Pro Se . But the degree of bizarre rulings she alleges are unfathomable . She is still hoping to reach some level of litigation where the integrity of the law is practiced in spite of skin color . She is highly disappointed that although she has worked hard all of her life and has tried to help others as well as herself – in her later years she has come under intense attack by greed and institutionalized racism because of her achievements . My inventions make money and unfortunately I was dependent on the government for fairness as I had no money myself . Other inventions by Hartman can be found here Other Inventions by Hartman

Not only has she not been thanked but unceremoniously dumped from any credentials for intellectual property, although her inventions have contributed trillions of dollars to the economy and are used by the privileged and the powerful of the country . ” Truth is a casualty . What matters are the rich and famous and the millions of experts that have emerged as a result of my ideas of using cyberspace as medium in which to transactions [ That comprises the Internet ! ] ” I am still hoping that the matter regarding my intellectual property will still be heard in a Court of Law reviewing evidence and witness testimony . Perhaps the case may even be revisited and heard by the Supreme Court in some aspects as there are considerable violations of my intellectual property rights .”

The Black Lives Matter campaign has made more people aware of the intense oppression and abusive treatment still shown to people of color in a routine pattern of institutionalized racism across the country .Poll Shows More Awareness of the Plight of African Americans. Ferguson Missouri and injustice should not mark the status of black lives in America . We are 400 years post slavery ! It is time to get over it !!!!