Black Internet Inventor Rights Suppressed

In addition to the intentional discrimination imposed by the federal government under the FCC in reference to her intellectual property , the Internet – Inventor is suffering abuse in her personal life because of the effects of having her property rights violated, based on what she alleges are lies and defamation in retaliation about her speaking up about her property rights both real estate and intellectual property .

Inventor’s home taken in what she alleges is an illegal mortgage foreclosure where fraud and perjury is used to take her home and create a $331,999.95 judgment against her for doing absolutely nothing wrong that she should lose her home

What kind of justice system allows the perpetrators to harass , destroy the inventor’s property cars and home , and using some deliberately pumped up mortgage violating all kinds of laws carry out an illegal mortgage foreclosure ?

A justice system based on skin color

Although mortgage foreclosure was predicated on perjury and fraud but was forced through a kangaroo trial in State Court – the inventor’s less than human stature ( and for those of you who feel differently this is facetious of course ) does not allow her to sue her perpetrators . This is the height of racist oppression in the justice system which are actions based upon retaliation for her standing up for her property rights . Drastic changes are needed in the justice system in the country regarding Blacks . Her contributions effect the lives of billions of people but in her own life she has been severely persecuted by violations of the rule of law .

A federal judge in Philadelphia allowed these damages without leaving the Inventor any form of relief . The Inventor had filed a case in Federal Court in Philadelphia against what she alleges are racists and thugs with friends in the government and the courts where she had spent thousands of dollars in legal fees for the past 4 years that the cases have been running . The inventor alleges that the judge whom she requested recuse himself had disqualified himself according to her understanding of the law . She admits that she is not lawyer , but she can read . According to what she has read , the judge has disqualified himself but was retained on the case by the 3rd circuit court of appeals in what she alleges is in ‘lock step with the politics’. “These legal proceedings have been characterized by fraud , perjury , and blatant lies with defense attorneys being able to do whatever they like . Blacks have no rights in this country “. The advances in civil rights through the Kennedys’ and Lyndon Baines Johnson are long since gone . “Some Courts are run like a cartel when it comes to the rights of black people” . Go to and read these cases for a real civics lesson on what black people are living with in this country when it comes to the so called justice system . Her home was on sale but racist realtors interfered in the sale preventing potential buyers from contacting her . The home was then vandalized and set up for fraudulent foreclosure .

So in addition to the $331,999.95 damages incurred on her , she has lost all the money that she put into the case and had a good chance of winning because the evidence and potential witnesses favored her . Now all is lost because the perpetrators have all been dismissed from any accountability – just around the time that the 21 days were up for the banks to respond to the federal summons regarding the part they played in the fraudulent mortgage foreclosure . The judge , Paul Diamond dismissed her case in federal court against the banks , fraud , discrimination , and vandalism carried out by employees of city agencies and their friends . He did not hold an evidentiary hearing o review the evidence for a federal case and according to my understanding of the law he improperly remanded the case back to the wrong court of jurisdiction, the state court . Having been prevented from hiring a professional attorney because of defamatory reports having been published by activist judges retaliating against her for filing lawsuits against Milstein et al -it does not matter what I said as a pro se plaintiff . My motions were all denied . You may read the cases in Pacer .gov .

“In other words they can ruin me , but I cannot sue them , says Hartman.” I had filed in federal court and when it was time for the banks to answer in my lawsuit for their outrageous behavior , the judge writes a 16- page order dismisses all perpetrators from all charges and closing the case. See both cases the , State Court case Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Dorothy Hartman or use the Case No. 120202759 . The case is listed under several different headings . The Case which was closed by the Federal Judge is Case No. 13-1909 , Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon , City of Philadelphia et al . You will have to read her motions to get any intelligence or sense of what is going on in the case .

As it turns out , the home was illegally confiscated by defamatory records that had been set up by Officers of Pennsylvania Courts in retaliation for her lawsuits alleging discrimination and fraud against Philadelphia VIPs and her participation with the Supreme Court Committee Report on Racial and Gender Bias on how her rights to Due Process had been violated at trial . Pennsylvania has the highest incarceration of blacks than all of the states in the nation . Further the reports of its own research in the justice system finds that racism is prevalent in its courts . Also she alleges oppression because of her allegations that she is the inventor of today’s modern day Internet . and

Although the Inventor was proceeding Pro Se . She alleges that was not the problem . The point was for her not to win – the prejudice was in favor of the perpetrators. So when it was time for the banks to answer the summons to court – the Judge stopped the entire case preventing any further evidence from coming in . She is not sure how the judge shutting down the case in federal court will affect her appeal in state court as she is appealing the matter regarding her house . She is also considering appealing the federal court decision as she alleges that the decision is affected by fraud . The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s own Committee Report shows that racism is very much a part of the justice system in Pennsylvania . Her advice , when voting for judges , do your homework . She complains that the injustice imposed upon her by the National Science Foundation and USPTO under the federal government handling of her intellectual property has had far reaching and devastatingly oppressive effects on her life .