African American Inventor Claims Home Illegally Confiscated

As retaliation for her having won in a lawsuit against Dennis Milstein , John D’Angelo ,Greenwich Walk Homeowners et al , where the charges had been initially  FRAUD and DISCRIMINATION and afterwards participating in a survey with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Committee on Race and Gender Bias in the Justice System because she says that the Court dismissed the subpoena for the material witness for Violations of the Fair Trade Policy Act to appear in court , the case was decided on a minor charge of Negligence . Hartman alleges that she became the victim of a witch hunt and ‘lynch mob’ . When she admitted during a deposition that through her proposals for a home based business Talk Shoppe Inc. that her contributions were instrumental in the invention of the modern day Internet – she says the abuse escalated – especially after Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder refused to investigate her charges of fraud in the Patent Office . Credit and opportunity regarding her intellectual property was given to others under the Obama Administration . “Just as he abdicated the country’s treasury to the banks , he abdicated my intellectual property to corporations and those already in the industry without so much as an honorable mention of me .  Not only was I not given funding for my startup but no opportunity to participate . My name and participation completely eliminated . This in spite of the fact that no Internet existed at the time – as the previous telecom network ,Internet , or Internetting Projects as they were called had been retired or ended by 1989 . My writings to government about using what I entitled The Accessing Accessibility Method is what brought the Internet back and successfully – as my concepts work. ” For this my name and reputation has been smeared and countless abuses carried out under the radar using lawlessness or blatant violations for the rule of law .

African American Inventor and founder of ABFY Sellers Group , Dorothy M. Hartman alleges home is now being illegally confiscated . The Inventor who claims to have invented the modern day Internet alleges that a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure carried out by municipal corruption involving racist realtors with ties to the Courts in Philadelphia are illegally confiscating her home after trashing it and that the court cases are unjust . She alleges that she was placed in this position by the misappropriation of her intellectual property by the federal government and persecuted for standing up for her rights . Court actions based on fraud , defamation , and the intentional preventing her from hiring professional attorneys using deliberately perjured information .
Home illegally confiscated

Her home which had been appraised at $375,000 was trashed and then illegally confiscated with false documents and in a kangaroo court of wrong jurisdiction . She has asked for investigations of the events , even to the new Attorney General of the state but thus far none have been done .

After filing lawsuits against a realtor and high powered government officials in Philadelphia she was targeted for slandering , harassment, and bullying . Following that her home and automobiles were vandalized. She sued a Realtor , Secretary of the Philadelphia Civil Service Commission and an attorney , and Captain of a Police District for Violation of Fair Trade Practices and Racial Discrimination in their capacity as members of a condominium association board .  Earlier she had  purchased a condominium in the highly competitive real estate area – the home near Independence Hall and tourist sections of Philadelphia where she alleges that she had been subjected to racial epithets and fraud . There was active gentrification to remove many black owners who had owned their homes for years.

After being unable to resolve issues and the ongoing neglect and refusal of the board to maintain and upkeep her apartment unit – she filed suit . Inventor tries to defend property rights in Court 

These people were the board of directors for the condominium association where she purchased a condominium . She says that the board members were dismissed from any serious charges by lenient judge(s) ruling on nepotism and prejudice – one of whom addressed the Secretary and apologized to him his having to come to court . The jury was instructed to drop the more serious charges of fraud and discrimination but it ruled unanimously to award her the verdict in her favor on a minor charge of Negligence . Although she sold the condominium and purchased her present home -she has been continuously harassed , her home and automobiles vandalized with the authorities failing to act against those involved . In retaliation for her lawsuits against the VIP’s in Philadelphia government and her participation with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Committee 2005 Report on Racial and Gender Bias –  The bullying and harassment have been extreme because after admitting in a deposition in 1997 that she had been involved in the invention of the modern day Internet – she has been especially ridiculed and her reputation slandered in an effort to discredit her . The Inventor alleges that her claims are valid because her ideas were used by the National Science Foundation in 1990 to transform the Internet that has only existed since the early 1990’s .

She was asked to participate in the Committee’s Report by a black , female judge to provide her experiences within the court which ran from interruption of due process to the judge ignoring a subpoena of a witness to come to court and she provided that information for the 1999 report . She alleges that because of the highly racist environment and deep resentment of her academic achievements in spite of setbacks – that she has been subjected to unjust court rulings .  Read More here at Injustice to the Black Inventor .

Pennsylvania has been the subject of several justice scandals including Mumia Abu- Jamal whom some consider a political prisoner , the bombing of MOVE a commune of African-Americans in Philadelphia the only known bombing of its own citizens within a city , Kathleen Cane who released racist and pornographic emails circulated among prosecutors and Supreme Court Justices , and until recently after a few thousand were released known as the state with the highest number of Black incarcerations. Public education has not had an approved budget for two years in a row and some students , Blacks reportedly have no schools that they can attend. Although the Mortgage Foreclosure was filed in State Court , the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia – the Inventor asked that the matter be heard in Federal Court because of the violations to her civil and constitutional rights .
She filed the case in Federal Court because she alleges that it was all a “set up” to retaliate against her based on complaints she filed with Federal Agencies against both the Bank of America and the City of Philadelphia which she alleges set out to ruin her . The case has a long and documented history which is on file with the Comptroller of the Currency – yet the federal judge , Paul S. Diamond chose to ignore the Inventor’s complaints about the violation of her civil and constitutional rights and remanded the case back to State Court where the foreclosure was then forced through .
” The Bank of America sold off the loan to the Bank of New York Mellon which instituted a so called In Rem action which is really a cloaked In Personam action “, alleges Hartman . “The mortgage forced through in the wrong court of jurisdiction . There were federal questions and therefore the case should have been held in federal court with a jury trial which is what I requested.  I rue the day that I ever shared money-making inventive ideas with people who uphold tenets of ‘Institutionalized Racism’. All I have done is teach and try to help people and I am treated as the scapegoat for their crimes . Civil and Constitutional laws need to be enforced to correct injustice to blacks . My home confiscated fraudulently in retaliation for me trying to defend both my real estate and intellectual property rights.”

The Inventor filed in federal court because of the violations to both her civil and constitutional rights . The federal judge on the case failed to take into account evidence that the Inventor’s civil and constitutional rights are and have been violated . The Inventor alleges that he improperly remanded the case back to State Court and that she has been placed in a position of having to fight portions of the same case in both courts while the federal judge has dismissed all charges against the perpetrators . The inventor has appealed the case in both courts , as it is in State Court that the bank has been allowed to seize her property because evidence is being either ignored and/or withheld in both courts that the case belongs under the jurisdiction of the federal court . The inventor has appealed in both courts and she avows that she deserves her day in court . The State Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court both refused to review the case. The Federal Judge on the case Paul S. Diamond is trending in the news because of his rulings on other cases
Judge Rejects Immigration Case

Totally outraged by what the Inventor alleges is further abomination and lawlessness in taking property that belongs to her under the guise of law but blacked out in the media to hide the overwhelming abuses , the inventor has filed a complaint with the state’s new Attorney General.