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12-17-2014 12;00;16PMPresident Obama has stated that converting the Internet into a Public Utility would be an answer to Net Neutrality and keeping an open and free Internet . Some are endorsing this plan which is not popular with cable companies . The following excerpt is taken from THE FREEMAN article written OCTOBER 03, 2012 by STEVE FRITZINGER and mentions some of the history of the Internet :

In his now-famous “You didn’t build that” speech, President Obama said, “The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”…… Obama’s claim is in line with the standard history of the Internet. That story goes something like this: In the 1960s the Department of Defense was worried about being able to communicate after a nuclear attack. So it directed the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) to design a network that would operate even if part of it was destroyed by an atomic blast. ARPA’s research led to the creation of the ARPANET in 1969. ………………………For civilian agencies and universities, NSFNET, operated by the National Science Foundation, replaced ARPANET in 1985. ARPANET was finally shut down in February 1990. NSFNET continued to operate until 1995, during which time it grew into an important backbone for the emerging Internet ….

The CEO of ABFY SELLERS GROUP who alleges that she is the true inventor of today’s Internet emphatically states that true Internet history is not known and that the FCC and President Obama are leaving her out . What is Internet Neutrality ? The Inventor’s contributions to the development of the Internet 2 are still being suppressed by the federal government which has awarded itself complete control of the Internet since its inception by ARPA in 1969 . However the Internet now visible and in use by billions did not become publicly known until around 1995 after the previous telecom network initially instituted by ARPA had phased out and a new structure was in place . That structure is commonly referred to as Internet 2 as the telecom structure based on the Arpanet model is referred to as Internet 1 .

Internet 2 exists because of the innovative concepts of an Inventor whose name has not been made a part of Internet history because she alleges that the government stole her ideas to successfully transform telecom structure into what we now refer to as the “Internet”. She alleges that credit was given to the National Science Foundation and to those already in the tech community which was commissioned by the NSF to implement the changes . Internet neutrality was built into the structure from the beginning as the Inventor presented proposals that for the first time gave ordinary consumers access to the Internet . This is the Internet 2 of today which serves billions of people . Internet 2 is drastically different from Internet 1 which was based on the Arpanet and phased out in 1990 . Her ideas were meant to help others as well as herself but she has not benefited it in the least . “That is what happens when you are black and have invented one of the world’s greatest inventions .” She continues to fight in Court because this is a huge injustice .

She alleges that it is the powerful and the greedy who have completely taken over completely because the invention turned out to be what she had predicted to the government and then some . Unfortunately power has steered the control to the oligarchs who now are trying to squeeze the small users out – just as she has been squeezed out of the entire process . Go to Public Pair on the USPTO.gov website and enter the application number .The modern day Internet is her invention . You can acquaint yourself with Hartman’s Patent Application , Number 11003123 here


CEO and Inventor Dorothy M. Hartman conceived the ideas of using cyberspace which is latent in computers as an alternate marketplace shared among computer user networks and predicted that this application would revolutionize commerce and the industry. It has making the technology and ecommerce community millionaires and billionaires , but the inventor of the process goes without credit or compensation . The networks described in the FREEMAN article ended with the ARPANET which shut down by 1990 and was parked in a holding structure called the NSFNET . The prior networks had become defunct and were not profitable . The Inventor’s proposals submitted to the federal government in March 1990 demonstrated ways in which the telecom network(s) could be transformed making it both profitable and self-sustaining . She alleges that her ideas were used by the NSF to create Internet 2 . She is owed credit and compensation .

Net Neutrality can hardly be considered without knowing the status of the rights of the inventor . If the government assigns the entity for the public good as a utility – then according to the Constitution – Eminent Domain should be declared and the owner appropriately compensated . ” This is precisely why the Patent Office has been allowed thus far to violate my constitutional rights.” says the inventor . However it is not my fault that the government has not compensated me for 25 years while the Internet has expanded . That is exactly what it was designed to do with the ideas of my proposals reduced to practice . Now that it is an overwhelming success , I am supposed to suffer for that . This is the ugliness of institutionalized racism .”

Her contributions are of monumental importance because they made the difference between an Internet(1) that had essentially ended and the vibrant and expansive Internet(2) that exists today . More than any other person in the history today her intellectual property was the most crucial – because it made the difference between having an Internet and not having one . No one else has come forth to make that claim or to dispute it . Yet the Inventor’s rights have not been considered in any government decision be it by President Obama or Chairman Wheeler of the FCC when considering Net Neutrality .

This method, the Accessing Accessibility Process and the benefits as described by Hartman that would be derived from its application were used by the National Science Foundation which had the remnants of the Arpanet parked in its charge under the NSFNET. The National Science Foundation applied Hartman’s template to restructuring the NSFNET – producing what was first nicknamed by Vice President Al Gore as the “Information Superhighway”. The Information Superhighway morphed into today’s Internet which has expanded all over the world – creating the WorldWide Web which continues to evolve . It was the vision of this Inventor which created the Internet and the government is aware of her contributions but thus far has not acknowledged or credited her . She has placed her case , docketed IN RE DOROTHY M. HARTMAN before the United States Supreme Court An appeal was filed on December 30 , 2014 to be reviewed in Court Conference on February 20 , 2015 .

Hartman alleges that her innovative ideas led to the Information Superhighway but she has not been included in the contributers to the worldwide web because her ideas have been primarily cerebral but they made the difference between an Internet and no Internet.There are contributors to the Internet whose names have been included in the history of the Internet and the WorldWide Web. Presently their names and comments have been spread profusely over Google and the Internet speaking out on Net Neutrality now that Chairman Wheeler of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to make a decision in the coming weeks regarding Net Neutrality . That decision may decide whether or not the Internet might be reclassified as a Public Utility in answer to the question regarding a free and open Internet . Many seem to be in favor, while cable companies are not . However no comments have been made by President Obama or FCC Chairman Wheeler about what rights an inventor may have since thus far – she has been completely ignored .