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A mobile and digital world . From bicycles to space rockets , The Internet has been instrumental in moving innovation forward.Do we know the full story ?   Read a side to its history that Telecom does not want you to know about . A black woman claims that her contributions are responsible for the success of the modern day Internet . The inventor Dorothy M. Hartman alleges that her civil and constitutional rights are being abused having been given permission under the Obama Administration . Find out more through this Blog.[ History of Digital World ]



Welcome to Telecommunication’s greatest secret , the involvement of an African – American woman in the changes to the Internet in 1990 which led to the successful Internet of today – even as it continues to expand . Some consider the Internet the greatest invention of the 20th Century. Today’s successful Internet is the result of this inventor’s intellectual contributions . This information is being deliberately suppressed , alleges the Inventor [ History of The Digital World Digimon ]

Read more in this blog and Patent Application 11/003123 , the Accessing Accessibility Process at the USPTO.gov website .