Commercializing Telecommunications

When will institutionalized racism and oppression stop rearing their ugly heads ?

It’s not just a problem in Ferguson, racism is a problem everywhere and in all walks of life.

See Inventor’s Patent Application here :

The history of telecom and information technology history , what do we really know ?. Dorothy M. Hartman , Inventor of Internet 2 says “not nearly enough “. The federal government has known of her contributions to the development of todays’s Internet for 25 years and is still suppressing the truth about the invention of the Internet and refusing to grant her JUSTICE . See here her patent application for the process which she alleges led to the Internet .

Since the Internet has become of such extreme importance , producing such power and wealth the government has assumed ownership by default . Supposedly the FCC has power to distribute huge blocks of Internet real estate with no mention of the Inventor at all . It’s interesting that now that the Internet has become all that Hartman predicted that it would be in her writings to the federal government between 1990 and 1992 of how commercializing preexisting technologies could improve telecommunications and upgrade the economy – it seems not to even know her name .

Enclosed is a PDF of the Inventor’s Patent Application #11/003,123 for the Accessing Accessibility Process which is published on the website . This process alleges Hartman which when it was reduced to practice by the National Science Foundation is what invented Internet 2 or today’s modern Internet . She submitted proposals beginning in 1990 and over the next two years . These proposals written to the government between 1990 and 1992 were reviewed by numerous government employees and correspondence back and forth between them – some reporting directly to the National Science Foundation for the awarding of funding for the Small Business Innovation Research Programs .

Yet the government today acts as though it does not even know her name . One copy of a denial letter – although she received several from government employee(s) to Hartman is enclosed here Government Employee Denial Letter to Hartman 08.1991. historically , it was Hartman who first suggested commercializing telecommunications by (a) placing a variety of transactions online like information retrieval , ordering goods , and delivery of services ; (b) using the virtual environment of cyberspace which is latent in all computers as a virtual market or warehouse in space (c) setting up networks comprised of units consisting of a computer user logged in interfacing with one or several websites or with each other- some drawings shown with her patent application 11/003,123 are shown . The entire network or data carried by an internet service provider such as a dedicated modem or phone line . However refined drawings are not shown because they along with properly amended claims were never allowed by the patent office after 2008 . Although it held the application for 8 years which is discriminatory in itself and did not deny the patent until September 2012 – the Office was in constant and chronic violations of her civil and constitutional rights including patent laws alleges Hartman .

These are the concepts on which the modern day Internet which reaches practically every corner of the globe are built . Not that there were not databases in 1990 when Hartman presented her ideas , but they were very limited – Commerce although found to a small degree in Prodigy , Compuserve , MCImail , and Dow Jones News Retrieval was actually not allowed on the majority of the network(s). The original networks were used mostly by the elite and only slightly under 2% of the population owned computers .

It was Hartman’s ideas to open the field to the average consumer and place businesses and consumers in closer contact – a process she referred to as Accessing Accessibility . It made things more accessible to both consumers and businesses and implementing the ideas produced a successful “Information Superhighway” which morphed into the Internet .

Hartman who had asked for a mere pittance of money between $25,000 and $35,000 was shown nothing but grief and the door . Not even today after 25 years of success of what some view as the greatest invention of the 20th Century has she been compensated a dime or received one word of honorable mention . Those who had been associated with the telecom history from its inception were given the credit , funding , and the opportunity to prosper .

Hartman has received DENIALS then and is still being denied JUSTICE in the Courts . Although it is clear from historical timelines that the Internet as we know it today where billions of people are now online never existed before its debut around 1993-1995 and only after the transformation caused by commercialization and changing the structure . Will Racism and Oppression which is taking the Country backwards and away from its number 1 position in the world ever stop rearing its ugly head ? The Inventor’s whose ideas are good enough to be stolen , but she is apparently not good enough to be paid wants and deserves JUSTICE !