Female Claims the Internet

From Information Superhighway to Internet

A Black female claims Internet (invention of the Internet) 

In probably what is an unprecedented move in history black female inventor files two Writs with the United States Supreme Court


Graphic above shows the beginning of the enormous and continuing expansion of telecom after 1990 .The CEO of ABFY SELLERS GROUP, an Inventor and Entrepreneur alleges that she is responsible for the invention of the internet which resulted in the development of the modern day Internet 2 which debuted in the 1990′s and contributes to the World Wide Web.These changes introduced in her business method proposal(s) to the federal government entitled “Accessing Accessibility “ is what created the Information Superhighway later referred to some as the new Internet or Internet 2 which debuted in the early ‘90’s leading to use today by billions of people online .You will not find her name listed in the History of the invention of the Internet . The article found here athttp://www.history.com/topics/inventions/invention-of-the-internet “title= “History.com” contains some important omissions alleges Hartman .

The Inventor who states that she has been fighting for her intellectual property rights from the very beginning alleges that because of her race which is African – American and a handicap that evidence and facts have been suppressed and her intellectual property rights “steamrolled over “ to maintain the status quo- leaving all of the credit for the Internet and its success to the fields of Technology and ECommerce . The images below this along with time stamped , notarized documents from the Inventor as well as the timeline of documented history show that the Internet took off or changed after Commercialization in 1991 , transforming the former Internet ( Internet 1 ) into today’s modern internet. Below you will find images of publications that indicate the changes in the Internet and the time line that these occurred. Users then were relatively few in 100’s of thousands as opposed to the billions online now . She alleges that her ideas were the most influential in the invention of the Internet as without them the Internet would be defunct or in the same structure that it was prior to 1990 .
There was no Internet in 1990

Internet 2 or the modern day Internet was created in 1990-1991 when the NSFnet was adapted for Commercialization pursuant to the application of her ideas to the preexisting structure alleges the inventor :

NSF Commercializes Telecom in 1990-1991
NSF Commercializes Telecom in 1990-1991

Hartman alleges that it was during the illegal confiscation of her proprietary information in 1990 , that the application of her ideas in 1991 by Merit Networks under the direction of the National Science Foundation that led to the transformation in Telecom – introducting Internet 2 . The changes in the Internet were so stark that users had to be solicited and introduced to how to navigate it .

Internet becomes a conduit for Business and Education in 1990's
Internet becomes a conduit for Business and Education in 1990’s





and then the subsequent training by Merit and others to teach online users how to use the new Internet – see publication from 1993 . Data transfer on the telecom networks was practically flat until after 1990 and the changeover wrought by Commercialization , see graph below . As businesses and consumers rushed to get online – the Internet mushroomed and grew .



Dorothy M. Hartman’s ideas showed the government how to meld commerce with business by placing transactions online using computers – this created an alternate marketplace in cyberspace which is latent in computers . This creation came from Hartman and is responsible for the billions of customers now online . “ The Internet took more than technology , creativity was also needed ,” says Hartman. ” It took my insight into understanding the nature of cyberspace that it could be used for potentially infinite transactions . That is why now there are billions of people with technology and ecommerce able to sell their gadgets to them all – enabling the fields to prosper . Technology as far as the telecom networks were concerned had been around for 30 years , but only after 1990 and the ideas introduced by this inventor did the Internet spread and become a success .

This changeover of using the computer as the focal point and taking businesses online conducting transactions in cyberspace was her (ideas) says Hartman and brought the Internet which now consists of billions of people online . “Technology may have built it and the federal government funded it , but my ideas created it.”


The Internet begins to grow after the transformation in 1990
The Internet begins to grow after the transformation in 1990


Facts about the Internet are all over the place and it seems that since the filing of this black female inventor’s patent application in 2004 – official filing date March 7 , 2005 that there has been an explosion of information regarding the Internet and its alleged inventors – a lot of it false and not well documented . Some of it fraudulent and deliberate altering of the facts to obscure a black female claims the internet .

Although she could not stop the illegal confiscation of what had been proprietary information because she had wanted to start her own telecommunications services company which is why she had submitted her proposals to the government about taking businesses online and the benefit and effect of using cyberspace in computers to create an alternate marketplace – she attempted to recover by filing for a patent application . Although she filed 5 years after Business Methods became patentable as the Inventor’s Act of 1999 for the first time allowed the patenting of business methods – nevertheless she was the First to Invent and the First To File – so that should have preserved her intellectual property rights . However due to the overwhelming success of the Internet after 1990 and the wealth and power that it produced , the Inventor alleges that the federal government has broken its own laws to deny her the patent and that her constitutional and civil rights are still being violated to maintain the Status Quo.

Although she was FIRST TO INVENT and FIRST TO FILE , she says that the United States Patent and Trademark Office by fraud and malfeasance has denied her patent application . Proper crediting and acknowledgement of her contributions , she alleges could have preempted this . That was all she ever wanted – to be treated with respect and in a just manner . However , institutionalized racism is still the prevailing fabric of the country – therefore at this point it is a matter of justice . The federal government funded it .
Internet founded by technology starting with ARPA but Internet created by a humble black female whose imagination furnished the creativity that has made it successful and useful by billions . Although without her creative ideas , the telecom networks would still be defunct as they were in 1989 , her rights are being “steamrolled over “ by the power of the government and the wealth of corporations that have grown rich and powerful because of her contributions to the invention of the Internet .

The Billions of people online and the successful transformation resulting in the boom in the 1990′s and its continued expansion are the results of Hartman’s ideas being reduced to practice by the National Science Foundation working through Merit Networks and others . The Internet before 1990 would not have been capable of such growth and expansion . Justice is long overdue . See below :




The black female inventor Dorothy M. Hartman alleges that her Patent Application No. 11003123 was illegally denied and that she is being deliberately discriminated against to maintain the status quo because she is a minority . She is being deliberately exploited . Therefore she is petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to issue a Writ of Mandamus to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to reopen her case , Dorothy M. Hartman vs. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as she alleges the Opinion to uphold the ruling by the Patent Board of Appeals and Interferences was flawed . The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Opinion can be found here 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1 . The modern day Internet is not the result of the natural progress of the original telecom networks started by ARPA in 1969 but is a Transformation of the original telecom networks that was accomplished when the National Science Foundation applied concepts regarding Commercialization which alleges Hartman were ideas submitted by her . Go to http://www.TelecomStraightTalk.com to learn more .


Hartman , who is CEO of ABFY SELLERS GROUP alleges that even as the Web celebrates its 25th birthday and the FCC is deciding on how the portions of the Internet should be meted out amongst powerful corporations – the true inventor of the modern day Internet rights go ignored and she suffers abuse and her business online suffers from lack of funding and censure . Even if by law , a patent is not granted she should still be compensated for the theft of her intellectual property .The government is still in illegal possession of the property- never having acknowledged her or declaring Eminent Domain of the Internet for Public Good . The government although one of the most powerful , if not the most powerful in the world “ should not have the right to take one’s property be it tangible or intangible without appropriate compensation . As U.S. citizens we are supposed to be protected from such abuses by the Amendment XIV and Amendment V of the United States Constitution …..Due Process .

Further , the inventor who lives in Philadelphia alleges that she has been targeted by a powerful group of racists with ties to local government who have carried out a campaign to harass and damage her by destruction of her finances and real estate property
http://smartphoneselectronicsaccessories.com/black-internet-inventors-home-vandalized/ . A federal judge in Philadelphia has even refused her a jury trial involving the perpetrators that continue to damage her . A trial by jury is supposed to be inviolate . She alleges that her civil rights are being violated in the court (s) in the continued effort to suppress the truth – in an effort to discredit her and prevent awarding her damages for the violation of her property rights as a citizen of this country because she is speaking out against such abuses and standing up for her property rights.

This is unconstitutional . She has filed the Writ of Mandamus as she alleges that she is being deliberately discriminated against because of her vulnerability as a minority and handicapped individual – which constitutes violations of Civil Rights under Title XI and Title IX of the 1964 Civil Rights Act . She has also filed a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court in reference to rulings by the U.S. Court of Appeals 3rd Circuit to deny a jury trial , as she alleges that her constitutional rights under Amendments 1 , the right to Free Speech , Amendment 7 , the right to a jury trial are also being violated in reference to the destruction of her home and finances . This she alleges in an effort by the rich and powerful to continue to oppress her rights and suppress the truth about this horrible injustice .

The Petitioner/ Inventor is hoping for a just outcome in both cases as she says that her inventions were meant to serve the people – not hurt anyone . Although the Internet “ keeps on giving “ that it is she, the inventor who has suffered and been hurt the most . “ I am being penalized for being Black and having no money to fight back against the power and wealth that has come from the ideas that I shared with the government and those who have gotten rich because of ideas that I shared with the government . This is unethical , immoral and unjust .”

Her ideas, alleges the inventor have proven to be worth trillions of dollars to the American economy – yet her rights continue to be violated . She was 46 years old when she went to the government with her ideas for improving telecom – she is now 70 years old and hopes that justice will come swiftly to stem the tide of ridicule and abuse that she is still suffering.

“ If I had it to do all over again . I would leave things as they were. Not that there is anything wrong with innovation , but evil always finds a way to corrupt everything – especially where money is involved. In this case , the three evils are racism , greed , and hypocritical politics .” If the invention is too large to be patented , then that should be stipulated by law as currently there is no legal reason(s) alleges the inventor that a patent should be denied . “Even so , the government should either declare Eminent Domain for the public good or compensate me appropriately for losses . It should not ignore my rights .” She is still hoping that this is a nation of laws and that the highest Court in the land will uphold both constitutional and civil law in these case(s) . “ I believe I am owed both justice and an apology , says the inventor . The color of my skin should not deny me credit for my invention – which some remark is the most important invention of the 20th Century ”

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