Strange World , The Internet

The changes wrought to the Internet which have changed the way the world interacts were created by ideas shared with the Federal government by a black female inventor

There are no references of her anywhere in the history of the Internet

Black female inventor says that being omitted from Internet History has been devastating to her

” Sometimes the best intentions go awry . I understood the scope of the Internet but never imagined the extent to which it would be used . Obviously the Internet is good for some things , but should not be used for all things . In my writings to the Federal Government – I was thinking more along the lines of better commerce with businesses and consumers interacting more expediently ; increased educational opportunities through more information and services being available ; improvements to the world aided by knowledge and communications . Not that I ever anticipated all of the many uses of the Internet including negative applications – looking back I may have kept my thoughts to myself . Primarily I was looking at the business and commerce side and wanted to get in myself as an entrepreneur . However I never got the opportunity because from the time that my ideas regarding the commercialization of telecommunications were applied – the success of the Internet took off and has never looked back ” . Inventor’s 1990 Proposal to Federal Government The Inventor insists that her input made the difference between an Internet ( ARPANET based ) that had been retired and was practically finished to an Internet that was transformed and revitalized . The National Science Foundation which was in charge of the old Internet parked as the NSFNET employed Merit Networks in 1990 to commercialize the existing network(s) . Out of that came what was first called the Information Superhighway and morphed into the INTERNET – known today by only one word . A great invention from a person of humble background but interested in inventions to improve life’s conditions . Above Inventor is age 46 , a few years before inventing improvements to the Internet . Her first invention , a Safety Shield for Ranges in 1977 .

Yet ,nowhere in acknowledged Internet History is Dorothy Hartman’s name ever mentioned . Below are some documents from Wikipedia edited in 2005 discussing Internet History . Hartman had filed for a patent application in 2004 after exhausting other means of asking the government to acknowledge her contributions . Consequently there was a barrage of activity and filings by different ones regarding the origin(s) and evolution of the Internet , the sources known perhaps to the editors – but nowhere mentioned are there any notes of contributions from an African-American woman . The documents

Talk Shoppe Inc. was the first information retrieval company
Description of Business



showdistinctive change in the Internet once COMMERCE was introduced and that this occurred in the early 1990’s . Hartman alleges that this change was initiated by the National Science Foundation upon its receipt of her proposals through several SBIR ( Small Business Innovation Research ) programs but she was never credited . Further , not only did the structure of the Internet change to what it is now which is an expansive evolving structure but the fields of Technology and Ecommerce grew upon its transformation .

Inventor , age 9

Inventor 5 years before invention of the Internet teaching at Temple University BioMedical Sciences Program. Above she is with classmates , age 16 at the Benjamin Franklin Institute in a tableu about Greek myths , ‘The Minotaur’.

“Now the low level trolls on the Internet – not all but some like web hosts , search engines , and security companies try to keep me from making a living on the Internet by sabotaging my websites to prevent visitors. As though the Internet is not big enough to accommodate us all . The irony of it allBeware Bad Web Hosts is that the Internet has provided more jobs , opportunities , and titles than any other Invention in modern history . Yet these people who have jobs because of my intellectual creativity – not the altruism of the federal government or billionaires made rich by the success of telecom – would deny me a living !

The world is strange and the Internet even stranger . To be discriminated against is horrible enough but to be disrespected when you know that the Internet exists as much for your intellectual creation of it as by technicians making its access possible through their gadgets and codes is humiliating and degrading . I blame a society which continously practices institutionalized racism and a weak administration that has not protected the civil rights of small inventors like myself . When I asked the Obama administration and his Attorney General to investigate the fraud in the Patent Office regarding my patent application – he did not . But rather he backed the corporations .

A patent application should never have been necessary . I only asked for recognition and compensation for my contributions . I am still seeking that and justice for the damages to my life based on racism , discrimination , and the oppression of people of color . NOWHERE WILL YOU FIND THE EXISTENCE OF THE MODERN DAY INTERNET , ITS PHYSICAL PRESENCE OR EVEN DISCUSSION ABOUT IT BEFORE 1990 AND MY WRITINGS TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ON HOW TO IMPROVE THE TELECOM NETWORKS WHICH HAD ESSENTIALLY FAILED.”