Where is Justice for Black People ?

Civil Justice System violates African- American rights as does Criminal Justice System

Ferguson Missouri occurs across the country ; police brutality is not the only problem?

Black Lives Really Do Matter

What of the Supreme Court Decision to roll back minority progress by allowing states to set up voter ID requirements ?

” All I have done is help other people and tried to help myself. Because my contributions have been valuable my thanks has been in being ripped off with the government at the head of the line and my life made miserable by greedy , oppressive people ” , says inventor . They are breaking laws to do it – yet have not been held accountable . Why must everything in this country be measured by race ? ”

Ferguson , Missouri is in the courts of Pennsylvania . Blacks are not just discriminated against when it comes to police brutality – the courts play a role in the continued injustice to which blacks in general are continuing to be exposed . My home which was my best asset was taken by perjured documents and fraud coming from the highest levels of the government and courts to separate me from property rights of any kind . This to void my citizenship rights to even be represented by counsel . I am appealing to the highest levels of the government – still hoping for accountability of criminality when it is practiced by those supposedly upholding and enforcing the law. I am hopeful that the best of this nation as indicated by the establishment of a Bill of Rights , United States Constitution , Abolition of Slavery , Civil Rights Law 1964 , World War II Victory , will override the present division .

The inventor whose name and reputation has already been sullied because she has spoken out in defense of intellectual property that she contributed to the betterment of the nation has thus far been demonized for daring to speak about it . Her property rights being sacrificed in order to make corrupt politicians deferring to the now wealth industry look good – without so much as a nod of recognition to her . Why ? Because of her skin color and a handicap . Unheard of when it comes to contributors of other ethnic groups with handicaps .Other Intellectual Contributors

Although it is clear that One of Hartman’s Proposals to the Federal Government on Improving Telecommunications Ms. Hartman did correspond with the Federal Government before the cutting edges of the technology , she was quickly dismissed with denial letters . Facts , documents , and the true history of events shows that her ideas were kept and subsequently used . She has never received her day in a court of law . Her contributions were lost in the excitement that debuted with the Information Superhighway wrongly attributed to Vice President Al Gore . After 25 years , the government which has grown powerful and the many corporations that have become rich because of the changes which her writings initiated in the telecommunications industry have the profits and the glory. she is no where mentioned in the history of the Internet .

Additionally while the row was going on about Net Neutrality and a Free and Open Internet which Hartman contends was a ruse to hide what was going on behind the scenes – the Supreme Court was denying the extraordinary Writs of Certiorari and Mandamus which she filed with the court in a Pro Se capacity .

The smoke and mirrors debate about the Internet she claims was a ruse to keep hidden from the public the government’s taking of her rights to the Internet by the rulings of the Supreme Court to uphold the Federal Circuit Ct of Appeals upholding to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to deny a patent Hartman Patent Application for Process Which led to Internet 2 to her for the modern day Internet or Internet 2.

Hartman says that she is still considering additional legal action regarding her intellectual property rights because there is still evidence including affidavits and witnesses that have not been heard or reviewed in a courtroom. ” An application for a patent should never have been necessary , the government should have given me the kudos which I deserved . That could have been in the form of the funding that I asked for to start my own online business or a commendation of some kind . Something other than completely dismissing and disrespecting me .”

Now to add insult to injury because apparently in this post slavery society which still practices institutionalized racism – no matter what anyone with black skin does – he or she is just another “N_gg_r.” . The inventor complains that thus far in federal court in Philadelphia she is being subjected to more injustice with banks taking her home on a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure . Regarding the mortgage payments on her home , she alleges that with a 705 credit rating and automatic deductions from her bank account for payment – that she was denied a loan refinance . There is much more to the case and for those of you with access to Pacer.gov you can follow the case(s) in Court . The Case numbers are Civil , No. 2:13-cv-01909 in District ( Federal court ) and No. 120202759 in Court of Common Pleas ( State court )She says ‘cases’ because there is more than one.

Why she is fighting the same case in two courts is something of which she has never heard . These types of abuses appear to be typical of what goes on in the Justice system when it comes to Justice for blacks . The law in the Courtroom appears to be ad hoc sort of made up as you go rather than practiced as traditional law . The inventor acting Pro Se filed to have the fraudulent foreclosure removed from state court to federal court because of what she alleged were violations of her civil and constitutional rights . Although she did try , it would practically be impossible for her to be able to hire the number of lawyers to represent her in legal cases that she has had to participate in to defend herself and her property . Beware when the government has grown powerful and made corporations rich with your intellectual property and ignores you because you are a woman and Black !!!

The inventor claims that the federal judge remanded the case back to state court without holding an evidentiary hearing and that both he and the state court judge have excluded from evidence thus far in these proceedings in excess of 70 documents which the inventor alleges support her contentions that these are matters for the federal court . ” My experience thus far with the justice system is that when it comes to the rights of black citizens in this country – it really does not matter what the law says . The first casualties are truth , facts, and evidence .

When will Justice see and the scales be balanced ? What about fraud and injustice in trials and other aspects of black life in America ? Ferguson , Missouri occur(s) everywhere and everyday in the lives of African-Americans in this country . Police Brutality is only the tip of the iceberg – injustice is too much a part of the justice system when it comes to Black people . The Inventor of the most prolific invention of the 20th Century , the Internet is supposed to be satisfied with anonymity and lack of payment for her contributions .

The lack of worth of Blacks as being accepted policy is being challenged by the ” Black Lives Matter “. There is so much to accomplish such as (a) the cessation of the taking of black lives by police brutality when they are supposed to serve and protect (b) to stop the school to prison pipeline for so many black youth (c) and the dismissive approach by the Courts to civil lawsuits like those that this inventor has been forced to undertake just by virtue of trying to defend her home and property from confiscation and theft by fraud . Instead of being able to enjoy the fruits of her labor and contributions to the world , she has instead been embattled with lawsuits to defend herself and her property.

Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 did a lot to try to address the disparate and unequal treatment suffered by blacks , Court action since then most prevalently the movement of the Supreme Court by allowing States to require voter ID registration has taken the voting rights act backwards . It also upheld the Federal Appeals Court Opinion to Affirm the United States Patent and Trademark Patent Office denial of a patent to the inventor for the Internet . The Inventor alleges that the Patent Office Decision was flawed by fraud . A copy of that Opinion is here .13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

The inventor’s home was vandalized in 2009 and she has been subjected to abuse and discrimination by high powered agencies who thus far have not been held accountable for their acts which include discrimination , vandalism, and conspiracy to defraud among other counts. She filed a Complaint about the matter(s) in federal court which include among other charges what she alleges is a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure to try and take her home. She says that she is being forced to litigate the same matter in both state and federal court – something she has previously never heard of – the same matter being tried in two courts . She expected that there would be a degree of difficulty as she is a minority . Further she is disabled and acting Pro Se . But the degree of bizarre rulings she alleges are unfathomable . She is still hoping to reach some level of litigation where the integrity of the law is practiced in spite of skin color . She is highly disappointed that although she has worked hard all of her life and has tried to help others as well as herself – in her later years she has come under intense attack by greed and institutionalized racism because of her achievements . My inventions make money and unfortunately I was dependent on the government for fairness as I had no money myself . Other inventions by Hartman can be found here Other Inventions by Hartman

Not only has she not been thanked but unceremoniously dumped from any credentials for intellectual property, although her inventions have contributed trillions of dollars to the economy and are used by the privileged and the powerful of the country . ” Truth is a casualty . What matters are the rich and famous and the millions of experts that have emerged as a result of my ideas of using cyberspace as medium in which to transactions [ That comprises the Internet ! ] ” I am still hoping that the matter regarding my intellectual property will still be heard in a Court of Law reviewing evidence and witness testimony . Perhaps the case may even be revisited and heard by the Supreme Court in some aspects as there are considerable violations of my intellectual property rights .”

The Black Lives Matter campaign has made more people aware of the intense oppression and abusive treatment still shown to people of color in a routine pattern of institutionalized racism across the country .Poll Shows More Awareness of the Plight of African Americans. Ferguson Missouri and injustice should not mark the status of black lives in America . We are 400 years post slavery ! It is time to get over it !!!!