Justice and Net Neutrality ; Fcc

Where is justice for true Internet Inventor?

Can there be a valid discussion about Net Neutrality FCC without a consideration of the inventor of the Internet ?

Why should an inventor’s whose intellectual property contributes to billions of dollars circulating through the economy on a daily basis have to pay for justice ?

Especially , when she has been deliberately ripped off and kept economically distressed ? This woman is an integral part of the telecommunications industry history, telecommunications history milestones, and information technology history . Her contributions are so important as to conclude that the modern day Internet would not exist had it not been for her input .

The Inventor who just had a Petition for Writ of Mandamus denied by the Supreme Court on December 5 , 2014 – and is trying to get her Patent Application case with the United States Patent and Trademark Office regarding the Internet reopened does not understand the continued denial of justice . She is considering an appeal as her civil and constitutional rights are being violated . A copy of her Petition for a Writ of Certiorari can be found at the link below . She alleges that her Petition(s) contain facts and evidence of her claims – yet the Court has denied each without comment .

She alleges that she is being discriminated against because she is a minority and vulnerable.”The government considers me good enough to steal my intellectual property and turn it over to corporations , but not good enough to compensate me for the theft . It is a theft because there are Constitutional Amendments which prevent the seizing of property of any kind , tangible or intangible without just compensation . ” If it is true that the Supreme Court pays more attention to expensive high powered attorneys who are experienced in putting arguments before the Court – then I have little to no chance of justice .” Article discusses lawyers that have appeared before the Supreme Court . See video in the article .

Dorothy M. Hartman , inventor and entrepreneur alleges that it was her ideas that transformed the prior telecom network based on the Arpanet into the successful Internet of today . Her creativity redirected the technology in the direction of using computers to place business transactions online creating a marketplace in cyberspace . The operative word “cyberspace” . Hartman argues that it was her recognition of the use of this phenomenon and how it could be used for individuals to connect with each other via computers is what created the expansive and successful Internet of today .

“I did not invent computers , says the Inventor . They have been around since the late 50’s , early 60’s but I did show the federal government how to use them to grow commerce and communications. It was meant to help but unfortunately run away greed and abuse of power took over . ” While there are current discussions concerning net neutrality fcc , nsa monitoring , and other current Internet issues – the question regarding the rights of the inventor whose ideas put the process of the modern day internet into motion has yet to be addressed .

Following are some excerpts of proposals submitted by Hartman to the federal government in 1990 . Hartman claims that the federal government used her ideas to restructure and transform a telecom system that was disjointed and not working to the seamless integrated structure that works today because it is expansive , flexible and able to accommodate billions online .

Hartman Proposal Coversheet to Federal Government Program

The following is a denial letter from one of many federal government employees whom Hartman alleges reviewed her proposals thoroughly . The government did adopt a policy of commercialization of the NSFnet and quickly [ The NSFnet was the parking site for the previously retired Internet based on the Arpanet ] . Hartman alleges that the adoption of her ideas created the transformation for Internet 2 which debuted after 1990 creating the Information Superhighway , later called the Internet or Internet 2 by those inside the industry .

Excerpts from Hartman 1990.thru.1991.Proposals

Government Employee Denial Letter to Hartman 08.1991

“Whatever happened to doing right because it is the right thing to do ?” , says Hartman . The government has known for 25 years that it is in illegal confiscation of my intellectual property without recognizing or compensating me . It certainly did not have the ideas before me or without me . Why do they not just treat me like a human being or is that a rhetorical question in the society as it stands ? Why must I sue for my rights while oligarchs and others profit from my intellectual property without me having a chance ? The protests in Ferguson , New York , L.A. , and other places in the country are indicative of just how cheaply black life is viewed. It is apparently all right for them to rob me of my legacy as well as millions of dollars because I am black. That is just totally unjust. ”

The inventor admits that she does not have funds to hire a very expensive attorney and has represented herself Pro Se , but states that evidence and the law should count for something . Her arguments she alleges are truth and the history of Internet timelines .