More to Life Than Skin Color

There’s more to life than skin color – the Inventor speaks out .

UNITY is necessary but cannot and should not be acquired at the expense of segregating ourselves from each other or from others .

Just because I do not support hypocrisy and appeasement does not mean that I am not ” Black”, obviously .

Although the Internet as created and conceived by this Inventor as this form of the Internet has only existed since 1990 has produced more businesses ,jobs ,titles , and other inventions than any other invention in history .12 None of these things were possible before the advent of Internet 2 built in 1990 as a result of the introduction of my ideas on Commercializing Telecom This President in addition to all of his other giveaways to Wall Street and the corporate world did not think this ‘Black’ worthy of what is hers by right and that is to be treated as a human being and respected in a manner consistent with established property law .

Because of Skin Color as a result I have had to stand on the front lines of the battles against racism and sexism and be persecuted for it – the give away of valuable intellectual property and credit to others without giving the inventor the opportunity to compete. The illegal confiscation of my home being aided by a federal judge -the latest abusive insult ! Whereas it is exceedingly important to stop the epidemic of injury or death to Blacks by law enforcement and the assault on public education , the school to prison pipeline and other indignities suffered by Black people – keep in mind that African-American are not in this fight alone .

There are other people who are with us and have been from the time of the Abolishionists and John Brown’s Raid. Do not let skin color make a fool out of you and some of us really need to learn how to agree while we disagree.Others March With Us

It is time to move beyond . Time to ‘walk the walk’ not just ‘talk the talk’ and fiery speeches . It is time to put legislation on the books that will remove the archaic laws still keeping African-Americans as 3rd class citizens and holding back the advancement of colored peoples in general.

“Keeping my websites offline , trashing and setting up a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure on my home will not change the truth . I am the inventor that brought the Internet to life and made it successful . Now the arrogant and the oppressive having been given license to do so by the U.S. Patent Office and the Obama administration assuming default ownership of my intellectual property have tried to set me up as a pariah by suppressing the truth and trying to discredit me .

I have had to listen to that criticism of not being ‘black enough’ and sexism being an African-American woman who has been in a field dominated by men and other ethnic groups for a long time and that field is Science . More so , since I went public about my claims to the Internet – the most prolific invention of the 20th Century. Only doing so after becoming a target of abuse for intentional discrimination and the take away of my property without compensation . I worked hard to achieve everything that I have and of course 3 or more times as hard , being disadvantaged . This criticism even comes from some within my own community because I believe in ‘living your dreams and goals to the best of your ability instead of talking about them’. African- Americans are not monoliths but we all share the experience of being treated as 2nd class citizens . It is all absolutely foolish as I am the one suffering the loss of my home and other indignities for even speaking out about my property rights both real estate and intellectual .

What greater platform does a man have than being President of the United States to do something to help the plight of Blacks in this nation ? For 7 years of his presidency President Obama did nothing affirmatively or directly to address the plight of African-Americans in a nation that has held them as underclass citizens for over 400 years . Only upon the efforts of young people in the Black Lives Matter movement and the epidemic of killings of primarily young men of color has he been prompted to respond .

Although African- American and economically disadvantaged I directly asked for his or his Attorney General’s investigation into what I allege were fraudulent dealings regarding my patent application for Accessing Accessibility – his imposition instead was on the side of corporations . Apparently enlisting Senators Leahy and Smith to write and rush through Patent Law legislation that would prevent patentability of my invention . The changes were not effective since I was First to Invent and First to File , so the Office hung its decision to deny based on “indefiniteness” 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1which I allege is a red herring and legally flawed .

It should never had been necessary for me to apply for a patent as being only a human being I never had any intention of ruling over the Internet . It was always my conception and contribution that telecom be open to businesses and ordinary consumers . However since the government has helped itself to my intellectual property for its benefit and essentially the benefit of the entire world – the very least it should have done was acknowledge me for my contributions and award me appropriately . Or even had given me funding to start my own telecommunications company as well which is why I went to them with the idea in the first place .Submission of Ideas to Government

To the contrary President Obama worked behind the scenes of the ” free-and-open Internet ” and ” net-neutrality” debate to insure that the big corporations held onto their rights to telecom , ecommerce , and Information technology . These fields and the tremendous economic expansion that arose from them after 1990 can all be traced to the ideas which I shared with the federal government regarding what a significant impact commercializing telecom would have on the economy . Those ideas submitted in writing under the title ” The Feasibility of Accessing Accessibility ” ushered in the use of Cyberspace by the technology industry and has changed the way the entire world interacts and does business . The Internet is now all over the world and has brought trillions of dollars into the United States economy and provides this administration with some of its most used tools surveilance and monitoring . That is why the Internet appeared after 1990 and has expanded into every sphere of the planet . Multimedia now possible . collage

Yet this President when I went to him about how my intellectual property rights – did absolutely nothing to help me , but worked in favor of corporations . A patent application should never have been necessary on my part . However it became necessary for me to file legally for my rights and that has brought a slew of court cases including the most recent which I allegeInventor’s Home Vandalized and Seized is the illegal taking of my house to continue to persecute the ‘nigra’ and ‘keep her in her place ‘. All of this in written history to the U.S. Attorney General office regarding the discrimination and abuses that I have had to endure while corporations have been allowed free rein producing millionaires and billionaires some of it through the use of my intellectual property . I am not the smartest , greatest , and best of anything or anybody . I just want to be appreciated for who I am and what I achieved. I do understand that I am by no means by myself. There have been many African-American inventors that have gone unrecognized and no doubt uncompensated /

The 18 million dollars that he recently set aside for initiatives for African-American girls is a nice gesture – but a band aid to what could have and should have been done . He has continued to disregard damages to the black inventor whose seemingly insignificant contribution is the reason why the Internet is in existence today . The reasons being my skin color , disability status and that millions of dollars are owed to me in compensation. To allow the kind of outright assault on my fourteenth and other constitutional rights with no response from the federal government of any credit to me has outraged me . The number “13” should stand for the violation of the 13th Amendment that supposedly ended slavery because that is the way that I have been treated in reference to all of my property both intellectual and real property – while this leadership has allowed it .

Image/ History Repeats
History Repeats

There is good in the Obama administration . For the first time , a Black even though of mixed race was elected as president . President Obama has not embarrassed himself as leader of the country . He has demonstrated to the entire world that Blacks are as capable as any other race of national leadership and participating on the world stage . As black people we knew that already as we are not an aberration of humanity , simply another race of human beings but still , Homo Sapiens .

However it is time for a real change in leadership in the country – one that President Obama promised in his campaign speeches but never brought . No doubt an obstinate Congress intent on stonewalling and blocking him from some of his goals played a significant role . However while putting forth a populous message , he has given overwhelming support to Wall Street and Corporate Interests.Corporate Elitism

What is still needed is real change that will break with 30 years of bad policies and politics that are taking the country in the wrong direction . A change that will be affirmative to the rights of the country’s citizens while being cognizant and actively involved in understanding that civil rights laws and constitutional laws some already on the books need to be enforced for African-Americans so as to ‘level the playing field.’ For the past 30 or more years the country has gone backwards on the subject of race aided by changes to laws regarding the establishment of prisons as an industry and eliminating social safety nets like ‘Welfare’ which kept the homeless and mentally ill off the streets .

It is time to look ahead towards leadership that is not necessarily bleeding liberal but realistic and pragmatic in understanding that the welfare of the entire country is good for all of its people .