Justice in Ferguson

Ferguson , Missouri is only the tip of the iceberg

Injustice is rampant when it comes to the rights of African-Americans

Inventor age 44 , two years before Invention
Inventor age 44 , two years before Invention

so alleges this woman who alleges that she has been the inventor of the modern day Internet ( Internet 2 ) since 1990 . However the overwhelming success of the Internet and now its power and wealth – ironically has worked against the success of its inventor . Dorothy M. Hartman alleges that she is the true inventor of the modern day Internet and that she is being deliberately discriminated against because of her race. The Internet is the most prolific and powerful wealth producing invention of the 20th Century and that the government has robbed her of any intellectual property rights for these reasons . She alleges that she is owed compensation and therefore has taken her case to the United States Supreme Court . Read this blog to learn more about her story .

The modern day Internet or Internet 2 consists of networks of computers serviced by Internet Service Providers . In figure 6 of Hartman’s Patent Application 11003123 , a diagram of a sample network is shown . Many of these constitute an expansive network which is dissimilar to the Internet prior to 1990 which was comprised of many smaller nets appended to a common backbone called the Arpanet .


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