Cell Phone Radiation Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

The way to protect you from Cell Phone Radiation In three Stages

Protect yourself from cell phone radiation. It’s not at all a rare choice. Here is one of several good things with regards to protecting yourself from cell phone radiation… It is really more or less easy, when you have an understanding of how to approach it!

This short article will make it quite a bit easier for people to get a solid understanding of exactly how to enjoy technology without falling prey to their cell phones radiation. It is a vastly growing understanding that we need basic EMF protection when it comes to computers and cell phones especially for children. Protect yourself from cell phone radiation in just three easy steps, continue reading…

The 1st step is to use a headset… This is important simply because holding a cell phone to your head is allowing radiation from the cell phone to actually seep into your brain… And you should choose to steer clear of holding a cell phone to your head for this very reason. Neglecting to apply this simple action when using a cell phone can lead to cell phone cancer, of the brain, neck and eye. .

The 2nd step is to use an EMF protection case if you clip the cell phone to your belt for convenience. This is generally more common with the men; they have their phone clipped top their hip on their belt, greatly exposing themselves to cell phone radiation to the hip and groin area. Studies are showing a link between average cell phone use and low sperm count.

So, be careful guys, use an EMF Radiation Protection case to hold your phone when it is clipped onto your belt… Be careful to avoid not taking these simple medically advised precautions. Radiation exposure is insidious, we cannot see it, but it certainly is filling the air we live in. and in addition I suggest, right now that you take a minute to actually read the manual of your cell phone and read what it says about use. With many models it says do not hold this device to your ear, hold it a certain distance from your body”…

The 3rd step is to protect your children. The key reason why this will be relevant is usually cell phones and kids, according to medical experts in cell phone cancer, do not mix! I have discovered a great alternative for my 11yr old boy to still advance with technology whilst staying safe from cell phone radiation. Make sure you stay away from the error of letting your kids talk for extended periods (over 20 min per day) on a cell phone as the levels of radiation are absorbed at a much deeper level into the brain than adults.

Carefully stick to the three simple steps above. Follow these instructions and you ought to be able to protect yourself from cell phones radiation easily. Just stick to the steps, doing what you should do while staying away from the problems described. The benefits of precaution would surely be a safer way to enjoy our growing technological world at the same time as protecting yourself from cell phone radiation.

Find out tips to Protect yourself and your children, home and work place from Cell Phone Radiation by going to our Cell Phone Radiation Site

Natasha created this site after researching cell phones for kids for her own son.What she discovered shocked her.Find out tips to Protect yourself and your children, home and work place from Cell Phone Radiation by going to our Cell Phone Radiation Site