Original Internet Retired In 1989

Inventor’s rights are being suppressed because of the huge success of Internet 2

Internet 1 was retired in 1989

The original Internet started in 1969 and developed using a series of smaller “nets” or “internetting projects” used the Arpanet as a backbone and had a different structure from the modern day Internet . That Internet was not capable of carrying the billions of websites or traffic that the modern day Internet can accomodate. What insiders refer to as Internet 1 , which was based on a backbone structure called the Arpanet was retired by the late 1980’s . ” Although it was my ideas that breathed life into a failed telecommunications network  producing  Internet 2 , my Intellectual Property rights are still being ignored . Internet 2 although built by Merit Networks , IBM , and other technology agencies sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Commerce Department came about because of a marriage between technology and commerce . These ideas were produced and illustrated by my writings to the United States government in 1990 through 1993 and accomplished by using my process called  Accessing Accessibility  .

The inventor who alleges that she is most responsible for the success of today’s Internet says that she is still being unjustly treated . The ideas were stolen by the government because they were good ideas which in turn applied them to the entire telecom grid which at the time was parked as the NSFNET. Meanwhile the government eliminated me entirely from the process – failing even to grant me the $25,000 to $35,000 – ‘peanuts’ to them to start my online business from home .

“The oppressors have taken my intellectual property and are now in the process of trying to destroy everything I worked for to persecute and retaliate me for standing up for my rights to be compensated for what has become an invaluable part of the country’s wealth and power. Because of the success of the Internet and the wealth and now greed that it has contributed too – my rights along with the rights of African- Americans and many others are being grossly violated .”

Learn more here Hartman’s 1990 Proposal to Federal Government through Small Business Innovation and Research Program Navigate back to website through Back Arrow .
Although Hartman did not file for a patent until later ( primarily because business ideas could not be patented before 1999 ) , patent application #11003123 , entitled Accessing Accessibility Process – she was the first to invent and first to file the process which transformed the prior telecom network into the successful Internet of today .

The fact that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the USPTO ruling to deny a patent to the Inventor for the Accessing Accessibility Process does not mean that she is not the owner and creator of the ideas – just that she would not receive the patent . Before 1990 , the history of the Internet involved the pioneering of the Internet and its building out by the tech community and government . The Inventor has never denied this

By the 1980’s the Internet consisted of a number of mini nets . Among them the bitnet , telenet , downet and others linked to their backbone the Arpanet . This Internet alleges Hartman was retired by 1990 and that with her ideas , the new Internet based on her ideas regarding Commercialization was formed . She alleges that the National Science Foundation under the auspices of the Department of Commerce used her ideas to commission and fund Merit Networks , IBM , and others to transform the prior “internetting” structure into the present day Internet . The remaining structures of the previous telecom networks based on the Arpanet had been parked by the National Science Foundation as the NSFnet. The NSFNET is what the National Science Foundation commissioned the Merit Networks to change :

National Science Foundation commissions Merit Network to Commercialize Internet

Arpanet Logical Map 1977

She has never said that she built the Internet . However it was her ideas that changed it , revitalized it , and made it the success that it is today . She alleges that although the government used her ideas , making them their ideas she was given one denial letter after another and dismissed from consideration .

She has not been credited but slandered and her intellectual property as well as other property including her home illegally confiscated from her . Read more at this blog and the sister blog The Raw Truth About Telecommunications about the depth of the injustice meted out to African-Americans who have contributed more to this country than what is realized .”Because I was not present in Washington , D.C. or Alexandria , Virginia when the federal government through these Small Business help programs took my intellectual property and awarded it to others does not mean that I do not exist . My ideas were there and now the Internet exists all over the world with capacity to exist outside of it because of my ideas . Like most inventors I meant my ideas to be used for Good , but there is always that other side that today seems to be more prevalent than ever. Over all I believe the communication and commerce factors leading to improvements in being able to solve world problems is helpful . The problem is the improvements have been hijacked by big money catering to the few or 1 % . Not just involving the Internet , there needs to be a fundamental change in this country regarding injustice to Blacks .