Selma Alabama History 50 years Beyond

The Civil Rights Laws are on the books , they just are not being enforced as Selma Alabama history is recreated

As the 50th Year Anniversary of the March on Selma , Alabama history is being remembered with some dignitaries recreating Dr.Martin Luther King and his brave followers march on “Bloody Sunday” – progress has not been fast enough . The Internet 2 inventor suffers terrible injustice and because of her race is expected to be satisfied with intellectual rape and the awarding of credit for her invention which is considered by most to be the greatest invention of the 20th Century to those considered ‘exceptional’ and ‘superior’ because of their race , ethnic group or class status .

There are laws in the country that protect the rights of minorities but they are not being enforced – instead injustice and ad hoc rationales and excuses instead of justice inside of a courtroom are being practiced as another shooting of a black man occurs in Madison , Wisconsin apparently with impunity . The facts are not yet known but there appears to be an epidemic of injustice to blacks with no real accountability . Even as the symbolic march in Selma is being held in 2015 over the same bridge where many suffered injury on Bloody Sunday to have the right to vote , the Voting Rights act of 1965 is under siege after recent actions by the Supreme Court to undo some of the provisions of the 1965 Act enabling some states to disenfranchise Black voters from their rolls.

There are many to thank for the progress that has been made in the African- American transition from Slavery in the 18th century to 2nd and 3rd class citizenship in the 21st Century . Although there has been a great deal of advancement – things have not advanced enough. Yet too much oppression and discrimination still remain in the form of institutionalized racism. From the Selma Alabama History of the 1960’s to the Ferguson , Missouri of 2015 there are still miles to travel in making justice for black people an equal opportunity affair . Blacks are still too much cast in demeaning roles and stereotypes – their achievements and humanity deferred to others . African- American inventors although some are now being listed in history books but for the most part were not credited or compensated for their inventions .We Did it , they hid it

Although America has not yet reached the point where Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream has become a reality and Blacks are still for the most part not judged as much for the ‘content of their character’ as for the ‘color of their skin ‘ there has been considerable progress . That progress has been contributed to and participated in by many . Malcolm X who spoke ‘by any means necessary’ died for the struggle. Not only did courageous Blacks ordinary people including sanitation workers with Dr.King in Memphis sacrifice themselves to maltreatment and being jailed – but others from different walks of life involved themselves in the struggle for liberty . Andrew Goodman and Micky Schwerner who were of Jewish descent died right along with James Chaney another freedom fighter , but African American in Mississippi during the CORE Freedom Summer Project in 1964 .

William Lloyd Garrison a white printer through his newspaper the Liberator began the Abolitionist Movement against slavery . Frederick Douglas later joined this group. John Brown who led an armed rebellion against slavery was also a white man . The Founding Fathers of the U.S. Constitution were white men who saw fit to view enslaved blacks as human beings added the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and ratified it – later adding the 14th Amendment .

It was Robert Kennedy who sent the Feds into Alabama in reference to the terrible and inhumane treatment of the Blacks marching and protesting in the South . The move towards civil rights legislation was initiated with the Kennedys and later the voting act and other landmark legislation was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson following the assassination of Pres. John Kennedy .

Not to mention the lives lost during the Civil War – the Country has overcome and been though so much conflict in reference to RACE in this country . Yet in spite of the progress , there are those who would take the country back to the 18th century if they could . People of all classes , races , and walks of life have participated in the march and struggle for racial equality within this country .

Nowhere is that more obvious than in the recent protests from the past six months of people -so many of them millenials protesting the slayings of Michael Brown of Ferguson and Eric Garner of New York City in the “Black Lives Matter” and ” I can’t Breathe” protests . African Americans must be careful not to segregate themselves . There was so much jealousy and mayhem indoctrinated into the African psyche by slave masters separating ‘field workers’ and ‘house workers’ . Also separating them by skin hues and assigning castes as often the ‘light skins’ were of the house and presumed as better ( more often than not as a result of siring by the master ) were separate from the ‘dark skins’ . This divide and conquer strategy is still being used , but African Americans must not fall victim to it . They are not a monolithic people as they are as different as any other race in terms of personalities , experiences , skills and talents . Even their looks vary from blue-eyed and fair to very dark skin . There is however the shared and common experience(s) of institutionalized racism, prejudice and oppression .

The inventor who alleges that she invented the Internet 2 did not achieve all by herself . Most she attributes to the Almighty working through supportive people , hard work and scholarship leading to a good education. “Although I am grateful for the contributions of our Black leaders like the marchers to Selma Alabama history – we must not just rely on marches and fiery speeches . We must be ever vigilant and look to the government to uphold and reinforce laws that protect minority rights ” , says the Inventor . She spent most of her employment career teaching Science . She tries to give back through her skills and to lead by example .