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Studies regarding Climate Change ignored by National Science Foundation years ago

Black Inventor rejected for funding in reference to Climate Change

Black Inventor spurned regarding Internet and Climate Change

Inventor , who is still fighting for her rights and claims to the Internet says that her contributions have been ignored and intellectual property turned over to corporate interests through the National Science Foundation and the United States Patent and Trademark Office . She alleges that this country has too much of a history of stereotyping “superior” when it comes to Whites and other ethnic groups and “inferior” when it comes to Blacks .

Although her invention , the Internet 2 is the greatest of the 20th Century – she is not recognized or compensated for its presence . The Internet has produced more jobs , more information , more inventions than any invention in history – yet she is not respected for her knowledge about the economy . Instead she alleges the invention has been used to make the Country more powerful and relatively few people very wealthy while sending the economy down the tubes .

In reference to climate change , the inventor submitted ideas to the National Science Foundation on how to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere but was again turned down for reasons of race . She alleges as well that she was turned down from receiving funding to start a small business after she shared ideas with the government of how to improve telecom in the 1990’s . That is how the Internet 2 which is today’s modern internet began and how she became a woman who now has to fight for her intellectual property rights . Find out more here “

Inventor says that the federal government’s refusal to pay her for her contributions regarding the invention of Internet 2 have contributed to her financial hardship . She says that she has lost intellectual property through fraud in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and that her rights have been sacrificed in favor of corporate interests . ” I have not been able to protect my intellectual property . My ideas have been profitable and therefore subject to takeover by rich corporations . That is why I have filed with the Supreme Court of the United States . I do not deserve nor have I ever deserved this .”

Her ideas on global warming and climate change are now being handled by the USPTO again in a fraudulent manner so as to make a corporate takeover easier, she alleges . She has most recently had to file a petition in that office again as well . Her energy and limited resources have spent in legal fees and fights fighting racism and oppression . There are others involved in the fight for global warming answers and actions to handle the phenomenon . Meanwhile progress on such things as help for the economy or the environment are being held up money interests looking after the welfare of a few instead of the health of the nation and the planet . Stay tuned to this Blog and support this inventor in her quest for justice.