Beware Bad Webhosts ; SEO Plugins !

If your website is missing , could bad web hosts or bad seo plugins be the answer…

Shop carefully for hosting and web development…

You are wondering why in spite of your effort to improve the ranking of your website – you are not making progress !!!! You have spent time , money , and effort . Is it a matter of effort or dollars ? Maybe its both or neither .

There is another Troll on the Internet – truly bad Web Hosts and SEO Plugins that are really not so ‘search engine friendly’ might be holding you back . Cable companies or ISP’s are sometimes given a bad rep because they are charged with providing service , but they are not always the bad guys . Underneath the service are the hosting companies and web developers . The true trolls who while they take your money are busy stabbing your company or blog in the back . BEWARE !

Be careful of what you get . They are not all ethical . Some of them step outside of their professional niche which is always a mistake – putting themselves before their customers to make political statements. They may be touted by gurus as the ‘best plugins’ in the world but if they are loaded with bad code , your website will tank right to the bottom . Some of these sluggish companies put politics before professionalism . Be careful !!! So if your website is down when it should be up – make sure that you check all the parameters . Avoid A-TWO-ZEE ; HOT-BRAIN ; GO BROKE BUILD BIZ ; SWAMP CROCODILES ; LOCK AGAINST SECURE , GUARD AGAINST BAD SECURITY, BAD PLUGINS and UTTERLY-STUPID-BOVINES. They will play politics and ruin your websites. For better experiences , carefully research and go with better providers . They cannot all be trusted. Also watch plugins and some so called security sites . Some are profusely obtuse and destructive .

The FTC ( Federal Trade Commission ) is supposed to have jurisdiction over that , but has not been stringent enough in its enforcement of the law to prevent censuring and blocking . It should do more to monitor complaints and reign in renegade as well as truly bad companies .

This country was founded on debate . Transparency of content and open dialogue with different points of view expressed is what fosters a free and open Internet – fostering competition and innovation not stifling it with legalized ‘hacking’. Hiring companies less well known , but more ethical may be a solution .