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Inventor at age 44 , 2 years before invention in 1990 .

D.M. Hartman who is Black and Female claims to be the true inventor of the Internet and that her identity and intellectual property rights have been suppressed for 20 years . During 1990-1993 , Ms. Hartman submitted to the federal government through the Small Business Innovation Research programs and other funding programs new ideas of transforming a failing telecommunications industry into a successful one and improving the American economy in recession brought on by the Savings and Loans crisis in 1989 .

Ms. Hartman claims that her ideas were adopted and used by the federal government to create the INTERNET but that she and her start up business were dismissed . Though various reasons were cited in the denial letters ( listed as Exhibits in Patent Application #11003123 in Patent Office ) – Ms. Hartman claims that she was dismissed because of institutionalized racism , oppression , and greed by others .The government has never recognized or credited her for her contributions – prompting her to file a patent application for the Business Method which she authored , the Accessing Accessibility Process – the Accessing Accessibility Process – which introduced the concepts of using the computer as an integral marketing tool and cyberspace as a marketplace .

The adoption of this business method by the Federal Government and its reduction of it to practice by the National Science Foundation is what produced the INTERNET , thus, commercializing telecommunications . These concepts created a commercial environment which saved a flailing telecommunications industry , strengthened the American economy in the 1990’s , and transformed the telecom industry into the success that it is today .

This ushered in a fundamental change in how the world views and does business . This was the rise of the INTERNET as we know and use it today and its invention has brought trillions of dollars into the American economy . The Nasdaq stock exchange has grown up around the ideas regarding commercialization as contributed by this inventor . Billionaire companies have resulted because they have been able to propagate and sell their wares to billions because of the innovative ideas of Hartman – while she who is disabled continues to struggle financially. She , the true inventor of these method(s) which gave new life to a field otherwise dominated by technology has received no recognition nor compensation . To the contrary she has been demonized , persecuted , and her identity and contributions suppressed . Read more here

Find this information on the website , Search PUBLIC PAIR , enter Application #11003123 , download APPEAL BRIEF (02-06-2012) . Read Argument . For a really good read on the history of this application , download all documents and read at your leisure . Ms. Hartman says that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has held her patent application #11003123 for over 8 years through practicing malfeasance .
During those 8 years – it has changed its rules and regulations 8 times in an effort to deny this patent although trillions of dollars continue to circulate through the American economy due to the contributions of this inventor :
Revision 1, February 2003
Revision 2, May 2004
Revision 3, August 2005
Revision 4, October 2005
Revision 5, August 2006
Revision 6, September 2007
Revision 7, July 2008
Revision 8, July 2010

Even though the United States Patent and Trademark Office is in violation of the constitutional rights of the Applicant – it nonetheless is continuing it’s’ hurry up and delay’ procedures of suppressing this application so as to grant time to the new changes in Patent Law designed to favor large corporations and signed by this president to take effect so as to completely legislate away the rights of the Inventor .

About the Inventor :
Science Educator, Entrepreneur, Inventor
Snug’N’Secure Infant Basket
Stove Safety Shield
Accessing Accessibility Process ( Internet )
Methods to Scrub Greenhouse Gases
B.S. – Biological Sciences , Physical Sciences
M.S.- Biology and Chemistry Education

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