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Dorothy M. Hartman, the inventor of the business method – the Accessing Accessibility Process – which emphasized making the computer the focal point of business transactions and introduced how concepts of using cyberspace as a marketplace -revolutionized the telecommunications industry . It was Hartman who conceived the infinitude of cyberspace and how that could lead to infinite commerce potential, essentially “Commercializing the industry” which led to the government doing research and development of the INTERNET. The telecommunications industry was flailing in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. With the Arpanet as its core and a model called the internetting projects –some parts of the industry were being phased out before Hartman’s contributions. Many of the internet billionaires of today who have profited from the INTERNET , an invention authored by Dorothy M. Hartman have been aided in their success by using the internet to sell their wares to billions of customers . Hartman’s ideas help bring the billions of customers. What about her intellectual property rights ?

The phone makers , computer makers , software developers were around and ‘doing their thing’ says Hartman when she invented the INTERNET through introducing the Accessing Accessibility Process to the government . The projects of today’s “internet darlings” which may have been conceived in their homes or garages or even in Silicon Valley were essentially going nowhere until millions and then billions of people to whom they could propagate their products became available. The business method introduced by Hartman caused the transformation that led to success .

It was Hartman’s ideas regarding “Commercialization of Telecommunications “ That ushered in a fundamental change in how the world views and does business and served as the catalyst for the rise of the Internet as we know it today. This is the INTERNET we know and use today and its invention has brought trillions of dollars into the American economy . The U.S. government which seized the intellectual property of Hartman through her proposal(s) submitted to the government through its search for innovation programs such as  Small Business Innovation Research and others has failed to recognize or compensate her for her contributions .

It was Hartman’s ideas that essentially transformed , and revolutionized the telecommunications industry which had existed since the late 1960′s. The success in the industry since the introduction of the Internet has resulted in the industry having its own financial exchange , the Nasdaq .

Now that the invention , the INTERNET has become the tremendous success that Hartman assured the government that it would be , Hartman says that she has been disrespected and her rights ignored . This has resulted in persecution , degradation , and financial hardship  for her .

The government without the permission of the author / inventor granted privatization and other proprietary rights to agents and agencies that had absolutely nothing to do with inventing the INTERNET says Hartman and has stripped her of her rights and property . For her contributions which have essentially help keep the economy on whatever financial legs it may have at this point – the inventor states that she has received nothing but grief.

These are not just violations of intellectual property rights but are violations of the constitutional rights of the Inventor says Hartman . Ms. Hartman has waged and continues to wage a fight for her intellectual property rights through her application to the U.S. Patent office first filed in December 2004 . Ms. Hartman contends that the government is still in breach of their contract with her as it is still in violation of her correspondence with Frank Campo an executive of the Small Business Administration , a letter on exhibit with the Patent Office , among other letters , exhibits , and affidavits .

Although Ms. Hartman has dealt and waited patiently for the federal government to address her grievances fairly nevertheless, government has continued its suppression and the violation of her rights . Ms. Hartman says this is due both to the power of the government and vulnerability of the Inventor who is black , female, and handicapped .

The Inventor is seeking a Constitutional or Human Rights Lawyer to protect her interests as she claims that the United States Patent and Trademark Office is in full violation of all patent rules and regulations as well as her Constitutional rights .

Although Hartman has asked for an Oral Hearing in reference to her patent application #11003123 – for which she filed on May 11, 2012 – thus far the patent office has not granted a hearing date . Ms. Hartman states this is a part of the U.S. government’s plan which has held the patent application in abeyance for what is now going on nine (9) to hold her patent application hostage until 09/13/2012. On September 13 , 2012 the new patent law which this hypocritical administration which says one thing and does another says Hartman– goes into effect . This law which was signed in September 2011 will give the advantage to the big corporations which already have advantages enough and legislate away the rights of the inventor . This is pure corruption and violation of jurisprudence . But who cares what happens to a disabled female black inventor ?

The documents attached below illustrate to some extent , the effect that adding Commerce ( as presented in Hartman’s business method , Accessing Accessibility. These documents illustrate the changes that occurred in telecommunications between 1994 and 2004 and other aspects of the history of the Internet .

The number of Internet Service Providers( cable and phone companies providing access to the Internet ) ISPs’ dramatically increased in 2004 . The number of users domestically and worldwide started to increase dramatically after about 1994 (from 1990-1994 is when the National Science Foundation after receiving the innovative ideas from Hartman via the SBIR and other government funding programs , researched and developed the INTERNET) .

This commercialized environment from the ideas put forth by Hartman is the reason why we all now have access to the INTERNET . These actions by the United States Patent and Trademark Office overseen by the Commerce Dept. of the federal government are ” wrong , wrong and nothing right about” says Hartman . ” These decisions are based on blatant racism- now especially as the Internet has become overwhelmingly successful . Get involved in the Justice Watch . Do not allow the raping ( in this case intellectual and financial rape )of another black woman to occur “.

Download the PR article supplement below .View the attached documents to see what effects this invention has had on the industry how this inventor has made a difference in the Telecom Industry and the world .  “What is done to the least of us is done to us all “- anonymous

Dorothy M. Hartman
Author / Inventor