Government Knew About Invention

The government has known for 25 years Hartman’s contributions to the development of the Internet

Injustice is suffered by Blacks in Ferguson , New York City, all around the country, and in different walks of life

The rights of a Black Inventor whose invention is one of the greatest in history are still being violated

Even as protest marches have erupted in the country in defense of justice now for black men gunned down during encounters with the police – there is still large scale inequity and disregard for the written law being practiced in the justice system . Even as it is applied to patents , intellectual property , and contract law .

Dorothy M. Hartman who claims to be the creative mind behind a successful Internet that now reaches practically every part of the globe says that her rights are still being violated and her contributions suppressed . She is the inventor behind the Information Superhighway , and the changes that occurred during the boom and bust during the 1990’s . Here on her Blog and its sister blog at Telecom Straight Talk , you will find this woman’s story which represents the part of Internet History which you have not been told . All of the credit given over to the fields of Technology and Ecommerce , but yet neither field would be the size it is today had it not been for this woman’s intellectual contributions .

The image above shows the publication of the abstract for the USPTO patent application Accessing Accessibility Process which alleges Hartman led to Commercialization of the industry which changed the Internet from the prior one to the one of today which is based on her simplified structure of a network of computers ( or other communicative devices ) communicating with each other and exchanging transactions . The data packets provided by internet service providers . Access full image of Patent Application Abstract here :Abstact Patent Application for Internet

The model of the Internet of today is closer to that shown in her figures where the sizes of the networks increase simply by plugging in more users or computers into the network and cyberspace which is infinite is able to accomodate the new users . This is why the Internet has become great but the true inventor is being illegally discriminated against and prevented from the opportunity to prosper – her intellectual property accredited to others .


The Patent Application which was illegally held for 8 years alleges Hartman and was manipulated by what she alleges to be fraud and malfeasance was denied in July of 2012 by the Patent Office . She alleges that the reasons for the Denial are not legally valid . Thus far the high courts have refused to examine what went on in the United States Patent and Trademark Office .

The inventor alleges that the administration did nothing over the years of the Application being illegally withheld or to stop the blatant mishandling – but instead tried in every way it possibly could including revisions of the Manual for Patent Examination Procedures and revising patent laws to deny what by a Prima Facie case should have been a Patent as the Internet is a unique invention that even though itself has given rise to many forms of innovation can never be repeated .

In 1990 , Hartman had asked only for $35,000 to fund her own small business Talk Shoppe Inc. a prototype telecommunications services company but was denied . She alleges that is was because of her gender , skin color , and handicap . She alleges her ideas were stolen to revamp the Internet in 1990-1991.

Government Employee Denial Letter to Hartman 08.1991


Although her ideas were used to build an Internet that now circulates trillions of dollars through it and empowers the government – she is still being denied and disrespected . Apparently she does not seem to able to afford justice as thus far the high court in the land has denied her petitions without comment. Why should she have to pay for Justice when it was her ideas that caused the economy to grow ? She is certainly not responsible for the runaway greed that is now causing the economy to implode . What ever happened to doing something because it is the right thing to do ? The federal government should have acknowledged her contributions years ago . Also read here Justice and Net Neutrality

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