Strange World , The Internet

The changes wrought to the Internet which have changed the way the world interacts were created by ideas shared with the Federal government by a black female inventor

There are no references of her anywhere in the history of the Internet

Black female inventor says that being omitted from Internet History has been devastating to her

” Sometimes the best intentions go awry . I understood the scope of the Internet but never imagined the extent to which it would be used . Obviously the Internet is good for some things , but should not be used for all things . In my writings to the Federal Government – I was thinking more along the lines of better commerce with businesses and consumers interacting more expediently ; increased educational opportunities through more information and services being available ; improvements to the world aided by knowledge and communications . Not that I ever anticipated all of the many uses of the Internet including negative applications – looking back I may have kept my thoughts to myself . Primarily I was looking at the business and commerce side and wanted to get in myself as an entrepreneur . However I never got the opportunity because from the time that my ideas regarding the commercialization of telecommunications were applied – the success of the Internet took off and has never looked back ” . Inventor’s 1990 Proposal to Federal Government The Inventor insists that her input made the difference between an Internet ( ARPANET based ) that had been retired and was practically finished to an Internet that was transformed and revitalized . The National Science Foundation which was in charge of the old Internet parked as the NSFNET employed Merit Networks in 1990 to commercialize the existing network(s) . Out of that came what was first called the Information Superhighway and morphed into the INTERNET – known today by only one word .

Yet ,nowhere in acknowledged Internet History is Dorothy Hartman’s name ever mentioned . Below are some documents from Wikipedia edited in 2005 discussing Internet History . Hartman had filed for a patent application in 2004 after exhausting other means of asking the government to acknowledge her contributions . Consequently there was a barrage of activity and filings by different ones regarding the origin(s) and evolution of the Internet , the sources known perhaps to the editors – but nowhere mentioned are there any notes of contributions from an African-American woman .
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From the documents we can discern that there was a distinctive change in the Internet once COMMERCE was introduced and that this occurred in the early 1990’s . Hartman alleges that this change was initiated by the National Science Foundation upon its receipt of her proposals through several SBIR ( Small Business Innovation Research ) programs but she was never credited . Further , not only did the structure of the Internet change to what it is now which is an expansive evolving structure but the fields of Technology and Ecommerce grew upon its transformation .

NSF Commercializes Telecom in 1990-1991
NSF Commercializes Telecom in 1990-1991

” Now the low level trolls on the Internet – not all but some like web hosts , search engines , and security companies try to keep me from making a living on the Internet by sabotaging my websites to prevent visitors. As though the Internet is not big enough to accommodate us all . The irony of it allBeware Bad Web Hosts is that the Internet has provided more jobs , opportunities , and titles than any other Invention in modern history . Yet these people who have jobs because of my intellectual creativity – not the altruism of the federal government or billionaires made rich by the success of telecom – would deny me a living !

The world is strange and the Internet even stranger . To be discriminated against is horrible enough but to be disrespected when you know that the Internet exists as much for your intellectual creation of it as by technicians making its access possible through their gadgets and codes is humiliating and degrading . I blame a society which continously practices institutionalized racism and a weak administration that has not protected the civil rights of small inventors like myself . When I asked the Obama administration and his Attorney General to investigate the fraud in the Patent Office regarding my patent application – he did not . But rather he backed the corporations .

A patent application should never have been necessary . I only asked for recognition and compensation for my contributions . I am still seeking that and justice for the damages to my life based on racism , discrimination , and the oppression of people of color . NOWHERE WILL YOU FIND THE EXISTENCE OF THE MODERN DAY INTERNET , ITS PHYSICAL PRESENCE OR EVEN DISCUSSION ABOUT IT BEFORE 1990 .”

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Black Internet Inventor Rights Suppressed | intellectual property

In addition to the intentional discrimination imposed by the federal government in reference to her intellectual property , Inventor is suffering abuse in her personal life because of the effects of having her property rights violated

Inventor’s home taken in what she alleges is an illegal mortgage foreclosure where fraud and perjury is used to take her home and create a $331,999.95 judgment against her for doing absolutely nothing wrong that she should lose her home

What kind of justice system allows the perpetrators to harass , destroy the inventor’s property cars and home , and using some deliberately pumped up mortgage violating all kinds of laws carry out an illegal mortgage foreclosure ?

A justice system based on skin color

Although mortgage foreclosure was predicated on perjury and fraud but was forced through a kangaroo trial in State Court – the inventor’s less than human stature ( and for those of you who feel differently this is facetious of course ) does not allow her to sue her perpetrators . This is the height of racist oppression in the justice system which are actions based upon retaliation for her standing up for her property rights . Drastic changes are needed in the justice system in the country regarding Blacks .

A federal judge in Philadelphia allowed these damages without leaving the Inventor any form of relief . The Inventor had filed a case in Federal Court in Philadelphia against what she alleges are racists and thugs with friends in the government and the courts where she had spent thousands of dollars in legal fees for the past 4 years that the cases have been running . The inventor alleges that the judge whom she requested recuse himself had disqualified himself according to her understanding of the law . She admits that she is not lawyer , but she can read . According to what she has read , the judge has disqualified himself but was retained on the case by the 3rd circuit court of appeals in what she alleges is in ‘lock step with the politics’. “These legal proceedings have been characterized by fraud , perjury , and blatant lies with defense attorneys being able to do whatever they like . Blacks have no rights in this country “. The advances in civil rights through the Kennedys’ and Lyndon Baines Johnson are long since gone . “Some Courts are run like a cartel when it comes to the rights of black people” . Go to and read these cases for a real civics lesson on what black people are living with in this country when it comes to the so called justice system .

So in addition to the $331,999.95 damages incurred on her , she has lost all the money that she put into the case and had a good chance of winning because the evidence and potential witnesses favored her . Now all is lost because the perpetrators have all been dismissed from any accountability – just around the time that the 21 days were up for the banks to respond to the federal summons regarding the part they played in the fraudulent mortgage foreclosure .

“In other words they can ruin me , but I cannot sue them , says Hartman.” I had filed in federal court and when it was time for the banks to answer in my lawsuit for their outrageous behavior , the judge writes a 16- page order dismisses all perpetrators from all charges and closing the case. See both cases the , State Court case Bank of New York Mellon et al vs. Dorothy Hartman or use the Case No. 120202759 . The case is listed under several different headings . The Case which was closed by the Federal Judge is Case No. 13-1909 , Dorothy Hartman vs. Bank of New York Mellon , City of Philadelphia et al . You will have to read her motions to get any intelligence or sense of what is going on in the case .

Pennsylvania has the highest incarceration of blacks than all of the states in the nation . Further the reports of its own research in the justice system finds that racism is prevalent in its courts .


Although the Inventor was proceeding Pro Se . She alleges that was not the problem . The point was for her not to win – the prejudice was in favor of the perpetrators. So when it was time for the banks to answer the summons to court – the Judge stopped the entire case preventing any further evidence from coming in . She is not sure how the judge shutting down the case in federal court will affect her appeal in state court as she is appealing the matter regarding her house . She is also considering appealing the federal court decision as she alleges that the decision is affected by fraud . The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s own Committee Report shows that racism is very much a part of the justice system in Pennsylvania . Her advice , when voting for judges , do your homework . She complains that the injustice imposed upon her by the National Science Foundation and USPTO under the federal government handling of her intellectual property has had far reaching and devastatingly oppressive effects on her life .

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Internet Retired In 1989

Inventor’s rights are being suppressed because of the huge success of Internet 2

Internet 1 was retired in 1989

The inventor who alleges that she is most responsible for the success of today’s Internet says that she is still being unjustly treated . “The oppressors have taken my intellectual property and are now in the process of trying to destroy everything I worked for. Because of the success of the Internet and the wealth and now greed that it has contributed too – my rights along with the rights of African- Americans and many others are being grossly violated .”

The fact that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the USPTO ruling to deny a patent to the Inventor for the Accessing Accessibility Process does not mean that she is not the owner and creator of the ideas – just that she would not receive the patent . Before 1990 , the history of the Internet involved the pioneering of the Internet and its building out by technology . The Inventor has never denied this Internet Beginning

Arpanet Logical Map 1977
Arpanet Logical Map 1977
and by the 1980’s the Internet consisted of a number of mini nets . Among them the bitnet , telenet , downet and others linked to its backbone the Arpanet . This Internet alleges Hartman was retired by 1990 and that with her ideas , the new Internet based on her ideas regarding Commercialization was formed . . She alleges that the National Science Foundation under the auspices of the Department of Commerce used her ideas to fund the changing of the Internet by Merit Networks . The new changes adapted from what she alleges were her proposal(s). You can find a complete copy of her proposal here Full Text of Hartman Proposal . She has never said that she built the Internet . However it was her ideas that changed it , revitalized it , and made it the success that it is today .
NSF Commercializes Telecom in 1990-1991
NSF Commercializes Telecom in 1990-1991
. This is the change that has made the Internet what it is today and the reason why it became a success after 1990
The Internet begins to grow after the transformation in 1990
The Internet begins to grow after the transformation in 1990
She has not been credited but slandered and her intellectual property as well as other property confiscated from her . Read more at her blogs about the depth of the injustice meted out to African-Americans who have contributed more to this country than what is realized .”Because I was not present in Washington , D.C. or Alexandria , Virginia when the federal government through these Small Business help programs took my intellectual property and awarded it to others does not mean that I do not exist . My ideas were there and now the Internet exists all over the world with capacity to exist outside of it because of my ideas . Like most inventors I meant my ideas to be used for Good , but there is always that other side that today seems to be more prevalent than ever. Over all I believe the communication and commerce factors leading to improvements in being able to solve world problems is helpful . Not just involving the Internet , there needs to be a fundamental change in this country regarding injustice to Blacks .

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Internet of Things

How did the Internet get so huge , it now reaches all over the globe ?

“It was not the riches and genius of technology” , says Hartman although technology has gotten rich and more ingenious because of the trillions of dollars produced by sales on the Internet created by her imagination


No , it was the creativity of this African-American woman that was quickly snatched up by the National Science Foundation and credit given to the ones who had been instrumental in building the Internet from the beginning in 1969.

Inventor, Age 44

Now that the Internet is becoming so pervasive as to become the Internet of ThingsWhat gratitude has been shown to me because of my contributions which made the economy rich and the country more powerful ? ” I am Treated like a worthless _igg_r with the ‘exceptional’ frauds , racists , and oppressors violating my civil and constitutional rights and taking everything away from me. There is something terribly wrong here .”

How did the Internet go from Internet Beginning to

and now this

Computer Generation by Peer 1 of the millions of websites now a part of the modern day Internet
Computer Generation by Peer 1 of the millions of websites now a part of the modern day Internet

How did we get to an Internet of Things ? Although Technology and ecommerce have continued to evolve , what happened between 1990 and now that made the difference in there being an Internet that is recognized all over the world even though there were telecom networks that existed from 1969 through 1989 ? There is unknown Internet History , Telecommunications History , and Information Technology History involving the contributions of a black inventor who is still fighting injustice regarding what she calls the giveaway of her intellectual property to credit and enrich others . Technology may have built it – not to take anything away from their importance and the government may have funded , but I invented it says Hartman and I deserve recognition , compensation , and an APOLOGY .

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Where is Justice for Black People ? | Ferguson Missouri

Ferguson Missouri occurs across the country

Is police brutality the only problem?

What of the Supreme Court Decision to roll back minority progress by allowing states to set up voter ID requirements ?

” All I have done is help other people and tried to help myself. Because my contributions have been valuable my thanks has been in being ripped off with the government at the head of the line and my life made miserable by greedy , oppressive people ” , says inventor .
Ferguson , Missouri is in the courts of Pennsylvania . Blacks are not just discriminated against when it comes to police brutality – the courts play a role in the continued injustice to which blacks in general are continuing to be exposed . The inventor whose name and reputation has already been sullied because she has spoken out in defense of intellectual property that she contributed to the betterment of the country has thus far been criminalized for daring to speak about it . Although it is clear that One of Hartman’s Proposals to the Federal Government on Improving Telecommunications Ms. Hartman did correspond with the Federal Government before the cutting edges of the technology , her contributions were lost in the excitement that debuted with the Information Superhighway wrongly attributed to Vice President Al Gore . After 25 years , the government which has grown powerful and the many corporations that have become rich because of the changes which her writings initiated in the telecommunications industry have the profits and the glory. she is no where mentioned in the history of the Internet .

Additionally while the row was going on about Net Neutrality and a Free and Open Internet which Hartman contends was a ruse to hide what was going on behind the scenes – the Supreme Court was denying the extraordinary Writs of Certiorari and Mandamus which she filed with the court in a Pro Se capacity .

The smoke and mirrors debate about the Internet she claims was a ruse to keep hidden from the public the government’s taking of her rights to the Internet by the rulings of the Supreme Court to uphold the Federal Circuit Ct of Appeals upholding to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to deny a patent Hartman Patent Application for Process Which led to Internet 2 to her for the modern day Internet or Internet 2.

Hartman says that she is still considering additional legal action regarding her intellectual property rights because there is still evidence including affidavits and witnesses that have not been heard or reviewed in a courtroom. ” An application for a patent should never have been necessary , the government should have given me the kudos which I deserved . That could have been in the form of the funding that I asked for to start my own online business or a commendation of some kind . Something other than completely dismissing and disrespecting me .”

Now to add insult to injury because apparently in this post slavery society which still practices institutionalized racism – no matter what anyone with black skin does – he or she is just another “N_gg_r.” . The inventor complains that thus far in federal court in Philadelphia she is being subjected to more injustice with banks taking her home on a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure . Regarding the mortgage payments on her home , she alleges that with a 705 credit rating and automatic deductions from her bank account for payment – that she was denied a loan refinance . There is much more to the case and for those of you with access to you can follow the case(s) in Court . The Case numbers are Civil , No. 2:13-cv-01909 in District ( Federal court ) and No. 120202759 in Court of Common Pleas ( State court )She says ‘cases’ because there is more than one.

Why she is fighting the same case in two courts is something of which she has never heard . These types of abuses appear to be typical of what goes on in the Justice system when it comes to Justice for blacks . The law in the Courtroom appears to be ad hoc sort of made up as you go rather than practiced as traditional law . The inventor acting Pro Se filed to have the fraudulent foreclosure removed from state court to federal court because of what she alleged were violations of her civil and constitutional rights . Although she did try , it would practically be impossible for her to be able to hire the number of lawyers to represent her in legal cases that she has had to participate in to defend herself and her property . Beware when the government has grown powerful and made corporations rich with your intellectual property and ignores you because you are a woman and Black !!!

The inventor claims that the federal judge remanded the case back to state court without holding an evidentiary hearing and that both he and the state court judge have excluded from evidence thus far in these proceedings in excess of 70 documents which the inventor alleges support her contentions that these are matters for the federal court . ” My experience thus far with the justice system is that when it comes to the rights of black citizens in this country – it really does not matter what the law says . The first casualties are truth , facts, and evidence .

When will Justice see and the scales be balanced ? What about fraud and injustice in trials and other aspects of black life in America ? Ferguson , Missouri occur(s) everywhere and everyday in the lives of African-Americans in this country . Police Brutality is only the tip of the iceberg – injustice is too much a part of the justice system when it comes to Black people . The Inventor of the most prolific invention of the 20th Century , the Internet is supposed to be satisfied with anonymity and lack of payment for her contributions .

The lack of worth of Blacks as being accepted policy is being challenged by the ” Black Lives Matter “. There is so much to accomplish such as (a) the cessation of the taking of black lives by police brutality when they are supposed to serve and protect (b) to stop the school to prison pipeline for so many black youth (c) and the dismissive approach by the Courts to civil lawsuits like those that this inventor has been forced to undertake just by virtue of trying to defend her home and property from confiscation and theft by fraud . Instead of being able to enjoy the fruits of her labor and contributions to the world , she has instead been embattled with lawsuits to defend herself and her property.

Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 did a lot to try to address the disparate and unequal treatment suffered by blacks , Court action since then most prevalently the movement of the Supreme Court by allowing States to require voter ID registration has taken the voting rights act backwards . It also upheld the Federal Appeals Court Opinion to Affirm the United States Patent and Trademark Patent Office denial of a patent to the inventor for the Internet . The Inventor alleges that the Patent Office Decision was flawed by fraud . A copy of that Opinion is here .13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

The inventor’s home was vandalized in 2009 and she has been subjected to abuse and discrimination by high powered agencies who thus far have not been held accountable for their acts which include discrimination , vandalism, and conspiracy to defraud among other counts. She filed a Complaint about the matter(s) in federal court which include among other charges what she alleges is a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure to try and take her home. She says that she is being forced to litigate the same matter in both state and federal court – something she has previously never heard of – the same matter being tried in two courts . She expected that there would be a degree of difficulty as she is a minority . Further she is disabled and acting Pro Se . But the degree of bizarre rulings she alleges are unfathomable . She is still hoping to reach some level of litigation where the integrity of the law is practiced in spite of skin color . She is highly disappointed that although she has worked hard all of her life and has tried to help others as well as herself – in her later years she has come under intense attack by greed and institutionalized racism because of her achievements . My inventions make money and unfortunately I was dependent on the government for fairness as I had no money myself . Other inventions by Hartman can be found here Other Inventions by Hartman

Not only has she not been thanked but unceremoniously dumped from any credentials for intellectual property, although her inventions have contributed trillions of dollars to the economy and are used by the privileged and the powerful of the country . ” Truth is a casualty . What matters are the rich and famous and the millions of experts that have emerged as a result of my ideas of using cyberspace as medium in which to transactions [ That comprises the Internet ! ] ” I am still hoping that the matter regarding my intellectual property will still be heard in a Court of Law reviewing evidence and witness testimony . Perhaps the case may even be revisited and heard by the Supreme Court in some aspects as there are considerable violations of my intellectual property rights .”

The Black Lives Matter campaign has made more people aware of the intense oppression and abusive treatment still shown to people of color in a routine pattern of institutionalized racism across the country .Poll Shows More Awareness of the Plight of African Americans. Ferguson Missouri and injustice should not mark the status of black lives in America . We are 400 years post slavery ! It is time to get over it !!!!

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Theft of Other Inventions

First introduced in 1998 as the Infant Swaddling Basket because it introduced the idea of placing newborn infants on a concave surface to prevent accidental rollovers resulting in suffocation which were believed to be one of the causes for deaths from Sudden Infant Death
Syndrome . What was introduced to the industry in 2003 after being patented by the USPTO was named the Infant Basket for Side Sleeping Support and called ‘SNUG AND SECURE’ as an advertising tag . The Invention has since been widely adopted to promote sleeping on the back – but still used to prevent accidental roll over . The inventor has found it impossible to protect her inventions for a variety of reasons . However she complains that the USPTO has been the most obstructive leading to huge losses in her intellectual property .

Snug and Secure.AVshow





Infant Bassinet- Hartman enterp.


The Infant Basket was created by Hartman to counteract the epidemic of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS which was a major problem before the introduction of the concave structure which was the inventive step. The invention was meant to simulate the natural curvature of the womb and to provide a snug and protective environment. The patent was not awarded by the USPTO until 2003 after Hartman was forced to hire a patent attorney who actually did have somewhat different specs than she had in the original application . This affect the design and also the degree of protection .The USPTO kept giving her a hard time about proceeding Pro Se . The concept of using the curved structure to cradle the infant has been widely adopted and manufactured by others throughout the industry. Though introduced by America Invents in 2003 who were supposedly promoting in her interest – the invention was reviewed by baby furniture manufacturers who simply adapted the padding in their carriers and bassinets to carry the feature .

The Inventor did produce a prototype and again approached the National Science Foundation for funding to build it but was again denied . The fact that the government confiscated the intellectual property regarding the Internet which became wildly successful without compensating her financially has impacted every part of her life and her ability to process other inventions. With funding she could have hired a team and subcontractors to help or even with personnel started a proper business .

However the government has shown itself to still be ‘confused’ when it comes to property rights , intellectual or other kind as most of Hartman’s ideas through the United States Patent and Trademark Office which is under the Department of Commerce have found their way from Hartman’s mind to major corporations . For all of her intellectual contributions which serve billions of people – she is left with fighting endless lawsuits stripping her of her pension and trying to keep from being thrown out of her house by a fraudulent mortgage foreclosure. Who is the criminal ? Who is unpatriotic ? Why is the Country headed in the wrong direction ? That should answer the questions . A black inventor cannot even trust the USPTO as everything seems to go towards the advancement of major corporations .

Read More Down the USPTO Rabbit Hole

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1990 Internet 2 , The Beginning

The modern day Internet has now been in existence for approximately 25 years as the WEB which is the Internet across borders celebrates its 25th year

Black female inventor alleges her claims go back to the beginning of the modern day Internet , first called the Information Superhighway by Al Gore

This website is not to be confused with “Web 2.0” .
Web 1.0 being referred to in Wikipedia as a retronym referring to the first stage of the World Wide Web’s evolution. Nor is it to be confused with Internet 2 which has a copyrighted logo and is listed as a not for profit corporation , Formation in 1997 (as University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development). It’s Purpose Research and testing network , Headquarters Ann Arbor, Michigan, US , Website . There are many names and technicians involved in the development of the Internet .

05-21-2015 05;53;27PM

Certified Delivery of Hartman's letter to the SBA in November 1990
Certified Delivery of Hartman’s letter to the SBA in November 1990

“Technology built it , the federal government funded it , but it was my imagination that created it “, alleges the inventor . Dorothy M. Hartman whose name is no where mentioned in the written history or development of the Internet claims that she played a major role in its development in that her conception(s) were used and are the reasons why the Internet as we know it exists . Her involvement in Internet 2 which some view as the Internet that debuted after 1990 started before the Internet 2 was created . The commercialization of the telecom networks 1990-1993 is what produced Internet 2 or the modern day Internet . Her ideas were used to create the transformation from an Internet (1) based on the ARPANET to the modern day Internet .

The NSFNET which was the precursor to the modern day Internet as it was the place where the previous telecom structures based on the ARPANET had been parked when the ‘Internet 1’ previously referred to as the internetting projects were retired . This inventor presented her proposals the first one submitted in March 1990 to the U.S. Small Business Administration or SBA– showing how telecom was underutilized and on how commercializing telecom would change the U.S. economy and the world .

Hartman who alleges that the transformation from the previous structures of the Internet to the ever evolving Internet of today which is able to expand and cross borders as long as Internet Service Providers can carry the data packets is the direct result of ideas which she submitted to the federal government’s funding programs. The NSF or National Science Foundation is the ultimate recipient of such proposals to determine whether funding will be awarded .

Hartman alleges that she knew that her ideas were good and the amount of wealth that could be generated by commercializing the telecom networks . After her proposals were reviewed by a number of federal government employees in the Small Business Innovation Research [ SBIR] program(s) – they all declined giving her any grants or loans [ see document below from the Benjamin Franklin Technology Center] , but she alleges that they began using her information almost immediately . She wrote a letter to the U.S. Small Business Administration asking that her proprietary information not be given to others for their profit and gain because she sensed that she was being discriminated against . She wrote the letter because she felt as though if she would not be given a chance then others should not be given the opportunity to profit from her proprietary information .

12-09-2014 04;29;07PM

“It was just plain wrong what they did and it is still wrong “Hartman says that is exactly what was done . That is after her letter was received – the decision was made by the National Science Foundation to claim credit for the ideas and to apply them to the NSFNET or what was left of Internet 1 or the Internetting Projects. “They literally took my ideas and gave credit and opportunity to those already in the field to prosper.” There was just one thing wrong with that , she was and has been completely omitted from the process . She was aware of the growing interest in her ideas but she alleges for the usual reasons that a government based on oppressive and institutionalized racism towards Blacks refused to grant her funding even as the SBA published her proprietary information in its new business ideas manuals and the NSF rushed to commercialize the networks . The critical change to transform the networks and make them commercial was made here , spearheaded by Merit Network of Ann Arbor , Michigan the recognized home of Internet 2

NSF Commercializes Telecom in 1990-1991
NSF Commercializes Telecom in 1990-1991

However the National Science Foundation very much aware of the profit potential and especially alleges Hartman after her letter to the SBA financial officer – that it essentially stole her ideas to transform and revitalize the prior telecom structure(s).

Above you will find documents of Hartman’s Certified Letter delivered to the SBA on November 13 , 1990 ( a copy of this letter as well as other documents can be found on the website in the Image File Wrapper showing various steps in the prosecution of the patent application No. 11003123 , the Accessing Accessibility Process ). When reduced to practice this process comprises the modern day Internet . Today’s Internet is not the same as the pre -1990 version of the Internet .

Whether you call it the Information Superhighway , Internet 2 , or just plain Internet – today’s version is very different from the version based on the Arpanet which came before . Further you see here copies of documents taken directly from minutes of a meeting by the Science Committee Meeting in the U.S. House of Representatives- March 12 , 1992 ( See excerpt from that meeting quoted in Hartman’s Brief before the USPTO ).

The documents below show DECISION C and DECISION D announcing that the NSFNET through its formation of the ANS consortium consisting of Merit Networks of Ann Arbor , Michigan , IBM , MCI and others “in essence , we have privatized the NSFnet”. A few paragraphs above on that same page 5 , under Conclusion – you will see that this was done without disclosing it to the public .

Decision C . NSF to commercialize or privatize networks. November 1990
Decision C . NSF to commercialize or privatize networks. November 1990
Decision D . Announced in November 1990 - Nsfnet to be upgraded to carry commercial traffic
Decision D . Announced in November 1990 – Nsfnet to be upgraded to carry commercial traffic

Hartman alleges that was the first time the federal government seized her intellectual property regarding the Internet, the second time was when it denied what should have been a prima facie case for a patent , “by making up stuff and inventing reasons to deny.”

In the paragraph at the bottom of that page 5 with Decision D , you will find a paragraph that begins with ‘In November of 1990 , ANS’s president claimed in a public talk at a Harvard workshop …. Hartman says that those ideas came more from University of Pennsylvania (as she is a Penn graduate ) than Harvard . She alleges that this November 1990 announcement came from the ANS an organization formed by the NSF on the heels of her letter to the Small Business Administration which put into writing that her ideas were not to be shared after being denied funding herself .

Excerpts from the minutes of the Science Committee Meeting
Excerpts from the minutes of the Science Committee Meeting

“The government through the National Science Foundation walked all over my rights and has continued to do so ever since .” Before her ideas were reviewed by the government Commerce had been banned on the majority of the telecom networks . On the page showing excerpts from the SCIENCE , SPACE , AND TECHNOLOGY -U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES- you can read comments by attendees regarding the 1 to 2 percent traffic of commercial traffic that was allowed at the time and the meeting itself occurred in March 1992 . The new Internet or Internet 2 did not make its real debut until around 1993-1994 and even then was called the Information Superhighway .

Hartman alleges that it was no coincidence that the NSF/ANS announcement about commercializing the telecom networks came in November 1990 , about the same time as Hartman’s letter to the SBA asking them not to share her proprietary information to others for their profit and gain . Hartman alleges, “They were no fools . They saw the wealth potential in my proposals and how this would enhance the economy . They took the ideas and applied them directly to the NSFNET transforming what had become failed networks into a seamlessly integrated stucture like the Internet of today based on the concepts that I presented but they were too prejudiced to provide me with the $25,000-$35,000 that I asked for to start my telecom services business . They were too accustomed to holding back the advancement of colored people(s) is why I wrote the letter to the SBA asking that my intellectual property not be shared or given to others for their credit and prosperity . That is precisely what was done after my November 1990 letter to the Small Business Administration . The NSF used the ideas to revitalize the NSFNET which was nothing more than a holding place for the retired network(s) based on the ARPANET. ”

The government declared ‘commercialization of the internet’ as its own idea(s) in Decision C and Decision D as recorded in the minutes of that Science Committee meeting in the House of Representatives in March 1992.

The Inventor says to this day the federal government has never funded my small business or any of my inventions or projects . Additionally other inventions for which I filed patent applications in the USPTO have gone down the “rabbit hole” . ” Exploiting my small entity status which in this case is synonymous with black , female , disabled and financial hardship – they have continously exploited my creativity – by enabling the theft of my intellectual property by the U.S. government and rich corporations without compensating me . I am black and disabled and therefore not good enough to earn millions or perhaps billions of dollars from my own intellectual property – but I an apparently good enough for them to steal my intellectual property and call it theirs . The truth be told if I have accomplished what I have on a shoestring budget with legal fees up the whazu from other bigots trying to take away my real estate property – what could I have done with funding to hire personnel and make a really good start ? There is a paper trail of over a two year correspondence between those in the Small Business Innovation Research Program and myself. Yet now that the Internet has proven an overwhelming success which has made those already in the field very rich and the government exceedingly powerful – they pretend I do not exist. It is not only unjust but blasphemous .”

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Race and Intellectual Property Law | pistol

Today “Pistol” and ” Boo” lit up social media .

Kudos to Australia for enforcing the law .

The popular film star , Johnny Depp made news today when the Minister of Agriculture threatened to put down his pet terriers Pistol and Boo if Depp did not take them from Australia . It appears Depp bypassed having his animals subjected to a mandatory quarantine period by flying his pet terriers Pistol and Boo in on his private plane . Whatever you think about that you have to give Kudos to the Agriculture Minister of Australia for following its laws.

Following the rule of law is not necessarily popular these days when it comes to applying it to the elites and what has become the royal class of Oligarchs in the United States . The Banks , Energy companies , and Tech corporations seem to be able to side step a large number of regulations .

Bankers, corporations , and those making up the elite 1% appear to have an easier time when it comes to answering the justice system than the 99% . Not more than a week ago , the Department of Justice supposedly did not give approval to a deal that was a merger between Time Warner and Comcast supposedly because of monopolistic concerns . Or perhaps it was Comcast that changed its mind about the deal .But then within the last two days Verizon has announced its acquisition of Time Warner for 4 billion dollars . It is rumored that T.Mobile is considering partnering with the Dish Network .

Depp will most likely remove Pistol and Boo from Australia rather than allow them to be sacrificed by what may have simply been an oversight on his part regarding the animal quarantine rules but following the rule of law is becoming more scarce in the United States of America depending on your class and circumstances . The law seems to favor the haves more than the have- nots which is nothing new but is more pronounced today than it has ever been because of the huge income disparity . As concerns the rights of African- Americans the rule of law is downright inconvenient when it is applied to black men caught in the justice system as it is oft misapplied or used to ramp up huge prison terms .

Where in the scheme of things is the little guy in all of this or minority females. Well when it comes to black female inventors especially of expensive inventions – the rule of law appears to be nonexistent. Although the Internet is immense and is continuing to make millions and billions of dollars for those who have profited greatly since its [ the Internet] inception in 1990 – the humble inventor has been left out completely . Where is the rule of law when it comes to her compensation ? There are laws on the books when it comes to intellectual property and there are rules and regulations . Yes , they are supposed to apply to African-Americans as well . However whether or not they are enforced is another matter . That’s why one has to give kudos to the Australian Minister of Agriculture because he basically stated with his firm handling of Mr. Depp’s situation that ‘the law is the law ‘ . Obviously in this case the rule of law prevailed .

So many African- Americans have been robbed of intellectual property rights . Ms. Hartman who is the true inventor of modern day Internet – the Internet now worth trillions of dollars in the U.S. and other economies all over the world has been left out – even as intellectual property law is being selectively practiced according to what fits the government and the administration . Now that the Internet is supposedly being considered as a Public Utility , will the government declare Eminent Domain of the invention and compensate the inventor ?
Hartman alleges that the USPTO fraudulently denied her a patent. What does the story about Boo and Pistol tell us about law ? How likely is the rule of law to be applied when it comes to justice for Blacks ?

This is not the Internet of today ,

Internet Beginning

nor this ,


or this ,

There was no Internet in 1990
There was no Internet in 1990

but this ,

Computer Generation by Peer 1 of the millions of websites now a part of the modern day Internet
Computer Generation by Peer 1 of the millions of websites now a part of the modern day Internet
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FCC , Declaration of Eminent Domain?

The Internet has been declared a public utility , will Eminent Domain be declared and Inventor compensated for the illegal confiscation of her intellectual property ?


Should the inventor of the Internet, an invention now used all over the world be denied intellectual property rights without Due Process ?

The inventor who is African-American and female alleges that is what is happening because of blatant institutionalized racism and oppression – both of which are supposed to be illegal in this country . In spite of the U.S. Supreme Court rulings on Feb 23 , 2015 to affirm the U.S. Patent Office decision not to grant a patent – Hartman alleges that the intellectual property is still hers and that the federal government remains in violation of her constitutional and civil rights . She has not been acknowledged or compensated for her contributions which the government has taken from her without Due Process .

Hartman alleges that her method was used by the Federal Government in 1990- 1991 to Commercialize or upgrade the previous structure to produce the “Information Superhighway” or what we know today as only one name , the INTERNET. Although her ideas were used to revolutionize the way the world does business and are responsible for what has become a highly successful telecom industry that rivals no other – Ms. Hartman has never been recognized or compensated for the major role she has played in the success of ecommerce and telecommunications . To the contrary thus far her right to Due Process regarding the use of her intellectual property without recognition or compensation is being violated .

After confiscating her intellectual property 25 years ago and refusing to even acknowledge her , the government used her ideas to invent a better internet .Building a better internet is just like building a better mousetrap or any other kind of invention . Does the government have the right to transfer credit of the invention to others and grant the opportunity to prosper to others without compensating her for the loss of her property ? These are constitutional questions . For the 8 years that the United States Patent and Trademark Office held the patent application of the Inventor – it tried 7 times to change its own patenting laws and the U.S. Congress tried at least 3 times to change laws such as to deny this patent . Finally changing the law from First to Invent to First To File which did not bar Hartman’s patent rights as she satisfied both criteria . The Patent Office became more creative in using manipulation to break patent laws by using malfeasance and fraud alleges the Inventor .

The reason of “Indefiniteness” used as a red herring to detract from the truth that the Internet is just to great . The Inventor states that this is no excuse to disrespect her rights . She is not responsible for the fact that the world’s most powerful government has steamrolled over the rights of a disabled minority for 25 years while the Internet grew to enormous proportions . She had asked for $35,000 twenty-five years ago to jump start her own telecommunications company .

” I have had other inventions go down the “rabbit hole” in the Patent Office and end up going from me to massive corporations , alleges Inventor . I did what I was supposed to do and that is take steps to protect my intellectual property . It is the government taking the property without compensating me . Fraud , among other things is the new Jim Crow . Had I been another color or ethnicity , there is no way this blasphemy would be occurring . The fight for justice will go on . ”

The Supreme Court recently upheld on February 23 , 2015 the Federal Appeals Court May 2013 decision which appears here .13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1

“Claims a novel business method whereby the computer with its communicable devices is the focal point of the business and transactions occur online or in cyberspace. Herein cyberspace is referred to as that virtual space within which transactions and exchanges occur and that exists between the interconnections of the communicable devices with remote websites . Cyberspace is infinite and thus an infinite number of transactions is possible. A website (W) is herein referred to as pages that are received from the host or recipient computer and that display the monitor of the user’s computer once the connection is established . See Figs[.] 1-6 .”

Another criticism is that there is no distinction between where the inventor’s invention begins and the “other” ends . This is simply not true as the Internet based on the Arpanet and other “nets” before 1990 is distinctly different from today’s Internet . Generally when an invention is tied to the use of machinery as this invention is as hardware , software , and an Internet Service Provider is necessary to use the invention – this precludes “indefiniteness” in patent language. The fact that Cyberspace is potentially infinite does not mean that the Internet is infinite or an indefinite invention . It is defined – if not confined . It is limited by the availability of the hardware and accessories in order to operate . This argument by the Patent Office does not make sense , argues Hartman . Further hers is a domestic patent application not an international one . The government has already given away this intellectual property which originated in this country to others so that a relatively few who had already become rich could become richer. Giving away for free what could have been sold would have placed the country on par with energy producing nations and may have circumvented the trade imbalances and other problems now plaguing the economy. Having access to Information and access to consumers would almost have been as precious as energy .

Hartman alleges that this intellectual property was misappropriated from the start with racism , greed, and oppression playing lead roles from the start . The Internet now having morphed into the World Wide Web is now separated by geographical and political boundaries with other countries now having their own , period . She also alleges that she was put through undue pressures and that her original claims and disclosure were altered without her permission . In 8 years within the Patent Office , she was not given the opportunity to properly amend or edit her claims .Additionally evidence that she was the true and valid inventor in the form of original documents signed by government employees was simply ignored Learn more at her Blog at and . Further legal action has not been ruled out as this is major injustice which should have been corrected by the Commerce Department which is the parent of these government programs long ago .

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