More Jobs and Dollars into the Economy with Rightful Disposition of IP Property

The Internet has never been “free”

How many more jobs created for the middle class and the little people can be brought into the economy by the proper assignment of Intellectual Property ? How will we know whether it can work if the status quo remains ? The Intellectual Property regarding the INTERNET 2 has always been misused by the federal government , alleges the woman who claims that she is its inventor . As a results , technology and innovation which began right here in this country has been foolishly given away or simply lost . ‘Reagenomics’ and other faulty economic ideas that promote the jobs would be produced and that the economy would benefit from ‘trickle down’ economics have never worked . Instead what has evolved is a top heavy oligarchal system which is enriching relatively few people in terms of the entire population- many of whom have taken their fortunes offshore , refusing to pay taxes while the middle and poor classes are left behind without jobs and hope .

The Internet has never been free . How much did you pay for that smartphone , tablet , P.C. or whatever technology that you use to access the Internet ? Also when did the services of Internet Providers become free ? The only person to whom the Internet is truly ‘ free’ is to its inventor who alleges that she is being exploited because she has been paid zero compensation and credit for her invention . The inventor is not in technology nor an ecommerce provider , but her ideas are the reasons why billions of ordinary people and consumers all over the world are able to access the Internet – making the Internet the enormous engine of commerce , information , and communication that has spread to practically every corner of the planet .

Ms. Hartman’s ideas of using computers to put transactions for goods , services , and information online revolutionized telecommunications in the early 1990’s . Read more here By proposing the ideas of using computers which by their nature share cyberspace which is that virtual reality where you meet your friends online in social media or place an order for that dress or trousers from your online store – a whole other world was opened up in this cyberspace . Accessing Accessibility , a proposal submitted to the government by Hartman was the key that changed the Internet from its previous structure before 1990 which could not accomodate billions of people online to today’s Internet which can and does accomodate billions . These ideas are attributable to Hartman and are the creative force that invented the Internet . Read more here It takes Creativity and Technology Although the most this inventor who is unheard of is the most humble of those credited with the invention of the Internet – since her identity has been suppressed – nevertheless her ideas had the most and dramatic impact . Without them the Internet 2 which made its debut after 1990 would not exist and we would not be online today- probably still shopping exclusively in physical stores .

The United States was the world’s economic leader and can be again , if the injustice regarding this precious IP is ever resolved according to the inventor . Hartman alleges that the United States Patent and Trademark Office denial of her patent is fraudulent and is not based on current law – but racist policies .Other countries look to the United States for guidance which is probably why Europe initially selected to united and switch to a common currency , the Euro . It’s important to note that the U.K. never elected to change its currency . Now much of it is coming undone because the U.S. economy is faltering and like dominoes – others which depended upon its leadership for so long are now faltering .

The United States has always had within it the tools to maintain its autonomy as a world leader , but lacks the political will according to the opinion of the inventor. It has kept in force racist and oppressive policies , and failing concepts like ‘ trickle down economics ‘ . Maybe it is time for a real change .The administration of the law should be equal to all and that includes patent applications and contract law . What good is the Constitution which is a noble document – if the Rule of Law is selectively practiced for some and not for others ? What does it mean to serve with honor and distinction , if ethics , morals and common sense are left at the door ? Perhaps it is time to think outside of the box instead of inside of it . Especially if what you are doing is not working . Perhaps it is time for a new strategy . If you have the resources to create a dramatic change – why not use them ?

Is the desire to oppress people of color so strong that paying the price of self destruction is worth it ? Planning for catastrophes and disasters can help but it will not stop them . Just as enacting the same failed policies will not stop the fall of the economy . Maybe the federal government has been given a second choice to use this particular intellectual property in the way that it was intended and that is to lift the nation’s economy rather than line the pockets of a few . A disabled woman in her 70’s can only spend so much money but a restructured economy which supports an OPEN and FREE Internet while at the same time promotes COMPETITIVENESS could possibly make a difference for future generations .