Theft of Other Inventions

First introduced in 1998 as the Infant Swaddling Basket because it introduced the idea of placing newborn infants on a concave surface to prevent accidental rollovers resulting in suffocation which were believed to be one of the causes for deaths from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome led to another Hartman invention which became widely exploited .

What was built as a prototype and introduced to the industry in 2003 after being patented by the USPTO was named the Infant Basket for Side Sleeping Support and called ‘SNUG AND SECURE’ as an advertising tag . The Invention has since been widely adopted to promote sleeping on the back – but still used to prevent accidental roll over . The inventor has found it impossible to protect her inventions for a variety of reasons . However she complains that the USPTO has been the most obstructive leading to huge losses in her intellectual property . The Inventor has not had the opportunity to build her version of the basket which it and her concept of the infant/toddler auto safety seat is now all over the world built freely by manufacturers as she has been too impoverished to protect or manufacture her own intellectual property . Meanwhile she has been defrauded and exploited for which she blames the Obama administration for not protecting her rights – even though it was aware of the violations in the USPTO and aided the Commerce Department in defrauding her by actively engaging U.S. Senators to pass patent laws that would thwart or restrict her rights .  Why should you care about a black internet inventor ?  Hartman claims at one time- with the aid of the government – she and it could have helped prevent the economy from collapsingWhy You Should Care About An Afro-American Internet Inventor and Rightful Disposition of IP Property

The Infant Basket was created by Hartman to counteract the epidemic of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS which was a major problem before the introduction of the concave structure which was the inventive step. The invention was meant to simulate the natural curvature of the womb and to provide a snug and protective environment. The patent was not awarded by the USPTO until 2003 after Hartman was forced to hire a patent attorney who actually did have somewhat different specs than she had in the original application . This affect the design and also the degree of protection .The USPTO kept giving her a hard time about proceeding Pro Se . The concept of using the curved structure to cradle the infant has been widely adopted and manufactured by others throughout the industry. Though introduced by America Invents in 2003 who were supposedly promoting in her interest – the invention was reviewed by baby furniture manufacturers who simply adapted the padding in their carriers and bassinets to carry the feature .  Fire Retardant Landing Pad disappeared altogether . Application regarding Global Warming has been placed on illegal Hold and/or Abandonment in the Patent Office .

The Inventor did produce a prototype and again approached the National Science Foundation for funding to build it but was again denied . The fact that the government confiscated the intellectual property regarding the Internet which became wildly successful without compensating her financially has impacted every part of her life and her ability to process other inventions. With funding she could have hired a team and subcontractors to help or even with personnel started a proper business .  The oppressive moves set up by the violations of her rights by the Obama Administration in allowing fraud to prevail concerning the Internet have resulted in defamation , bankruptcy , the illegal take away of her home , and violation of her rights on the Internet by other Internet companies destroying and oppressing her websites . “All designed to render me penniless and without professional representation to fight back against the mountain of injustice and greed” , alleges Inventor.

However the government has shown itself to still be ‘confused’ when it comes to property rights , intellectual or other kind as most of Hartman’s ideas through the United States Patent and Trademark Office which is under the Department of Commerce have found their way from Hartman’s mind to major corporations . For all of her intellectual contributions which serve billions of people – she is left with fighting endless lawsuits stripping her of her pension and trying to keep from being thrown out of her house by a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure. Who is the criminal ? Who is unpatriotic ? Why is the Country headed in the wrong direction ? That should answer the questions . A black inventor cannot even trust the USPTO as everything seems to go towards the advancement of major corporations .  She is hoping for a change with the current administration .