Internet of Things

How did the Internet get so huge , it now reaches all over the globe ?

“It was not the riches and genius of technology” , says Hartman although technology has gotten rich and more ingenious because of the trillions of dollars produced by sales on the Internet created by her imagination


No , it was the creativity of this African-American woman that was quickly snatched up by the National Science Foundation and credit given to the ones who had been instrumental in building the Internet from the beginning in 1969.

Beginnings of Internet in 1969 by Government Defense Department

The Inventor says , “Now that the Internet is becoming so pervasive as to become the Internet of ThingsWhat gratitude has been shown to me because of my contributions which made the economy rich and the country more powerful ? I am Treated like a worthless _igg_r with the ‘exceptional’ frauds , racists , and oppressors violating my civil and constitutional rights trying to render me penniless. There is something terribly wrong with the lack of justice here . There are other considerations as well . ”

It was the Hartman’s ideas to bring consumers like yourselves and businesses into the workings of the Internet . This what made it expansive and a success . But ‘Internet of Things ?’. Do you really want your phone in your living room , kitchen , bedroom , etc .? Think about it . That is a topic to be discussed later .”

How did the Internet go from its beginning to

Internet of 1987 based on the Arpanet

and now this , the image below a computer generation of millions of websites , the web which is the Internet across international borders comprises billions of websites

Billions of websites available because of Hartman’s ideas and contributions to the transformation of the Internet in 1990

How did we get to an Internet of Things ? Although Technology and ecommerce have continued to evolve , what happened between 1990 and now that made the difference in there being an Internet that is recognized all over the world even though there were telecom networks that existed from 1969 through 1989 ? There is unknown Internet History , Telecommunications History , and Information Technology History involving the contributions of a black inventor who is still fighting injustice regarding what she calls the giveaway of her intellectual property to credit and enrich others . Technology may have built it – not to take anything away from their importance and the government may have funded , but I invented it says Hartman and I deserve recognition , compensation , and an APOLOGY .

JUSTICE NOW ! It was because of the Obama Administration that I have been abused and my rights denied . Rule of Law dictates a different treatment . I hope that the Trump Administration will right the wrong . I ask that the administration investigate and consider the situation and recognize the importance of my contributions .