The Government Technology Advancement- not by itself


If you sold $500 phones and $1500 computers to billions of people , you would be a billionaire as well

Dorothy Hartman , inventor alleges that trillion dollar tech industry has resulted because of 1990 changes in the Internet

The African-American Inventor alleges that Creativity made the difference in the creation of the Internet

Technology did not do this all by itself and neither did the Federal Government says Hartman . It is said that Al Gore did not invent the Internet , but nothing is ever said about who did . “There are a number of inventors , technicians , and players involved in the Internet according to its written history. However it is a huge structure now transcending nations as this government gave away stolen intellectual property rights “, alleges Inventor Hartman .

If you had the ability to sell your technological gadgets , internet service provider , and commerce to billions of people online – you could become a billionaire too . The ideas of the original Internetting projects or Internet which stemmed from Darpa , Robert kahn and Vinton Cerf pioneers in the field – are those names associated with technology advancement and rightfully so . Thousands of technology companies keep the modern day Internet which is different from that of the earlier founders running but the inventive ideas of the modern day Internet come from the inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman who is an African-American woman whose civil and constitutional rights have been sacrificed for the glorification of others . The huge success and the trillion dollar enterprises that result from it began because the federal government under the auspices of the National Science Foundation used her ideas to resurrect what was left of the old Arpanet parked as the NSFnet .Before changes in Telecom caused by the reduction of her ideas to practice alleges the inventor – Computers were being sold from garages.

The modern day Internet did not suddenly appear out of nowhere and it was not a natural extension or evolution of the original “Internetting Projects” under the Arpanet created by Darpa in 1969 . The present day Internet is a result of changes made to the prior telecom structures retired and parked with the government under the National Science Foundation as the NSFnet .Hartman developed her concepts and typed them on a 1989 Mac Computer similar to the one in the photographs .The Internet based on the Arpanet could not accomodate billions of people . The Inventor Hartman’s ideas account for the modern day Internet’s capability of servicing huge numbers of users

1987 Internet based on the Arpanet
1987 Mobile Phone Blogspot

Hartman developed her concepts and typed them on a 1989 Mac Computer similar to the one in the photographs .The Internet based on the Arpanet could not accomodate billions of people . The Inventor Hartman’s ideas account for the modern day Internet’s capability of servicing huge numbers of users

1989 Apple Computer

Dorothy M. Hartman , retired Science Teacher and founder of ABFY SELLERS GROUP INC. alleges that her ideas on how to improve Telecommunications were used by the National Science Foundation to Commercialize or set up the residual telecom structures for privitization . This enabled the access of telecommunications for use by businesses and ordinary consumers to transact exchanges of information and services across cyberspace . Hartman’s ideas of using cyberspace which has been inherent in computers since their invention in 1967 as a warehouse or virtual marketplace for exchange is what revolutionized Telecommunications in the 1990’s leading to what was first called the Information Superhighway and later morphing into a seamless Internet structure which can be accessed all over the world and outside of it limited only by the need for the necessary equipment . Hartman’s ideas were truly novel and revolutionary but this woman’s invention and legacy have been taken over by the Federal Government and given over to corporations and public use without declaration of Eminent Domain with no compensation or acknowledgment to her . Intellectual property is the same as any other kind and when it is stolen , there should be an accounting under Due Process of Law .

Hartman says because of her race , gender , and handicap the trifecta of discrimination she has been overlooked and mistreated . It is a blatant injustice that needs to be corrected . “This is about more than money”, says Hartman . “This is about being treated as a human being , a born and raised citizen of this country and supposed equal access to the law strengthened by Title 42 of the 1966 Civil Rights Act. This is about human dignity and justice . I am not a slave and my name and reputation should not be sullied for speaking up about my rights . These things are blatantly wrong and unjust ”

The Government and Tech ” Did Not Do It All By Itself” . The Internet thrives today in all of its forms – no matter what you think of it as not all forms are good .The Internet itself has already produced more innovations and inventors than any other invention in history . Whether it is government surveillance , the success of Ecommerce , or the success of technology – it all began with the ideas of improving and expanding telecommunications by a humble woman who is still being robbed of stolen intellectual property and lack of recognition for her contributions . See the entire Accessing Accessibility Process , Patent Application No. 11003123 at the website . The Internet today is so great that this map which was computer generated by PEER 1 is used to show the millions ( now billions of websites that exist ). So many that the map was generated by a computer . Hartman’s ideas of using cyberspace as an alternate marketplace or virtual space for transactions of goods , services , and data on the Internet produced the expansion and the capability of the Internet to absorb billions of consumers at one time . Technological gadgets and protocol simply make it accessible . They did not invent the process .


Billions of websites available because of Hartman’s ideas and contributions to the transformation of the Internet in 1990